WATCH: Manana explains video of his house amid social media backlash

WATCH: Manana explains video of his house amid social media backlash

2020-04-09 10:58:00 AM

WATCH: Manana explains video of his house amid social media backlash

This is proving to be a week of fame for Manana, who is in hot water after posting a picture of him and Ndabeni-Abrahams seemingly breaching lockdown regulations.

In the video, Manana shows off his lifestyle, with an inside view of his house, expensive shoe cabinet, a collection of watches, colognes and his love for Gucci.Manana asks his housekeeper in the video: “Morning sis, what have you prepared for me?” as he goes to the study for a morning dose of newspaper reads.

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Though the former higher education and training deputy minister’s display of wealth has been highly criticised, he explained it was a teaser for a real estate show to air on his YouTube in July.He said: “We will be selling bespoke houses in Johannesburg and Cape Town… We will be offering tailor-made connoisseur services such as full interior deco, trained chef services, chauffeur, garden services and domestic services. It will be a 5-star service… We buy houses and convert them into bespoke spaces and sell them with all your suitable needs.

“Many professionals never have time so we will come in and offer a full service. Thank you @ttmbha @mzansicribs of mzansicribs for the inspiration. Thanks to the entire team.”Watch the video below:This is proving to be a week of fame for Manana, who is in hot water after posting a picture of him and Ndabeni-Abrahams seemingly breaching lockdown regulations set by government.

The Economic Freedom Fighters has since laid criminal charges against the two. Read more: The Citizen News »

You provoked him, pushed him to wild levels, accused him, trodded on him mara niyambona UZIPHANDELE. Inhliziyo ibuhlungu bakenza kwenzeke. Umziphandela. Jabula media ngoba uzongcina ugula. ANC people are all the same,they get voted into power by 'Neverminds' and forget about those silly voters and concentrate on flashing their stealing in a show off manner

CyrilRamaphosa Our_DA just as long as public servants aren't living in too much luxury while people isolate 10 to a one room shack...after 25 years of power Enrich yourself at the expense of the poor. All politicians salaries must be cut to a quater of what they earn now overpaid and no work. What a sterling business concept

Why dig yourself into a dipper hole instead of shutting up and not explain yourself? Can we all go fetch our PPE gear from his house, I need 20 masks and 50pairs of Nitrile gloves (Large). I'll be there around 13h00 for lunch Put the eating crew next to the wedding crew ... no question asked wow, this guy stays in heaven. many South Africans can only dream about this. I see why its a popular site for politicians.

vuyanipambo So everything was done on purpose to promote Mzansi Cribs , while using Stella 🤭 Funny

Ndabeni-Abrahams came to my house to collect gloves and masks, says MananaFormer deputy minister of education Mduduzi Manana says minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams visited his home to collect personal protective equipment and not for a social visit. 🤔 How very convenient? She went there to collect boxes bathong 🤣🤣🤣 The president CyrilRamaphosa must tell me why I should not visit a friend, what's special about Stellarated

'Ndabeni-Abrahams was picking up masks': Manana explains lockdown 'lunch' photoFormer higher education deputy minister Mduduzi Manana said communications minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams was picking up masks and protective gear from his home before she sat down for lunch. Can I go to my friend to pick sanitizer and braai Wow! So re di nonyana rena now?😂😂😂

Mduduzi Manana now accused of lying to cover for Ndabeni-AbrahamsThe former ANC MP has released a statement through his foundation claiming that he created the 'wrong impression' and he's sorry now. I'm waiting for the MYANC Our_DA EFFSouthAfrica and ATMovement_SA statements calling for minister Stella to step down this afternoon and follow Manana Manana has been a pathetic liar. He is lying, if you look at the cover up letter and the caption on Pic he posted , two stories.

IFP on Ndabeni-Abrahams' lunch with Manana: 'This is not a time for double standards'The IFP has called on Communications Minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams to apologise to South Africans for “a grandiose display” of flouting government’s Covid-19 lockdown regulations. Fallen friends will drag you down Stellarated Disgusting display. Poor leadership. Gaah! Or lies.

'Ndabeni-Abrahams was picking up masks': Manana explains lockdown 'lunch' photoIn a statement issued on Tuesday after public outrage over a picture showing Manana and Ndabeni-Abrahms having lunch and drinks on Sunday, Manana said the minister was picking up a donation from his foundation. So when he posted the picture he forgot to mention a donation from his foundation, she and her husband were hungry they decided to stay for lunch. really now? I wonder where are people like mzwandileMasina, who were singing praises of the very same Manana, when we were complaining that Manana is both a goon and a jerk! Manana is Nothing but a despicable social climber ;Stella has been involved in more scandals than niehaus_carl!

EFF lays criminal charges against Ndabeni-Abrahams, MananaThe minister is in hot water after having a meal at Manana's house. Social distances here but open a case🤔🤔🤔 I really wish them good luck with that ! Eh! Go tla nkga go sabola mo. Phezukwakhe fighters, a ga di gadikela go phura or kere ngwana llela nakana ya mokhura tshehla o mofe Juju.