WATCH: Army members break beer bottle, slap and kick member of the public

WATCH: Army members break beer bottle, slap and kick member of the public

2020-03-28 05:15:00 PM

WATCH: Army members break beer bottle, slap and kick member of the public

Another video shows metro police getting into an ugly scuffle with the public, though it's unclear when or where it was taken.

Another video shows metro police getting into an ugly scuffle with the public, though it’s unclear when or where it was taken.A video sent to The Citizen on Saturday shows a member of the SA National Defence Force apparently assaulting a member of the public for drinking in public and allegedly not obeying the prescriptions on movement imposed on South Africa during the 21-day lockdown against the spread of Covid-19.

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The clip is unlikely to have been filmed during the army’s deployment from last year on the Cape Flats to combat gangsterism because people are wearing masks.In the clip, the army can be seen around a group of men, who appear to be giving them some attitude. One army member then slaps and kicks someone he’s lost patience with after one of his colleagues confiscates and breaks a bottle of beer.

Members of the police are present and look on.Concerns about possible brutality from the SANDF and police during this lockdown period occurring have been expressed, counterbalanced by the even bigger worry that if people do not stay home and observe social distancing, they will only aid the spread of the virus, which reached 1,170 confirmed infections by Friday.

The pandemic has ground most of the world to a halt.Another video shows JMPD members being assaulted by the public, though the provenance of this video is unknown, as well as whether it happened during the lockdown. Read more: The Citizen News »

Sometimes this is necessary for people to listen. We are the only country in the world who do not give a hoot when the army arrive. Iamsimt Bamiphinda nini? Uyadinga ukuphindwa if you don't listen this is what you deserve, I don't see anything wrong there, abafuni umamela abantu FrancisSheeran1 Nice This guy said the president is talking shit...he deserved even more from where those came from

You guys are bored.... You don't have anything to write about 🤦🏾‍♂️ People think they can go to court after breaking curfews. No! This is like a declared state of emergency your case gets thrown out even before you reach the door. They need to sit down and understand this kind of state before venturing out to incite disorder...

Good that's little Give them sjamboks.....only thing that works Good job. They were bootlegging alcohol Yaa they must beat them hard this is not a holiday Kick them hard,we don't care about them we care about the people they're going to infect I am interest to know what happened to the guy who assaulted law enforcement agent.... Was he arrested?

This is wrong Okay who's next Ur talking rubbish wat are about people who brought dis varus here we all know them but u bezy beating the poor people n forcing them to stay in their smaller tin houses without food running water n toilets I feel sorry for poor people of SA may God protect u Kungenaphi nje lokweku break beer bottle. Shayaaaaa

Very good 👏🏾 This idiots are disrespecting the President's call of staying at home so SANDF please please skop n donor them Yena aya kwini...? It’s a lockdown mos... The number of infected persons is rising every day nd we have people who dont listen must thesoldiers nd police romance them!! Wednt want corona people must obey nd stay indoors!!

Iamsimt “Go deeper papa!” Good ,skiet die bliksem sommer vrek want hy wil ni luister nie This is the language they understand So,they should have hugged & kissed him for breaking the law? Human rights are reserved for those who respect every other persons rights. The Army, SAPS and all security enforcement must deal with these irresponsible thugs who dont care about the rest of SA citizens. Smack them and lock them up!

Good. Why should we tolerate nonsense which risks people’s lives? police must always act I was gonna moer them too They don't listen then batlakwa ka letlalo If the army can work like this ,there wouldn't be any one in the streets,let the supermarkets be closed too,we shall use spaza shpod,Wmc has already panic bought

Very good. Good Well done boys. These people are so ignorant and they will be the ones saying Gov is not doing enough. Kick, skop & donner. . Or: WATCH: group of men defy lockdown regulations and drink in a group in a public space and become confrontational when law enforcement arrives. Enforcement is applied pragmatically.

Yeah coz they dont listen That klap and the boot will change the way the guy thinks,this is the only way to deal with humans who disrespect the simple orders Tell those soldiers to skop and donor harder, people are disrespecting the law, stay at home that is long overdue people take law for a ride - tooooooo much human wrights

Nothing wrong about that, they are using maximum force That's good Good job Better heading would have been 'Army members enforce quarantine to self-harming members of the public'. These people are compromising everyone CyrilRamaphosa SANDFCorpEvents Gabotse nkabe ba mo klape le go feta, Who is he defying the order from our government. Akere Lena media le entertainer dilo tsa go hloka ngcondo

Nothing wrong with this soldier’s behaviour. We are all under rule of lockdown. Why are people gathering and drinking on the street? The soldiers are protecting us. This one is disrespectful, why would he continue drinking alcohol in-front of the polices day soldiers Mr_Oosthuizen Y'all congratulating this brutality until it's you...

Good work SA Army 👏🏽. Please also target the burbs That wasn't enough he should have done more than that Skop and Donor... Good 👊 Stay at home, don't drink alcohol, which part you don't understand. Moer and donner you don't listen mos. some people don't take our government serious and i saw the whole video he had a good reason to skop and donor.

Should have hit harder. That's what we want them to do ... More harder! Good The JMPD is an old video perhaps one month old is the Citizen inciting violence Unfortunately this is what it’s going to take There will be a lot more of this in a week's time due to the banning of alcohol. This exact clip is what was discussed last night at the media briefing. It's an old clip. Sadly most people just watch the clip and comment. They don't read how said its origin or timeframe is unknown. Bandwagon much?

We Want to see more of butt kicking Wanna guess what would have happened had he stayed indoors instead of being defiant? Quit being petty and start reporting on matters of importance...Tsek! Defiant and arrogant members of the public will get baptized by the strong 💪🏾👐🏽 hands of our army Good one.. They think this is a holiday.

Those fools they think this 21 days lockdown is a Annual Leave neh....thats B*****sh**** our business are suffering, people are dying, they will stop by force klaar nice Good Not a member of public but a lawless and disrespectful member of public Skop and donor the crap out of him They must go to Alex and Diepsloot

Slap and kick very hard pls Donor him,think we care how much liquor he can afford: Tsek

Army officially tasked to hit the streets to stop Covid-19The army will at midnight roll onto the streets of SA armed with protective gear, including face masks, to join the frontline battle against coronavirus on the first day of the lockdown for 21 days. At Doornkop army base in Soweto this evening, President Cyril Ramaphosa, the commander-in-chief of the SA armed forces, asked them to go out and save lives, cautioning them against excessive force. As if they have the vaccine, other countries are looking for solutions whilst ours is deploying soldiers. After seeing that name...we need a renaming exercise of army bases also.

Lockdown: It will cost R641m to deploy army for three monthsPresident Cyril Ramaphosa has written to Speaker Thandi Modise to inform her that the army will be deployed in the streets of South Africa until the end of June. 21daylockdownSA End of June? Will be deployed or may be deployed? This News agencies keep saying different stories Till the end of June. It can easily become a State of Emergency 😮

Army receives face masks and goggles ahead of lockdown deploymentThe army has received thousands of face masks and goggles from China after it was deployed to the streets on Friday. The Department of Defence said this would help the army in conducting its work.

IN PICTURES | 'You scare me': Walking with the army through Alex as they enforce lockdown“Close your store Gogo,” they sternly told her, helping her to douse the flames inside a tin drum she had used to warm up the pap and vleis she had been selling. Covid19SA 21daylockdownSA Please revert this..Vodacom outlet at North West Mall in Mafikeng is open in violation of National Lockdown regulations

IN PICTURES | 'You scare me': Walking with the army through Alex as they enforce lockdownFrom about 4pm, a TimesLIVE reporter and photographer who had been tracking the soldiers from earlier in the day, joined them on their foot patrol about the township.

IN PICTURES | 'You scare me': Walking with the army through Alex as they enforce lockdownSoldiers on foot were out in full force in parts of Alexandra township, north of Johannesburg, on day 1 of the 21-day coronavirus lockdown on Friday.