WATCH | 'You must take a life, or they take yours': CIT security officers recount horror stories

Cash-in-transit security officers risk their lives carrying millions of rands on a daily basis.

2020-10-24 06:49:00 AM

Cash-in-transit security officers risk their lives carrying millions of rands on a daily basis.

Cash-in-transit security officers risk their lives carrying millions of rands on a daily basis.

After nineteen years in the industry IziCash security officer Dirk Kotzee experienced his first heist.“It's a bad experience because you see the guys coming with firearms and you know you must take a life, or they take yours,” Kotzee says.Kotzee was shot through his ankle during an attempted heist in August.  

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In August, 19 CIT vans were attacked and in September another 12.Cross-pavement attacks jumped from two in April to nine in August and another 15 in September.IziCash CEO, Albert Erasmus says criminals are playing catch-up.“October and November are usually the heist peak, but this year it began in August and has not stopped. The syndicates are playing catch-up after the lockdown,” he said.

IziCash's Phillip Shaw has survived eight heists between 2019 and 2020.Brought to tears by recounting the incidents, Shaw says he prays on a daily basis for his life and the lives of his colleagues. Recently he watched a colleague be killed.“They shot him once in the chest. When he fell, they shot him three times in the head. There is no mercy. Robbers go out to kill everyone on the van,” Shaw said.

With heists on the rise after SA's move to level-1 lockdown, cash-in-transit officers face a turbulent time ahead. Read more: Times LIVE »

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All that for R15000 pm Bophelo bo I still don't understand why they drive around in vehicles emblazoned with sign writing explaining exactly what they are carrying. If the cash was moved around by little old ladies in Citi Golfs nobody would be any the wiser. Some politicians carry that money everyday no risk.

One day, just maybe one day when those behind the crime syndicates doing these CIT heist are caught and the entire industry is unravelled, we are going to be shocked at who the BIG GUYS are. Hopeless Min of Pol BCELE promised to close down those doing CIT heits in no time.🤣😂🤠 These guys shud get better and improved rifles to match the robbers like semiautomatic rifles

GovernmentZA When children are born, they should automatically have a government bank account SAReserveBank TreasuryRSA sarstax When the individual is old enough then they have a choice of choosing their financial institute to transact with. Absolutely horrific. These vans should be escorted by the army. They probably get paid a pittance as well. 😡

Just give up the cash and walk away with your life. If you die and the cash is taken, you will be replaced together with the cash. 💁‍♂️ Well they get paid and nobody forced them We should think of our economy and put our country 1st, that's why we should have bank accounts Too much cash being moved around when technology has improved. Too much crime because of cash/ paper moving around. If you use cash, then you should have a bank account. There will also be a decrease in tax evasion. SAReserveBank sarstax

Aka the ANC salary wagons! I am sorry but your bosses should provide cars and security to follow you.. don't look at me I am just as vulnerable in my bussiness ancsSAPS are in on it? Only way it can be this predominant and successful. anc must be behind this. With the removal of paper money, there will be a decrease in corruption, bribery money laundering ect. By the use of technology, every cent is tracked.

koenamodime DID YOU KNOW: most Cash-in Transit are committed by insiders who have intimate Knowledge about security details about the Money. Why do we still need to move paper around and still store it? Why not count the paper via Technology and destroy it thereafter? What is technology there for? Why do we need to still cut down trees, when there is technology? Why do you need to lose lives because of paper?

They chose this life. I'm sure there could be easier less suspecting ways of doing this but they choose to use the gumba gumbas that are obvious Sihlanganaph thina coz bonke basuke besemsebenzin How does one 'do away' with cash. You will be surprised how many people don't have bank cards, no means to use it or even understand how to use it. Now you want to take more of their dignity and pride away. Really! Typical SA, only think of yourself!

Kodwa barhola imali engafikanga naku R20 000 😭😭😭😭😭 Why are we still so heavily reliant on using cash as a country, when there are so many methods out there to pay. A lot of people have smart phones, why not use them to pay like the Chinese? Do away with cash. It’s the choice of their bosses(capitalist) don’t try and drag our society into this nonsense

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