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WATCH | Make vaccines mandatory to repair SA economy - B4SA

WATCH | Make vaccines mandatory to repair SA economy - B4SA

2021-10-28 01:10:00 PM

WATCH | Make vaccines mandatory to repair SA economy - B4SA

Business for South Africa wants government to make vaccines mandatory to repair the damage caused to the economy by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Research suggests the country's daily Covid-19 vaccination rates are improving.READ:But not at the rate desired by the government, business and medical experts.Martin Kingston from B4SA says the country can't risk further lockdowns from a fourth wave.

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That can only come from a devil's worshipper. Make it mandatory for you and your family. Take as many doses as you want. This vaccine is a slow killer as part as Bill Gates depopulation program. Take it and you will surely shorten your life. Just wow. SA news agencies and quality of reporting are just as bad as SA economy.

Says a group whose primary objective is the vaccination programme, and you think this is news. What else can they say?🤧🤧🤧 Lies lies lies... Lets make employment mandatory Lets make proper health care mandatory Safer communities mandatory Mada fucking electricity mandatory The last thing that should be mandatory is this bullshit vaccine... Stop pushing us into a corner....

More conditioning lies. Mandatory vaccines won’t repair SA’s economy. Stop spewing such blatant lies. Your jumping around screaming about the mouse, when there’s an elephant in the room. more specifically corrupt government and the media partners. While you’re pointing those fingers, please look in the mirror and then you’ll see the problem. Here’s a hint, ITS NOT THE VACCINATIONS!!!

Vaccine mandatory in their ASS! We can’t defeat you guys can we... Why Did God great white peoples though? We will make this country ungovernable try us, the unfortunate part is that Cyril will send soldiers to kill us. SA's economy was fucked long before covid,no vaccine is going to fix it Wake up please

Mandatory is unconstitutional.

WATCH LIVE | Gordhan, Eskom executives brief SA on load-sheddingPublic enterprises minister Pravin Gordhan and Eskom officials are briefing the media on the latest power cuts. Pravin suddenly appears from hibernation. Cant we have elections every year Some of people who we 'mentioned', it Koko who was mentioned. I no longer by that excuse, just like I no longer by the blaming of Apartheid. You failed Jammands Complete inepta failures telling us stories, this is not pharmacology is a bespoke engineering space…

Yini umsebenzi walomsangano ngoba ugula ikubambe ikholona uloku ugomile,so what's the use yokugoma To be upset at this shameless propaganda would be giving you the upper hand. So, no: that won't happen. Nice try though. A vaccine so great, it creates jobs, saves SOEs, reduces crime rate, boosts investor confidence, 'saves lives', geta funding for SMMEs, boosts local production... Ziyabuya maqabane.

Fokof bleedy fokon blaksam se! Now how stupid is this, how can it help the economy as the vaccine is not that effective long term if you not aware of this fact then you walking blind Let them go back to parliament first, why are they not doing that because they're vaccinated, they should lead by example

Who fund these thugs No make eskom power mandatory frst Le nnya masepa Don't forget to vaccinate eskom as well to minimise load shedding.

WATCH | Earthquake of 3.1 magnitude hits BoksburgAn earthquake with a magnitude of 3.1 on the Richter scale struck Boksburg in Ekurhuleni on Wednesday morning. Sies. Kan you imagine the GAH that kicked up in Boksburg? Aunties drunk since 1992 shook from the ditch. Katleho_Klaas…mafatshe a thothomela. mogalewakanyane

Jerrrrrrrrrrr so thats the plan all along Propaganda as usual!! I told bonglez we should vaccinate the power stations to end loadshedding. Akukho okuhlula ama-vaccine! This is the problem with being captured in advance, when it's time for payback time you even expose your Stupidity by combining two different things.

I think having power 24/7 for 365 days will repair the economy What does vaccination have to do with declining economy? Seriously, some publications are just a waste of space. And time. Jobs will fix the economy, the Government killed thousands of jobs, so now they say by making vaccine mandate it will fix the economy? How? By being vaccinated will that create jobs? How?

Voetsek which economy Black people own how much of that economy y'all think it will be repaired?

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Did they get a donation 🚮🚮🚮 repairing South African economy has nothing to do with mandatory vaccinations. How's making vaccines mandatory plays a role in economic recovery? How many millions did you steal from the covid money now you trying to start a money making scam to steal more you can go fly a 🤬kite anc

I will take the vaccine if guarantee by government that my safety is not in jeopardy you are trying to kill of the working class to great jobs for your people 🤬you Now I have to wonder who's funding them. Anyway, tell them I said voetsek They have something coming. We will shut this country down if people are forced to vaccinate. Try us

The country has been in doldrums even before the pandemic, it's been literally sitting on the cliff's edge..what the pandemic did is give a little push so don't come with your mandatory vaccine BS here to 'repair' SA economy my foot Not so long ago conomy was subject to Zuma's words, then it was Civil unrest etc. We were heading for depression before pandemic 40% unemployment was before Covid. Mandates are clearly part of a greater scheme & the more of these propaganda pieces written, the more apparent it is


WATCH: ANC volunteer turned lawyer blasts ruling party for overlooking ’educated comrades’Siphesihle Xulu was speaking in Durban on Wednesday during a round table discussion hosted by the ANC youth league from the eThekwini region and addressed by Paul Mashatile, the party’s Treasurer-General. Hahahahaha. This is funny . So Alex Mafia glhad thd liver to lie on stage..

To hell with the bloody economy I get nothing from it, now you want to vaccinate me in the name of something I m excluded from by design, keep you vaccines like you do with the damn bloody fcuked up kak economy for the few bloody participats Bring back those billions to repair economy and bring those who looted to book simple and stop this vaccine nonsense.

All this antivaxxs rubbish came when President Ramaphosa said- No one would be forced to take the vaccine. Fotsekang lena maan. Bullshit I agree we forcing Quinton de kock to take the knee for man kind so force every to get vaccinated If it's good for him this is good for us When society has accepted the reality of what these psychos are doing i offer my hangman services gratis

Article paid by Pfizer and J&J But we not requiring attendees at campaign rallies to show their vaccination passport or negative test results. We thought Covid-19 is gone as gathering are no longer referred to as super spreader events. We are already back to normal let’s us just repair the economy BULSHIT MAN

WATCH | ‘Babies were trafficked’ says Survé, as Gauteng government fires back with legal action“Our investigation uncovered horrific stories of baby trafficking and that babies are trafficked from Gauteng to Mpumalanga, West Africa and overseas,” said Survé. Can he not afford medical advice and treatment? What is the motive for kidnapping the babies? Slinganiso4

Voestek If you want to see the country burning like you saw in Durban, try that, we will do to the ANC what was done to the apartheid government, it's going to be worse Mara 🙈🙈🙈 Heck NO..... Mandatory will occur at eNca studio and your houses not to us How about fixing eskom And corruption first They should have vaccinated the economy long ago if they ( vaccines) are the solution to the DELIBERATE economic crisis South Africa finds itself in.

Martin Kingston the executive of Rothschild South Africa has spoken. Who actually believes this shit?

WATCH: Suspect sets car full of ammo on fire before shooting himself in chestA video taken by an eyewitness shows the car engulfed by flames, with loud bangs reverberating from the bullets being set off inside the vehicle.

What insanity . How does making useless vaccines mandatory, repair the economy? Because people will rebel as many are all over the world are, to this unscientific tyranny. Vaccines are proven in effective in curbing the spread. Data in UK, Israel and Singapore is proving that. What happened to the Bill Gates stories 😂😂😂

Repair what that we never had in the 1st place Big Business should just admit it that they're in bed with pharmaceutical companies at our expense ...le misunu !! What? How will that repair the economy? Just when I think news reports can't get dummer....once again you proved me wrong!😂😂👌 Let's see the vx certificates of each and every member of your gang first..

On what scientific basis? No economy will be repaired by having everyone vaccinated. We all know that but some people are making us believe otherwise. Vaccine has nothing to do with economy at all, but we're supposed to believe that it has everything to do with economy. Who made companies, associations and institutions elected law makers of our democracy? FFS! 🤬

They couldn't repair the SA economy before the wake of dawn... now what makes you think that the same juberators will suddenly turn things around amidst a bloody plandemic Entlek y'all are taking us for cats 🤦‍♂️

Start by repairing those that are vaccinated yet continue to spread it. How so? 'Repair sa economy' Bo Rramarete of note, we are not vaccinating News 24 should not just publish stories that don't make sense, unless they are sponsored by Pfizer Make castration mandatory for all boys over 10 to stop rape Makes just as much sense

Vaccine mandatory is not the answer.Incompetence and Cadre deployment killed our economy_ most people are sitting on positions there are not qualified for. Weak economy was there b4 covid-19, just that we were exposed badly.All the SOEs are performing badly,Tnkx Cadre deployment We are told 80% of population is vaxxed.

96% recovery rate, theres no need to make vaccine mandatory..bloody agents of the chitauri I know we all probably must have heard about Bitcoin but don't know how it works, I tried it in a week ago by a man who recommended me to leticia_thomas1 on Twitter she guides me through and i made a return of R15500 after a week of trading, connect with her

What economy for black people? And how did you even link a vaccine with the economy? We are taken for fools

Vaccines and covid got nothing to do with out economy. It was fucked up before covid even existed 🤣🤣🤣🙄im not laughing bt hey Yes, because it was thriving before the 'pandemic'... everyone was employed Niyanya!