WATCH: Cape Town liquor store looted

[WATCH] Cape Town liquor store looted

2020-04-06 06:45:00 AM

[WATCH] Cape Town liquor store looted

A crowd broke into the shop at around lunchtime on Sunday and made off with alcohol.

At least one person has been arrested.

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Fikile mbalula akana faith kanye no bheki cele ne president ku NKULUNKULU .yena u GOD ufuna simfune sicele utoliceda kuleli virus. Kune bantfu labaphila nge smoking labanye nge alcohol bantfu mabavunyelwe kutsi baphuze kodwa mabaphuze emakhaya What a shame a R150 bottle sells for R250/R300 now in the streets, the demand is really high so expect more

I wish lockdown mustn't be extend otherwise they'll regret their liquors yoh SAns can't live without liquor so plz Tata Rama don't extend the lockdown 😀😀😀🤦‍♂️ Ppl they not serious how can u do such stupid things at this stage Good Cele must stick to police work. His personal crusades are going to lead to more desperate acts.

bhekicele_com is the fault What the hell were y'all expecting? Good for the looters, I hope they enjoy that booze Idiotic media. Why are you posting “how to loot” videos? We all saw this coming If it's true law will take it's course and arrest all those who are visible on the video. But l think that is an old video and at Nigeria whereby people were looting in revenge of xenophobic actions in SA

But it's against the law during lockdown? And another one last night in Brackenfell. So, Prohibition happened a while back in the USA. What lessons did we learn from that fiasco? Boxer Liquor Store in Port Elizabeth was broken into as well,whilst the Minister of SAPoliceService is only conducting Lockdown in front of TV cameras instead of the actual communities .You can drive for 30 minutes flat with no sight of a police. They r scrubbing Stellenbosch!!

People got tired of drinking water The dude with the box yeGordans!!!!!! My mouth just went dry!! What part of lock down do people not get. Why were so many people out and about. Where were the police? Do African people have no regard for others and there property? Just another good day for a looting. Take note. Some countries shoot looters in times of crisis.

we knew its gonna happen It has begun!!!! Woza Newcastle........ I don't know why y'all never saw this coming Was this not an old video? E Sale Di Nnyane Tse People cant take it no more lol Gauteng people should not see this. I've got no words, really disappointed at my people Was eff

WATCH: The Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra plays you the national anthem from their homesThe Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra, from the privacy of their homes, did their bit in uniting the nation the best way they know how – through music.

R500,000 hangover for Cape Town tavern selling booze during lockdownThat was the value of the stock confiscated in Dunoon, Cape Town, after two men selling alcohol from a car led them to the tavern. Covid19SA 21daylockdown Hope no bail allowed and police must lock 🔒 the tavern for a long time.. Lol they flopped Oh sinful.... Where is it load of us need some. If the Taxi, the spaza and the street vendor can make money (and not pay rent) why can he not make money.. Does this shop pay rent if he does he has families to feed,

Cape Town nurse tests positiveThe 55-year-old was admitted to another hospital this week. The Athlone resident is believed to be a night supervisor at a paediatric unit. So a nurse knowingly had been in contact with someone who had been to Turkey but continued going to hospital (pediatric unit at that). How incredibly reckless Our health system seems to be struggling already and we still in the calm-before-the-storm 😔 Warning: don’t go to hospitals. The staff are making people sick. First the Addington hospital in Durban. And now this CT hospital. We aren’t safe in hospitals.

R500,000 hangover for Cape Town tavern selling booze during lockdownA tavern's decision to keep selling alcohol in defiance of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions cost it more than R500,000 on Friday. We need to toss that poes in the hat the ban on. Alcohol can and will be overturned and the state will pay damages this is a waste of tax. Payer funds

Man arrested after allegedly looting liquor store in Western CapeThe purchasing and sale of liquor was banned under lockdown regulations to fight the spread of Covid-19.

Confirmed COVID-19 infections in the Western Cape rise to 446I feel like the government is lying about the number of cases and deaths