Water finances are being misused – Mchunu | Citypress

Water finances are being misused – Mchunu

2021-11-21 02:20:00 PM

Water finances are being misused – Mchunu

Local municipal water boards that do not spend the money allocated for water on reticulation and infrastructure development will be held accountable by the national department of water and sanitation.

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Such Unluckly Moment Has Never Been Seen! The Scariest Sports Accidents

Yes, they'll get it doneNo, they’re too power hungry

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LIVESTREAM | NSC matric exam results announcement

The matric class of 2021 are eagerly awaiting their results which are to be announced by Education Minister, Angie Motshekga.

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Joburg residents furious over extended water shortage | CitypressJohannesburg residents who have been without water for longer than expected have aired their frustration on social media. Electricity and water same time basifuna sifile impela They passed furious 3 days ago. Its tough 😪

Hanging Judge | Ref in hot water over ‘dubious’ penalty | CitypressIn all fairness to the referee, he was no more than 10m from the incident and in a perfect position to witness any indiscretion by the South African player. And also in all fairness, the referee had no hesitation in awarding the penalty. Can you please show this bias Analyst this photo, I will wait for his/her comment specific to this picture You guys are shifting the focus and making it about that penalty.. Is just officiating of the entire match This journalism 😂 That's soccer in Africa for you.

Mchunu: Proper management is needed to avoid water crisisWater and Sanitation Minister Senzo Mchunu says proper management is needed to avoid a water crisis in the future. Crisis is already here. Something the ANC is incapable of, but thank you for stating the obvious. But experts who worked there before say the problem is lack of maintenance. Politicians like changing management to put in their clueless favourites.

Rand Water expects 'significant' improvement in Joburg's water supplyRand Water says it expects to make a “significant” improvement in the supply of water to Johannesburg suburbs that have been without water for days. They are lying through their teeth. No water still in Winchester Hills. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 I'm happy to join those who are sharing the good news about Mr Lambert jonah . I'm not persuading anyone to trade with him but i advise every investor to make the right choice with lambertonjonah I got my withdrawal safely without any interruption.

Rand Water expects 'significant' improvement in Joburg's water supplyRand Water has implemented load shifting of water from healthy systems to boost storage capacity in reservoirs that were struggling to maintain the required levels for supply, said Justice Mohale, spokesperson for Rand Water.

Joburg residents can expect running water again, says Rand Water