WATCH | COVID-19 | Does SA want a stricter lockdown?

WATCH | COVID-19 | Does SA want a stricter lockdown?

Watch Covıd-19 | Stricter Lockdown

2021-12-09 08:55:00 AM

WATCH | COVID-19 | Does SA want a stricter lockdown?

As President Cyril Ramaphosa holds talks with the National Coronavirus Command Council, eNCA took to the streets of Johannesburg to gauge whether further restrictions would be welcomed.

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Does the government want a big FU? sanusiqela ama💩 mani, siyekheni ni Voetseke nalemijovo yenu Yes please we need it ASAP🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽😭 It doesn't work... nothing does right now.... its best each man follow the protocols and take care for himself best... No. The economy is still bleeding ,and it's gradually recovering.

Lockdown for what,big No,these numbers are cooked and you white media knows. For what exactly? We will never obey any covid laws, we can see that there is no Corona and everything is just a big scam mxm Jerrrrr u ppl talk kak. Lockdown for what notolockdowns endlockdownsnow NoToMandatoryVaccination Voetsek with your nonsense lockdowns

Even the level one must be stopped, nd the lock 🔐 be thrown into the ocean.

COVID-19 LIVE UPDATES | Study suggests Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine only partially protects against OmicronCoronavirus updates. Congratulations to the lucky winners yesterday.We are still giving out a payment of R17000 to R19000 to the first 30 people to comment CASH just like we did yesterday .Mike67857 This pandemic has without a doubt become the new cash cow with many pharmaceutical companies around the world getting richer and boosting their GDP growth but Africa doesn't see this🤔🤔 Congratulations to the lucky winners yesterday.We are still giving out a payment of R17000 to R19000 to the first 30 people to comment CASH just like we did yesterday .

There is absolutely no need and Omicron is not deadly as previous variants Definitely no, South Africans should learn how to live with Covid-19 same as living with TB, HIV and many others! No just a stricter VAX policy. Seems no one wants it. Who really is making these decisions antithetical to such an overwhelming majority?

No we also watch with great concern the recent presidential visits to Africa that he is going to influence Africa leaders to force its citizens to compulsory vaccines instead of pursuing one Aftica trade he waste our resources on vaccines that benefits Asia and Europe economy No!! No!!! We can't afford more job losses!

Does CR17 want this country to go up in flames No. But stricter law enforcement. Please should just wear masks, social distancing. Establishments should not overcrowd their restaurants and bars. So if I want to earn money legally, I have to be vaxxed.. how is this not compulsory or forced? If I want to earn money illegally I'd have to become a politician. Catch 22.

Bathong😳 We want money!!! Lockdown ya manyala

LIVE | Covid-19 in SA: 19 842 new cases, 36 more deaths | News24South Africa remains on Alert Level 1 as the threat of a fourth wave looms. Meanwhile, the discovery that the Omicron coronavirus variant has led to global fears and travel bans targeted at southern African countries.

voetsekSAmedia How on earth can you restrict a virus that is already everywhere. What will be the purpose of a lockdown then...just wondering The moment you stop listening to the media Covid dissappear. What's left is decent citizens trying to make a living under tyrannical measures put in place by a corrupt government and kept there by a media promoting that governments narrative. 2024 can't come soon enough

Yhoooo Why don't you rather report on what Dr Richard Friedland said in his media statement yesterday. Of 337 Covid cases currently in the Netcare hospital group most tested positive incidentally. Just a fraction of previous waves. Most are asymptomatic or have very mild symptoms. Should eNCA stop f***k us around? Yes we are tired of them giving instructions on what should happen.

Has vaccines failed to protect if third jab 4th jab needed in year yet enforcement Why didn't they restrict us during election We want the president to resign

Minnie Dlamini shares the pain of having Covid-19 for the second timeMinnie pens her woes of being ill and way from her son. I wonder how much they payed you mini Dlamini These ain't news if you ask me...but since you didn't, I'm telling you for free. Ag nee man!

Ai anisyeke thina Nikhuluma Mara ke motho o Feng o tsayang sentle o batlang stricter lockdown? E kare le tlare Bora Lona Enca. We should stop watching this channel.

COVID-19 | SAMRC: Vaccines vital in fighting OmicronThe council is urging people to get vaccinated as this prevents severe disease and death. It doesnt work for omicron so please explain You being in my life has been a blessing my regards and praise to God for bringing you into my life and that of my family 👇👇 Michaelafuchsfx 🤑🤑🤑

What is so concerning about the Omicron variant of Covid-19?The World Health Organisation (WHO) says Omicron poses a “very high” risk. Bullshit Follow the money Voetseeeeeek there's no Corona where I stay. Vaccinate Ramaphosa's children

The PSL, Covid-19 and a scary strategy of play-at-all-costWhat is going on? Well, it would have been nice if the PSL would let us know.