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‘What do we stand for?’ Zindzi Mandela scolds ANC as she enters FW de Klerk SONA debate | IOL News

Taking to social media, Zindzi Mandela, who is South Africa’s Ambassador to Denmark and Mandela's daughter, scoffed at the ANC’s defence of de Klerk.

2020-02-14 11:15:00 AM

Taking to social media, Zindzi Mandela, who is South Africa’s Ambassador to Denmark and Mandela's daughter, scoffed at the ANC’s defence of de Klerk. SONA 2020 SONA

Taking to social media, Zindzi Mandela, who is South Africa’s Ambassador to Denmark and Mandela's daughter, scoffed at the ANC’s defence of de Klerk.

De Klerk was the last apartheid president and he served as deputy president during former president Nelson Mandela’s term between 1994 and 1999. He was invited by Parliament. He drew some criticism last week, when he said apartheid was not a crime against humanity. 

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In an interview with the SABC, he said: “I don’t fully agree with that (it was evil and a crime against humanity), and I am not justifying apartheid in anyway.  Read more: IOL News »

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Why now so many sellouts are aligning themselves with this EFF strategic plan Including the MandelaFamily. KhulaEFFKhula ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾 As an Ambassador of SA and not the ANC she has shown a partisan bias and therefore should be removed from her post. ali_naka There are a lot of stuff riders in MYANC. Mmadikgosi_23 your tweet was quoted by

ali_naka I'm not defending de Klerk but..... Zinzi must join the EFF and be relieved of her non existent duties in Denmark mama we will fix this relax we hv fighters not cowards I understand the feeling of South Africans in the matter surrounding FW De Klerk for what its government did to us. Let us not forget that apartheid is equal to corruption and the killing of innocent workers in Marikana.

Zinzi, ANC sold us out. Betrayed your mother, betrayed what ANC use to stand for, not corruption and greed gm_mhlongo She is undercover EFF ZINZI WO WALENA should join Eff atlogele gore tena Ja well she is a racist. DeKlerk is a problem! Defending FWDeKlerk who believes that Apartheid was not a crime is one of many ways the MYANC has exposed its confusion.

Rightfully so..... She is busy enjoying Denmark while the rest of South Africans struggle. Zinzi, you are nothing without your surname !! More new shiny objects BS deflection tactics, while South African people are suffering the consequences of South Africa continuing to fall apart, due to an incompetent corrupt anc government joblessness - SKY HIGH corruption - OUT of CONTROL NHI - failure to materialize ....

uLerato_pillay Dumbass..they never gain anything through decsicion making.. And the painful part about this is that the very black men whose relatives were murdered, his grandchildren's future is still trapped in some shack in a sewage infested township, stood up yesterday in front of the whole country and defended this man!! 😭😭😭

That excuse for an ambassador must be chased back to RSA! We cannot bask in the past and expect to fly to the future. TRC was there. Courts are still there to prosecute the wrongdoers. Let's haul him to the courts. Countries on fire with mismanagement. Let’s start another meaningless fire. Useless politicians

busrep Did she scoff at her dad when he made de Klerk his Deputy president busrep Why is she still an ambassador to Denmark oh wait is it be abuse of her surname after vile things she said last year she must blame her farther .. Mxm even Zinzi has an opinion🙄 Her parents were both terrorists! petermoyo6 Ag man! That red rag wearing bunch of Flip Flopping cult has really just proven how completely irrelevant they are.

Shame poor stimpie rip Stompie rip Surely you the media wi attack her, qhubani siyanibona They tortured her mother...she can decide when to speak about it... Then she's a shitty ambassador for SA ZindziMandela Time to bring back Zindzi to SA GovernmentZA PresidencyZA ParliamentofRSA CyrilRamaphosa myanc

Yesterday's events should lead to the discussion of how de klerk should be regarded in the modern democracy. No doubt, people were killed in his reign as the apartheid president, but he was also a deputy president after the democratic elections. KhethaMabaso31 Timing though... As if Zindzi is one to speak? Is this going to be this weeks outrage now?

EFF disrupts Sona: De Klerk must leave, Gordhan must be fired EFF leader says FW de Klerk's presence is an insult to victims of political violence Our little bantustan having an embarresing evening. And the eff failed in that point of order..... Apartheid illegitimate president.

EFF disrupts SONA over De Klerk then Gordhan | IOL NewsThe EFF on Thursday requested that former South African president FW De Klerk leave the National Assembly where President Cyril Ramaphosa was set to deliver his State of the Nation Address. SONA SONA 2020 I will never vote for EFF, they simply acting childish Thandi Modise is strong to deal with this hooliganism. She can govern this country. TheMercurySA De Klerk was never a president of the RSA, he was rather a president of the APARTHEID WHITE MINORITY. Anyone who recognize De Klerk as president of the republic, also endorse apartheid.

Former President FW de Klerk on unbanning of political parties and Mandela's releaseWATCH | Prior to their walkout at SONA 2020 the EFF made reference to an SABC News interview with the last apartheid president, FW De Klerk denying that apartheid was a crime against humanity. FULL INTERVIEW Listen to his context and address the actual topic brought up by the former president - come on people - let democracy thrive - the right to voice an opinion Apartheid murderer this_vid

Ramaphosa should know that this is going to be our relationship going forward, says Malema | IOL NewsThe EFF has vowed to never sit under the same roof as Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan and former president FW de Klerk. SONA SONA 2020 excellent news. So they will never go back into Parliament? Then don’t a hole , it’s a different league anyway , brains and tolerance Moving on...

It was not De Klerk's kindness that Mandela was released from prison - RamaphosaPresident Cyril Ramaphosa says that it was not the kindness of FW de Klerk that led to the release of the late former President Nelson Mandela from prison, but the pressure the apartheid government faced. Ramaphosa was speaking at the 30th anniversary of the release of Mandela from Victor Verster prison after spending 27 years in prison. Stop reporting with your racism now.

Ret brigade is smiling.We all know who looted our SOEs.l would understand if talk about the case of Pillay not disappointed of EFF Carl Niehans is jumping with joy.