Viral video exposes Mbalula 'lying' about ANC's Alexandra housing promise

Viral video exposes Mbalula ‘lying’ about ANC’s Alexandra housing promise

2021-10-20 02:20:00 PM

Viral video exposes Mbalula ‘lying’ about ANC’s Alexandra housing promise

The video clip shows Ramaphosa saying government will build a million houses and then Mbalula denying it.

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But it was Cyril who lied. U have such a nerve IanCameron23 There are not a single anc member that you can trust. They are all corrupt they are there to steal and corrupt as quickly and as much as possible in the shortest time Why would he lie? ANC did not lie, it was Cyril who did That video must play until Mbalula resign yep

As Rob Hershov said.......... Ramaphosa lied. They will do the same 'Big Lie ' come elections no delivery services we are waiting for 🇿🇦anc are LIERS even Thabo Mbeki know that 😎😎😎 SA media and protecting their puppets

Era of 'distant and unconcerned' ward councillors has ended: RamaphosaANC president Cyril Ramaphosa has promised that the nearly 10,000 ANC local government election candidates will not rest until they “end corruption, fraud and patronage, no matter what form it takes and no matter who is involved”. 😂 😂 😂 Cyril Ramaphosa is a pathological MANGAMANGA. But you couldn't do it and you the president, how they going to

They all lying in New Dawn. Their president is leading with lies. He said he will take his son to police station about Bosasa corruption. He never do it even today. Anything to protect Dr Cyril Ramaphosa by the ThumaMinaMediaGroup even throw his lieutenants under the bus Mr Ramaphoza and ANC are 1. MbalulaFikile this side😂😂😂

lira12_joy That's what happens when you put forward clowns . The lier was Ramaphosa. Mbaks simply defended the indefensible as is with most African National Criminals voters Nah it was Ramaphosa actually! Ramaphosa is the one lying. Ramaphosa is the one who lied here

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Mbalula was just protecting the original liar which is the President Cyril Ramaphosa,not the ANC. Why is it so hard to write his name as you all other politicians. We see you. Defending a pipe dream that has not progressed an inch What is new, Mbalula is a pathological one It was CyrilRamaphosa who promised those people.

You fakheni shiiiiiid during Zuma time you were saying Zuma this now that it's Ramaphosa you saying ANC voetsek maaaan You guys are worse at lying MYANC President made promises to voters which till today never fulfilled It was Ramaphosa but okay ThumaMinaMediaGroup You also lie ANC didn't promise people 1million houses its Cyril Your favorite darling

Fikile Mbalula defends new traffic laws seeking to introduce demerit points systemThe Transport Minister was responding in court in the application launched by the Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse. Come national elections, he will somersault.... MYANC be gone already! The ANC should have a demerit system itself!

MbalulaFikile tell that you where not liaring 🙄 as a head of the campaigning you where defending your boss for the promises he is making every month even if CyrilRamaphosa not campaign he is true political man that was school how to destroy MYANC Yey…. It’s Ramaphosa who promised people KingBorn8 We never had a government!!! Since 1994!!! What we got was a bunch of compromised 'leaders' who sold black SAns out for the proverbial 30 pieces of silver!!! All of them!!! Compromised!!!

AlkebulanThe He is a liar The devil incarnate Did say All politicians are despicable people Mbalula is worse Nithuswa yini Mbalula is corrupt to the core Go and watch the whole video Q64Chris VoetsekANC VoetsekMoron South Africa wouldn't progress because the followers defend the lairs

Thunderous welcome for Ramaphosa in Magashule’s home baseSuspended ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule’s Free State stronghold welcomed ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa warmly with thousands packed to the rafters at the Intabazwe Stadium in Harrismith. Times Media working tirelessly for Ramaphosa Hayi Mara keep voting for all this. 🤦🏽‍♂️South Africa But this not a contest between A n R...A is not the opposition

simaxis With a rolex on his arm. What's new, the current government who's been in power for the past 28 years has been spreading lies about housing, free education and hospitals. They gave them land to build shacks without water, electricity, sanitation, tarred roads. Lucky for me i never listen to him.

The whole news online network lie to us. It's a mess nhe You are the liar. Mbaks correctly states what the president said. He wasn't lying.Go and see the full video. Ahhh the whole news paper lying Mbalula didn't lier but he defense Ramaphosa's fake or lying that he made in 2019 elections in n Alex. It your favorite who lied live on camera's

Dennismayson9 you're the greatest I've seen so far and I'm happy I didn't lose this opportunity, I'll continue to testify about your amazing platform and how you've changed my life for good 🙏 I don't know why anyone would be shocked by this. Lying is their speciality.

Ramaphosa tells voters he has 'no problems in the bedroom'The ANC president has been going all out to not only convince ANC voters to support the party again at the ballot box, but also to offer up their arms for vaccination. 😱👾🤖🤡🤯👺👹☠ 👀 As if we need ti hear thar..

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