WATCH: Madonsela says Duduzane Zuma lied

[TRENDING] WATCH: Madonsela says Duduzane Zuma lied #eNCA


[TRENDING] WATCH: Madonsela says Duduzane Zuma lied eNCA

Duduzane Zuma says former public protector Thuli Madonsela didn't give him a right of reply to allegations made against him.

Madonsela counters Zuma was given several opportunities to respond.

No shit he lied, its common sense.

“What it does mean then, it means that until we get the final product, he is a victim and he is not really an accountable accused person.”

Madonsela says the state capture is an opportunity for Zuma to tell his side of the story and it is not about whether he was treated properly or not.

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Who cares anyway. They’re all lying and no repercussion. So life must just go on Clash of the liars .... You’ll swear Thuli was at the commission the way enca is publishing this.. i see why a rose was named after her..🤦🏼‍♂️ Tell Thuli to file her affidavit at the Zondo commission and stop her useless media propaganda. We believe Duduzane not eNCA or Thuli.

Of course he did ..but the very next day after he was exposed he suddenly changed his tune. .That's what liers do .Let's not forget whose son he is Anisiyeke siqedile ngaleyonto Yes with confidence. Enough with the 'he said, She said' we want to move on and develop this country... Go look how developed China... Stop waisting our time

Thuli just said cases are not won on fact but public narrative ... We'll see!!

WATCH: Madonsela says Duduzane Zuma liedDuduzane Zuma says former public protector Thuli Madonsela didn't give him a right of reply to allegations made against him. 'That's My Guy' hahaha Well that's HER problem, why is she trying to make her problems everyone else's? Duduzane is hot. That's all she had to say. 3 words. Of course he lied....just like his corrupt father. Two peas in a pod.

What happened to there is a 'difference between lying and not telling the truth'? Or this only applies to Cyril and not Duduzane ThuliMadonsela3 So u r repeating same headline like 100 times!? Mxm I can’t believe you’re still running with this even after he clarified this issue. You guys are actually disgusting now but we see you.

You guys like singing the same song when you don't have headlines 🤭🤭🤭🤷🏼‍♀️🤷

WATCH | 'He has lied': Thuli Madonsela takes on Duduzane Zuma over state capture testimonyFormer public protector Thuli Madonsela has come out guns blazing, denying Duduzane Zuma’s claim at the Zondo Commission that she did not give him a chance to comment before she released her report into state capture. If he has lied indeed then go to the commission and expose him there, it’s the only legal platform available to her not the StratCom media, or her handlers are pushing her too hard? She failed to do an investigation and recommended a commission of enquiry, now she challenges the witness testimony on social media. Can she go to the commission and dispute his testimony with evidence. What is the lie that Duduzane has told the commission? Not being given a chance to tell his side of the story or being given 'enough time'?

Duduzane Zuma lied to Zondo commission, says Thuli MadonselaMadonsela told Business Day on Monday that investigators had even offered to travel to Dubai to speak to him 🔒 More proof that Duduzane learnt how to lie from the best , his old man Zuma. ermbates Chip of the old block.... Junior Zuma Like father like son!! Corrupt to the core!!

Duduzane Zuma says Mcebisi Jonas lied about Gupta meetingHe also told the Zondo inquiry on Monday that Thuli Madonsela had not give him a ’fair shot’ at giving his version of the Saxonwold meeting Polygraphs

WATCH LIVE | State capture: Duduzane Zuma takes the standDuduzane Zuma, son of former president Jacob Zuma, is taking the stand at the commission of inquiry into state capture on Monday

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