WATCH | Discussion | ANC staff not paid for a third month

WATCH | Discussion | ANC staff not paid for a third month

2021-09-24 07:39:00 AM

WATCH | Discussion | ANC staff not paid for a third month

ANC staff members say all they're getting is empty promises. The party has failed to pay wages for three months in a row. ANC Staff Representative Committee Member Mandla Qwane says employees are willing to take radical steps if they're not paid soon.

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eNCA's Rofhiwa Madzena speaks to Tshepiso Sibisi founder of Mwari Pizza House.

So will this be enough to Spill the Beans and evidence they have? Anc staff not paid on time, but the ministers of corruption get theirs on time everytime, time to vote this shameless party out. VoetsekANC Fire all the top 100 people there and the money that they used to get as salary (read robbery) give it all to the unpaid workers. Simple. Them hire competent leaders. This problem goes away.

They have enough stolen loot to last a few years so no problems Pathetic. Is there no more to steal UnpaidANCStaff: In addition to non-payment, FOR YEARS the ANC has not paid their staff's UIF; so what beats me is how the ANC continues to have the audacity to claim that it represents the poor & the interests of workers! And also, how ANCAlignedUnions still support them!

And they still want people to vote for such organization. I give up! The question is if they can not look after their own, how the hell do we trust them to put the interests of 60m South Africans first? Vote for NO PAY Vote for NO MORE JOBS Vote for HIGHER TAX Vote for HIGHEST Number of SOE’s into BANKRUPTCY Vote for NO SERVICES Vote for HIGHEST GOV DEBT ON SA People backs to carry the burden Vote for more CORRUPTION… Vote for unsafe LIVING Then you know who to vote for!

Keep voting for ANC 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

ANC regions will no longer pick metro mayoral candidatesJessie Duarte has said that those who still wanted to dispute the party's current candidates list ahead of the municipal elections would have to present strong evidence that they were the preferred choice by their communities. SiviweFeketha SiviweFeketha Last night we slept hungry again and my daughter was crying because of hunger. Please assist us with a 2kg mealie meal and tinned fish 🙏🏻. Just so my little girl can eat😔💔. I've been struggling to get a job and in my struggle, my family is suffering

Maar hulle gaan 50 miljoen weer misbruik om gevrete op pale te hang. Hulle het die armes verder verarm en beledig met hulle beleide. Sies klomp sleg goed Hahahahaha Jacob and the Guptas stole all your money. CyrilRamaphosa aninamahloni ? Yet they hv got millions for their campaign. Very bad for our brothers and sisters

Ag man, this is old news.. ANC have bankrupted SA. Grants for kids does not work. Do away with the dole like the UK and show that one has tried to find employment first. The poor will get poorer and the rich even richer. Happy HeritageDay. Truly sadening I cannot imagine how these poor people must feel.

You get what you voted for and work for. Dont complain

ANC staffers face tough long weekend as party fails to pay salaries againOn Wednesday, ANC head of elections Fikile Mbalula said the party was planning to spend ‘around R50 million’ on local elections campaigning. Yet they are unable to pay their staff, soon they will be history Was this R50M declared anywhere? Maybe the donors specifically instructed the anc to use the millions on electioneering matters only 🤷‍♀️ I recently heard a one leader saying it's a privilege to work for the anc But it seems that the workers are not enjoying the privilege But no salaries for workers it's a shame


'ANC is my political home' - Criselda Kananda responds to backlashFans questioned Criselda for supporting the ANC as local elections loom.

PODCAST | Elections: besmirching the IEC's good name & Cosatu continues to back the ANCIn this week’s episode of 'Sunday Times Politics Weekly', our panel tries to understand what’s going on in the alliance after Cosatu’s decision to again support the ANC in the municipal elections. Million and one small parties cropping up all over, and contribute ZERO value to the nation.

Workers stand to lose most if ANC booted out of power: Cosatu presidentAs political parties race to contest for power in the sixth local government elections on November 1, Cosatu president Zingiswa Losi says workers will be the biggest losers should the ruling party lose power. As if they are winning now. What a joke. With all the stealing how many jobs did we lose What did they gain with the ANC in power? What about the other 20 million workers who are unemployed? Cosatu fat cats are out of touch. The ANC didn't even pay the staff.

Cosatu will wage a ‘relentless campaign’ for the ANC, Zingiswa Losi saysThe Cosatu president says workers will be the biggest losers if the ANC loses the local government elections in November Losers looooooooosers viva Workers are tired of being used & Zingiswa will see flames this time around 🤞🏾- workers were not paid last year (ANC in government despite the agreement) & are continuosly being exploited by MYANC in government & Luthuli House - the latter didn't pay workers for almost 3 months! Amahliphihliphi