WC education dept slams ‘self-sabotage’ after 38 schools hit by theft, vandalism

A security guard who confronted suspects trying to break into a school lost his life in one of the robberies.

2021-08-02 02:24:00 PM

A security guard who confronted suspects trying to break into a school lost his life in one of the robberies.

A security guard who confronted suspects trying to break into a school lost his life in one of the robberies.

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Mother reunited with baby after kidnapping

A 7-month-old baby has since been safely returned to his mother after a hijacking in Cape Town on Monday.

Violating procurement processes rife within higher education dept, claims suspended DGGwebinkundla Qonde said Blade Nzimande encouraged him to violate processes regarding laptop procurement for NSFAS students. What is happening in ANC?

KZN Health Dept concerned about steady rise in new COVID cases in provinceThe number of daily infections in KwaZulu-Natal has started increasing following the two weeks of unrest in that province.

Gauteng improves schools admission process“Parents who apply to schools of specialisation must ensure that they contact the school to arrange for the auditions or admission tests,” said Lesufi.

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