‘We are not xenophobic’, Cyril Ramaphosa tells fellow Africans

'We have been very welcoming to our nationals from other parts of the world.'

2021-12-08 03:27:00 PM

'We have been very welcoming to our nationals from other parts of the world,' said president, Cyril Ramaphosa.

'We have been very welcoming to our nationals from other parts of the world.'

He said it was unfortunate that “sometimes it manifests itself though people being injured and arrested, and it is often unfortunate that some people lose their lives. We always take care to make sure the challenges that manifest themselves in the way people feel, sometimes fearful of people from other nations, are challenges we address and try to reduce as much as possible.”

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Like any other country, Ramaphosa said SA faced challenges around how people from other nations enter the country, but “we want to treat people from other countries as well as we can, as we have always done as South Africans”.“It so happens that SA has become more attractive to many people across the continent and the world, particularly after the end of apartheid, because it had created a barrier and many people from our continent could not visit SA.”

Once the government brought an end to apartheid, “SA was open and some people come under the fence. They come in illegally," said the president.“Every country would like people to be well-treated and documented. It is something we are continuously discussing with our sister countries so our migration processes are well managed.” headtopics.com

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I'm sure by now, they all know that CR just says things. If they're promises, they won't be met. If they're supposedly facts, they need checking. Zero credibility. Apparently the ordinary citizens don't share the same view... We have been too welcoming to ungrateful parasites JeffDumisani Of course Cyril, so you lot can have pipe lines, mines and all sorts of businesses there while they ship all their rejects and criminals to South Africa 😑

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We have politicians who thrive on xenophobia, preached & practised. In word and in Action.

Greed the West has shown over Covid-19 vaccines is damning, Cyril Ramaphosa says‘Our lives in Africa are just as important as their lives in Europe, North America and all over,’ the president says I never thought of meeting a legit bitcoin trader after been scammed many times at my age but the heavens sent TreytonAdam who guided me and help me make a living through crypto with my LUNO app , I recommend you to him now and also be a successful benefactor It's right up there with the ANC greed! Cyril and the ANC know what they are talking about. Experts on greed

Only a united Africa can succeed: Cyril Ramaphosa“Conflicts and wars continue to hold Africa back from walking the road of peace and stability,” said President Cyril Ramaphosa. This one must just unseal the cr17 documents otherwise we will continue not to listen to him as we never did before. EFFSouthAfrica come see😂 No mention of corruption, incompetence, cadre deployment and failed communist ideology.

Cyril Ramaphosa to meet Senegal head Macky Sall and receive honorary PhDSenegal marks the end of Ramaphosa’s four-nation state visit to West Africa. Bayadlala ngomjita da eAfrica Good use of time while the country burns. And a quick hand job

Cyril Ramaphosa to get Covid-19 corruption report from SIU by FridayAlleged corruption was found in 2020 in Gauteng when Ramaphosa’s former spokesperson, Khusela Diko, was implicated through a firm owned by her late husband, Thandisizwe Diko The issue is.. Will he read it.. And do something... Zero prosecution on the PPE corruption, zero prosecution on the Eskom corruption, zero prosecution on the Transnet corruption, zero prosecution on the Prasa corruption ;is the NPA_Prosecutes alive or dead?

TOM EATON: Cyril Ramaphosa’s pillow technique may yet save SAThe man who mumbles sweet nothings instead of acting may end up as our most efficient president Why do they persist in punting this washout? Hahahahahahaha Eaton is a joke.

TOM EATON | Is the ANC dying yet? No? Keep going, CyrilI held the belief that Ramaphosa was trying to fix the ANC and SA but doing both very badly. I was wrong He is killing it 👹 He's useless task team!task team blah blah blah blah no action.look at our petrol price unemployment he mst jst step down.