Voices | How the EFF plans to stop the tenderpreneurship rot | Citypress

Voices | How the EFF plans to stop the tenderpreneurship rot

2021-09-24 12:47:00 PM

Voices | How the EFF plans to stop the tenderpreneurship rot

There is a dangerous notion doing the rounds that to extend service delivery to our people in towns, cities and municipalities, we have to outsource the provision of services – even at such basic levels as cleaners, security guards and landscapers.

For the powers that be to ensure outsourcing, they turn to the tender process. Needless to say, the process is fraught with corruption.Through the tender process, municipalities have been turned into conduits for stealing money, the culprits being politicians and their close associates.

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READ:Want your invoice processed? Buy a ‘cooldrink’ first Sometimes the stealing is so brazen in municipalities that contracts for menial work are given to direct relatives of these politicians, subjecting the most exploited workers in municipalities to further exploitation by unscrupulous tenderpreneurs.

The logic of outsourcing is deeply rooted in the neoliberal belief that the role of the state in the economy specifically, and in society generally, ought to be reduced dramatically, and that the private sector should take the lead in growing the economy and producing the necessities for societal growth. headtopics.com

This sort of thinking is ahistorical at best and dishonest at worst. It ignores South Africa’s evolution, and the role played by the state and the private sector in that evolution.It ignores the reality that wherever there is a private enterprise in this country, there is an intensification of the oppression and exploitation of black workers as cheap and easily disposable labour, characterised by a deep disdain for them under the guise of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Municipalities have turned a blind eye to the plight of thousands of security guards, cleaners and gardeners who work under poor conditions and are exploited by politically connected private companies.READ: Cosatu lashes ANC incompetence, corruption and ill-treatment of workers

 As part of the EFF’s commitment to building capable municipalities, we will end outsourcing and permanently employ all municipalities’ security guards, cleaners and gardeners.Doomsayers claimed that insourcing general municipal workers would be costly and less efficient.

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And besides, paying workers directly, instead of through greedy third parties who are of no value to municipalities, makes compelling business sense.We have demonstrated that the cost-effectiveness argument is foolish and not based on any solid intellectual foundation.

In 2018 in the City of Johannesburg, the EFF put forward a motion to insource 4 000 security guards. The council adopted this motion and these workers were insourced.This decision changed the lives of those 4 000 workers and their families, because they now have secure jobs and earn decent wages, while the city has saved money on security tenders. This is the version of a people-centred municipality the EFF envisions.

Evidence has shown that insourcing not only improves efficiency, reduces municipal costs and boosts the morale of workers, but also builds a people-centred workforce while giving workers and their families dignity.The City of Johannesburg, for instance, previously paid on average R14 000 per security guard per month when these services were outsourced, yet workers earned less than R4 000 per month with no pension, medical aid benefits or job security. The R10 000 meant to be part of their salary package went into the pockets of the politically aligned tenderpreneurs who acted as contractors.

Equally, it makes no sense for municipalities to have a directorate focused on finances and administration, with qualified accountants and auditors, but to have the same municipalities outsourcing functions as mundane as preparing their own financial statements. headtopics.com

Municipalities governed by the EFF after the local government elections in November will develop sufficient internal capacity to perform these tasks on their own. This will eliminate the potential for stealing public funds by greedy politicians.Municipal parks will be maintained by municipal employees; refuse and waste collection will be done by workers employed directly by the municipality; and the repair of water leaks, the maintenance of roads, the guarding of municipal property and all other essential services will be performed by the municipality.

This will, in turn, reaffirm the role of municipalities as primarily to deliver services rather than to make opportunities for looting available to families and associates of politicians.The EFF recommits to building capable and people-centred municipalities, which will end the dependence on corrupt tenders even for the most basic tasks.

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It is the EFF’s considered view that subjecting thousands of black workers to exploitative companies at such exorbitant costs to municipalities to enrich the politically connected is morally and ideologically unjustifiable.No longer will the security guards of Nelson Mandela Bay, the City of Tshwane, Ekurhuleni and many others march endlessly to demand the promise of secure jobs and dignity.

Maotwe is an MP and the treasurer-general of the EFF Read more: City Press »

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Malema is a tenderpreneur so they are they are going to practice tenderpreneurship more than the ANC Call in On Point Engineering? With funds looted from VBS, or fleet rent contracts, or donated by cigarette smugglers? A great track record. TebogoMoloi16 EFF is the becon of HOPE That is Herman Mashaba's manifesto, they saw how Mashaba gained popularity through it now they want to copy it, Mashaba said it and he delivered 👏🏾

They're going to insource all their foreign brothers and sisters​ bcz that's what their manifesto says about Africa Imagine: there are people who believe that EFF are planning to stop tenderpreneurship. Using what money? They didn't have a problem with tenders when they were in on the game. FOH. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

None of those jobs are going to make a damned difference. They’re not the ones misappropriating the money.

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Attention seekers. They think the cleaners and gardeners going to believe their bolly So were are they going to get the money. Tax the already shrinking tax base . Soon it will only be goverment employees paying tax Julius_S_Malema Works of a Rupert.Actually heard from Floyd visits him often. ChoshaneHappy Leadership in action 👌🏾 VoteEFF

so everyone must own nothing either than just job,I even understand why they wear overall and gumboots,is it because blacks can't wear suits at work Just goes to show how stupid they are. Julius must just heal from his ANC trauma.

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This is how it should be and this is how it going to be. Once communities taste EFFSouthAfrica government they will never go back to the ANC and DA ponzi scheme of service delivery. Those that are denigrating EFF policies are either thieves or aspirant thieves. Oh, like VBS and On Point Engineering?

Julius_S_Malema No one is addressing the article, only clowns showing their hatred for EFF. EFF must continue causing this idiots stomach cramps. Julius_S_Malema A recipe for endless strikes. Julius_S_Malema The EFF have their hands in the till already. Malema benefited from the ANC get rich quick tenders by using fly night ON POINT Engineering for the Limpopo bridge that collapsed within weeks. Today Malema is rich&stay in Sandton because of the ANC get rich quick tender scheme!!! SHAME ON EFF CHEAP TENDER POLITICS!!!!!

How can they, they benefited from it, One Point Engineering to building a R16m house in Sandton with a bunker. They re graduates from cANCer Institute. The EFF is a whole different kind of “rot” of its own. South Africa deserves far better than the MYANC or the EFFSouthAfrica. Destroy South Africa so there is no money for tenders?

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