Van Damme excluded from DA shadow cabinet

Van Damme excluded from DA shadow cabinet

2020-12-05 04:41:00 PM

Van Damme excluded from DA shadow cabinet

DA leader, John Steenhuisen, says he has the prerogative to amend his shadow cabinet, in consultation with caucus leaders.

READ:She says that she will be challenging the decision. Read more: eNCA »

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What is she doing in this toxic party maar 😲 We know dam well why she was kicked out. How dare you go up against the Broeder Bond. They are sending a clear message to the none whites in the party. Useless party (DA) this one. I mean the corrupt ANC is scoring own goals but this useless can't even capitalize on the cANCer weakness.

John vuli gate.. Bonke abantu abamnyama kwiDA bazofunda ba a bantu bamhlophe ababathandi Hope she gets well soon. So apparently she is being replaced by Zak Mbele but she will still remain an MP. I dont trust DA but its not racial this time. This Van Damme lady is clearly very sick and I think they mean well giving her a break. At least she remains an MP.

Can't you see this Steenhuisen is purging Van Damme, she's no longer needed in the DA My sense is maybe this lady is trying too hard to be on the front line of DA governance despite her illness. Apparently the doctor booked her for way long to be off. And she still remains an MP, this time I doubt its the typical DA nonsense. I think they might really mean well

Tea lady, now she will enjoy the see view Not even her white surname could save her, She must go back to Dlamini once She deserves every bit of it. So what? She is a foreigner I don't see anything wrong with her exclusion . Hehehe she blocked me this one Cabinet? Blacks must know that they have no future in Our_DA this is not surprising

Good..destroy her John and Zille🤣🤣finish her This tea girl blocked me here on twitter Speaking English all day, having tea with gogo zille won't make them white, John vuli gate Yhu ku tuff lapha kwa DA 🤪😭🥴 uya gowa usisi It’s not even a cabinet. What a circus 🎪 the blue party has become So now she's a shadow of her former self?

Aaah the gift that keeps on giving. She deserves every bit of it. Great news! Poison dwarf needs some rest. Good riddance to this child! She overplayed her hand with identity politics and loved critical race theory a bit too much that's more ANC and EFF energy... This country and it's unhealthy eternal race obsession 🙄

theeNosh They don’t wanna listen all foreigners come here and side with the ytes to oppress black South Africans. She deserves it Our_DA determined to completely destroy their black vote. Oh well... Not the party we thought they were. Maybe Mashaba can do better. Or better, maybe Mmusi will start a party

Gang-Gang 👏🏾👏🏾 Good riddens. Van Damne met dread locks 🤣🤣🤣 This is so wrong! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣it serves her right ngoba uyaphapha I'm not surprised by John Steenhuisen's move,. More surprises are still coming with this man. Watch the space. No need to go public unless you don’t want to be in the DA...basic principle is never discuss grievances in public unless you don’t have an option (see above)...if you can do better somewhere else go...!!!

Starting gossip again. Spreading and fueling tensions You were warned and you did not listen. Now go back to university. Steenhuisen has to rewrite matric maths paper I think. Who's next Makashuke Gama? kuhlutshwa udlubu ekhasini ke manje. phuma emabhozeni weVan Dame. It's a wake up call to all Blacks/African who are member of DA, They must leave that racist organisation before it is too late. DA which was formerly known as DP was there when the Apartheid regime executed the freedom fighters. DA will never recognize Black people.

Sounds like a good decision. Just close her Twitter account now She is not best uncle toms Thank fuck. The only one? O my god how unfair, great journalism by the way Yena ayakwene But how is this news mara? John has a right to chop and change, right? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 John vuli gate, selivulekile Lol it's just a shadow, its like two broke guys fighting for a slice from a loaf of bread which hasn't be bought, and the money they haven't picked up

They are too young to understand politics,Zuma told them about whites,look at Mmusi,dumped like banana peel You don't need to be a rocket scientist to notice that the DA is busy self liquidating itself, there's absolutely no shadow of doubt about it, and the joy in me witnessing this phenomenon is absolutely phenomenal, I extend my gratitude to all involved.

Mistake... gonna bite them! Who thinks for this lot? Maybe she should go back home, eSwatini, her recognition might be better there. I actually feel sorry for Phumzile because she was actually very dedicated to the DA. Yes, she had differing ideas and opinions, but so did others in the DA. It seems as though you have to think in a particular way in order to feel welcome . It's a pity.

Havard has done it again 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Ebesiyaphi She would have been, if her name was Jean-Claude. Bad joke aside, there must be a reason behind it, let's not jump on the racism bandwagon just yet. Took forever 😂😂go to ANC, go home sesi Reminds me when Zuma reshuffled Pravin🤣🤣 So what exactly is the DA hoping to accomplish by excluding a BLACK WOMAN IN THE WESTERN CAPE from a cabinet position? It's discriminatory. WHAT IS THE REASON? WE WANT TO KNOW! WE HAVE QUESTIONS Our_DA

She was like a chewing gum to them,after enjoying d flavour they spat her out She is the definition of arrogance Good. But I still won't vote DA. I wonder if she will join Mmusi's spaza shop? Perhaps if she is paid enough. Herman's Black Like Me is a better option until Helen will give the Kiss of Death to Herman. Remember what happened to Agang.

Phumzile is being pushed out of DA. They successfully did this with Maimane, Mashaba, Patricia De Lille, and Lindiwe Mazibuko Wonderful. She must go dance with EFF. Good riddance. She will learn that DA is a white party and secondly her surname should not fool her to think that she is white. The settlers are now showing their true colors because they think they now have political power.

👀 Did u expect the tea girl to be in that cabinet Admin? Excellent news! What were you all expecting? She has been accepted at Havard University. Being worried about shadows though!🤦🏼‍♀️ You can't be a black independent thinker in the DA Being black must be very hard in the DA DA white caucus is processing rented natives one by one😂😂😂

We saw it coming Havard application open Mbale is next target of hellen and John vuligate watch the space DA whould be better off without her. She should go join Herman's charity org.