Use your pulpits to discourage xenophobia, pastors urged

2022/06/25 11:58:00

The government must play an active role in teaching citizens about coexisting with foreign communities in SA to combat xenophobia.

The government must play an active role in teaching citizens about coexisting with foreign communities in SA to combat xenophobia.

The government must play an active role in teaching citizens about coexisting with foreign communities in SA to combat xenophobia.

The dialogue, organised by the KwaZulu-Natal Christian Council, and which included Umlazi residents from South Korea, Burundi, the Congo and Zimbabwe, discussed the role of churches in fighting xenophobia.Rev Sipho Sokhela, co-ordinator of psychosocial programmes for peace at the council, said: “By taking the conversation to our congregants we are talking directly to communities because most people — about 85% of the population — go to church. Pastors have an opportunity and a platform to influence people every Sunday. 

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Emotional blackmail won't work. Government should teach South Africans about the importance of protecting their sovereignty. This is wht i think of your coexisting with foreign nationals & your Nonsense article,especially with arrogant Zimbos Even if Christ,Mahommed & Buddha were to speak to South africans about issues of foreigners they'd fail propaganda nor influence by anyone will be succesful than Foreigners departing this land the sooner you accept the better. We lack journalists in SA.🚮

You can coexist with them in your suburbs and gated communities. We must learn to normalize this? Only those benefits from immegration especially Zimbabweans will advocate for them At who’s expence? Uthethi kaka lomntu We don't want to coexist with those people, we want them out or confined in camps Government embarked on numerous campaigns. in the previous years, did it yield any positive results? Why must the people of SA be brainwashed? Why are tired of being stupid, God gave us brains to use. Those campaigns must be used to grow the economy, not this nonsense.

They have countries they must go back to them currently we are suffocating we need to sort our our own affairs. Until then we won’t coexist with them

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As long my birth right to have a better life undeterred by foreigners is tempered with by foreigners, the I don't care about being called xenophobic in my country of birth. The country that taught me to be jealousy patriotic and be defensive about it being infiltrated by aliens. You always report bullshit I wonder why

No we are used to apartheid Lols, the fact that you still call what's happening in South Africa indicates how clueless you are. If you can't find the proper root cause u'll never remedy what's happening. How do you coexist with illegal criminals and thugs who bought papers to be here causing mayhem🤚🤚🙄

Bayanya Masimba e co-existing Citizens don’t wanna coexist with foreigners, citizens don’t need no motivation to coexist with foreign…There’s no need to shove foreigners down our throats… There is no coexisting, they will be returning to their countries. No one will force SAn's to be subjected again The government must teach foreigners how to respect the laws, the country and its citizens.

SA flying high in the world of dronesNow that it has been given the go-ahead, the UAV sector can compete with the world.

And we supposed to accept being robbed and killed by undocumented foreigners? Its a good thing i don't go to church shame Fok pastors!! Why can't they at least listen to the locals. We have to be heard 🤞kamasepa Rubbish! Msunu tsek That train has long left the platform We want them to go/deported We dont want any diplomatic ties with criminals with criminals who do not abide by our laws

Concur with that. Foreigners nationals visiting other countries must demonstrate that they have been taught to coexist and more importantly behave when they visit other countries. Get rid of the ANC government...alternatively let them co exist with the premiers and mayor's Never VoetsekSAMedia Tsek

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No thank you Forget it it's not going to happen. Government represents the people of South Africa. It's not the other way around. So government must listen to what people are saying and deliver. Nothing more, nothing less. Aggg man, stop bothering us with this nonsense word 'xenophobia'. Can't you see crimes commited by these people

Y’all first forced us to live with White people and Indians through Rainbow 🌈 Nation. Now we must live with Zimbabweans 😩😩 No No No No we need some rest please It takes two to tango. Living in harmony with foreigners that prefer not to assimilate but rather to impose their culture/religion on your community is very difficult if possible. These clash of culture conflicts cannot be defused with virtue signaling or by gaslighting locals...

Asking South Africans to coexist with people who are beneficiaries of a corrupt government, majority of them are here illigaly as a result of corruption, it's like ligitimising crime and criminalising everyone Teaching us rubbish. Where were u when we had foreigners since 40's who lived in townships freely, build families and homes in townships? U tell us abt teaching us? Awunyi perhaps

Each one must coexist in their kauntri not in South Africa. We are gatvol with foreigners and we accepted our name xenophobic We don’t want to coexist we want them out of the republic. Their governments must teach them the legal ways of coming here, how to respect our laws and how to coexist in a foreign country.

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Why their government can't make them coexist in their countries of origin? Le duletse ho nyela fela lona man. Motho was teng ha a bona tjheke e sa fihli o nhola kak hore a gole! Sis man be active journalist instead of being a kept puppet. Kak storie. Tsek Yea sure but not in this country ninganya nonke

We know what we want Reporting Rubbish as usual Botse entlek, lere tlwaela masepa lena Kak... If you are trying to make South Africans to feel guilty think again. That's not going to work this is our country we are going to deal with it in our own way. No Bible will be used to abuse us. Our parents were abused people using Bible verses

Lwazi Hlangu uphambene In Sa if you see ppl go against residents u must know they are getting brown envelopes, Most Pastor's show them money if you want them to speak your language. U never see them condemning that our youth is deep in alcohol n drugs, sies hypocrites

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You should first teach Zimbabwe and all the other African states to learn coexisting with foreigners and stop treating them like animals. Amasimba lawo ningasihlanyeli We don't want to coexist with foreign communities. Full stop. As Natives we need our Land back, not to be told or taught nonsense Bull...we have been living with foreigners in this country for decades, until violent crime and vandalism was started by these illegal foreigners..

What if we don’t want to co-exist? We don't want to coexist with foreigners have refuge bays and leave SAns alone. And we want foreigners to leave 🤣🤣🤣Whose writing this kaak though... Journalism in SA..💩💩💩💩 💩💩💩Such bullshit. Take then to gated communities please... Nonsense! We must be taught to coexist with our killers? You’re not totally mental perhaps? Sies! 🚮🚮🚮🚮 Rubbish!

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This statement is loaded...there where it says gov must teach citizens? Wow! People of this country have genuine concerns; and if the Xenophobia was bad, we would not be seeing this influx. Please guys. Covid19 has hit hard on people's livelihood. So, let every government cater for its people. SA government has a lot of unemployed SAns to look after. Go home people, we dont want dialogues!!!

Time for dialogue is over! Where was the church's voice when the likes of Omottoso n Bushiri n Lukau abused SAns in the name of religion? By the way, what kind of permit does one obtain to become a Pastor in a foreign country? Pls enlighten me? They must be urged to discourage the employment of illegal immigrants; fake foreign pastors who come to SA to 'perform miracles'; and against pastors who use their positions for their sexual gratification.

It is not going to work. We are also campaigning and explaining to people why ZaiZais are bad for South Africa. Today we don't have running trains and cant walk freely in CBDs because of them. We will make life living hell for them like they are doing to us. PutSouthAfricaFirst U have to start behaving like human beings then no worries

Am xenophobic and am proud to be that voetsek SA media!!!!!! The government must get rid of Cyril first...

You should know well that xenophobic is a gvmt business to derail all achievement of opposition parties,,,, also the main project of the imperial Anything about foreighners makes me sick Was suppose to teach from 94 way to late now Then who must teach foreigners to stop behaving like barbarians in a foreign country? Foreigners must first learn to respect & coexist with local.

Go back home This is the foreigners we must live with Conning our guilable people and dissapeared with their hard-earned monies You must stop it you fake pastors 😠 That's Krazy Who said we need to stay with foreigners We need our country free from this people period!! The ANC government took a decision to impose integration on us with these people without consulting southafricans How do u bring us a visitor without talking to us first😠

But why are you doing this to us ? Aren't you ashamed? Refugee Camp is the only practical solution. XENOPHOBIA marred INTERGRATION should not be blamed on citizens but the government. Parliamentarians are HYPOCRITES,, they're highly paid but inside their homes there are no orphans & street children to show us how INTERGRATION is done

Government must make sure that foreigners don't integrate to citizens illegally. Our democracy and sovereignty must be protected

Nna am so xenophobic and happy about it We coexisted with them for years, the problem is they are prioritized over citizens and running the economy, crime, infrastructure destroyed. Enough is enough, let them go home and coexist with ZANU How do u coexist with illegal foreigners that are criminals? Hai! Tsek nina maan! We’ve been coexisting with foreign nationals since 1994. What more do you want? Umphefumlo wethu?

Hambanonya Msoonu wenu nalama church wenu ama foreigner. Foreigners must all go back to their country phalaphalafarmgate How about working with government to combat illegal immigration? You are not going to force urselves illegally into us... Keep on dreaming… It’ll be a Tender and We all know how does that go? This is ANC you’re referring to. They are currently in Court fighting to get 50 millions in Aiding to Cuba, that’s the Government you’re asking to teach us about Coexisting.. Stop spreading nonsense!

Why the hell must we be taught to coexist with criminals Wtf is this? To combat xenophobia they must leave RSA!!! There is a difference between foreign and illegal foreigners.

Lwarsenal17 always writing crap this is not on, do other countries do that though? The 'church' must seek the truth & stop repeating the LIES of media feeds. Speak 4the rule of law to 2b upheld. Immigration laws are enforced everywhere else, why do they expect SA 2b a free4all? It's not Godly 2grab food from poor SA citizens & give 2migrants! It is Satanism.

This is our country pastors can't us what to do Have you seen what they turn out CBD’s into,imagine a duo of filthy shops and uncaring ANC municipalities one must die here.We don’t want to be normalised to such & South Africa be shuved with poverty, we not UKs Rwanda, the NATO nations must take African foreigners since its them who were busy stealing Africas wealth for years, they *NATO nations are who they are through thefts🚮seriously fakofu u ryt k💩k

Why do you people vouch for foreigners so much?You know most of them are illegal,that’s dangerous imagine losing a family member to someone who shouldn’t be here in the first place.I would sue the government with all I have because honestly this is a not cool These are a few sellouts South Africans ganging up with foreigners who are their friends of course trying to force us to accept illegality, criminality and abnormality. Ngeke sikuvumele lokho.

VOETSEK! Coexisting my foot! Go and coexist in Nigeria! Coexisting ya masepa they must do that in Nigeria We don't want to coexist with foreigners! We are not going to coexist! Asibafuni! Government must play a role in teaching foreigners to voetsek because they've out stayed their welcome. Play a role in mass deportations.

How many times must we say no! Refugees in refugee camps The very same churches that don’t take inthe poor and destitute yet they take their last money. Churches used to be safe havens they must open up their doors to foreigners house and feed them because that is what Jesus would do. Once again, blind to the realities.Force people to live together in mass, remove the rights of locals then we must all pray or smoke weed and yes, everyone will suddenly love each other.

Pastors in our churches use the pulpit to preach against false prophets and 'men of god' from foreign countries stealing from our people. We don't want them here and you should live with it. Marete a Government Niyadakwa fuseg.. Where was this council when Amotoso was raping little girls? Government must put those illegal foreigners in camps we r not going to be forced to stay with these thugs who killed us everyday


💩💩💩💩💩💩 They might be hidden behind tall walls, we the ordinary citizens always fall prey to these illegals roaming free in our country. We dont want to coexist with foreigners we want them gone, is the SA media deaf? To coexist with uncivilized people wow We can not and do not want to co-exist with aliens. Anyone who wants to co-exist with them must go to their countries.

Bathung really now, those pastors involved should just take a chill pill and move back home and stop being a nuisance to us. They can preach that peace and coexisting to their countries. What do they want in a xenophobic country🙄 People go to church to hear the word of God. God is not mocked, They must remember that. Everything else must be done outside.

Those Pastors are talking shi* these illegal foreigners r killing our women What xenophobia are these people talking about? Actually, they must use their pulpits to teach some illegal immigrants that to break laws is UNGODLY. It is a sin against God (and us): To steal electric cables, To put spikes on the road, To kill us for our cars & phones...

Politicians are nothing without the citizens. But know that the people shall govern

we don't want to coexist with foreigners in our communities, they must go stay with parliamentarians in Cape Town or ministers in Pretoria East. Why are they forcing them on us, if they love them so much they should invite them where they stay Somebody should take a truckload of zimbabweans, pakistans, nigerians, bangladeshi, ethopians & somalis and dump them in white suburbs and have them erect shacks and spaza shops there and let's see if they'll be happy to co-exist with these people or kunyelwa thina black SAns

Mxiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmm Any pastor that'll bore us about these foreigners must close their church, take his foreigners and move to their countries. Use pulpits to discarage illegal immigration We lived with these aliens for years and they never stopped showing us they don't care about us, that they hate us until we couldn't take the hate no more so MABAHAMBE!!!!!

Fokof! Uyanya ngoku You should have 1st found out if we wanna co-exist with foreigners, we are under no pastors' spell so we won't just accept what we don't want just bcos a pastor says so. We are independent thinkers. Fostek....

I can't wait for SAns to vote GaytonMcK & HermanMashaba so that we deal with illegal immigration once and for all. Any vote perpetuates the forced integration of SAns with undesirable illegals from rest of shithole Africa, Pakis, Deshis La 💩, we tried for many years trying ubuntu until they started to abuse our ubuntu and none of you said anything. 🤮🚮

Is South Africa Government is those who cares about others not Bomajelaphalong We're not lessoning to Sellers who benefit for themselves This is what led to this mess we in.... Shame BoPastor, some can't even read the Bible fluently or understand the message ka Lentswe la Modimo. Hence they feed Batho binwang le dinoha. Who will listen to them anyway? This is our country not their churches. I said it.

'Coexisting with foreign communities' se voet!🤮 Stop patronising SAns. Foreigners are not victims. In many instances they are the ones who practice xenophobia and bullying towards SAns. Stop forcing illegal migrants down our throats. We are suffocating enough as it is! Coexist with bloody criminals? you must be crazy🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

Where have they seen acceptance forced? The same pastor that are silent when their fellow pastor's rape SA women and take their money How can South African citizens coexist wit criminals?

The hell... Govt needs to manage INFLUX of immigrants,to manage possible CONFLICTS arising between them and citizens. SAns have been welcoming foreigners for years. Perhaps the writer/HR Groups & Diaspora groups needs to ask themselves whats WRONG wit the current foreigners. Go and coexist with them in their country we don't want to coexist we want them out in our country.

Coexisting with filthy killers and hijackers? Sies... Lo re tlwaela masepa Where did you meet xenophobia in SA? Singing for their supper 😅😅😅 We reject that education pf accepting criminals Xenophobia is just so close to you. In between your legs. Voetsek, illegal foreigners must be deported Voetsek mpja. Jou bloody agent.

You're on to something 👇👇 We don’t want to coexist. If you love foreigners go to live with them yourself and don't convince us to do the same They must their tell aliens to voetsek and go back to their countries. There is xenophobia here. Foreigners cause a lot of sh*t in this Country Who ever writes these articles ke lesepa la motho

So says people from countries where tribalism and religious intolerance is rife. If these pastors also called out other African countries for deporting illegal immigrants & for putting their citizens 1st this would make sense. Right now it does not. Why is it only SA citizens & SA Politicians that are demonised for saying SA shud be put 1st in their country?

La gafa lena Have you ever seen South Africans invading another country?Who said we want to coexist with foreigners?

Futsek asifuni Makwerekwere thina Mxm Never We don't want to coexist with illegal immigrants. Politicians must coexist with these foreign criminal scum in their backyards. Stop forcing those criminals on struggling SA citizens. HomeAffairsSA GovernmentZA PresidencyZA CyrilRamaphosa ParliamentofRSA PutSouthAfricansFirst WeWantOurCountryBack

There’s a clear difference though between xenophobia and asking foreigners to be in our country legally as does EVERY other country in the world. Bathengiwe laba. Even pastors are 'How much' babes nawadays Refugees stay in refugee camps. Asylum seekers don't go home for holidays. Criminals cannot coexist with citizens

Guilt tripping SAns is never going to change anything, u need to meet them half way and understand their concerns We r not going to be forced to accept anyone based on flawed ideologies that r of no benefit to us in the long run No amount of prayer is going to change that Banyela

Ths matter is bigger than y'all pastors...keep selling jollof Vaseline and those what what water and leave ds matter to us as Patriots ds is our fight as our government failing to address it....2024 we are getting thr.. ni desperate ne We do not want them here, they must go back to their countries. Which goverment?

Bulshit Whoever said that is talking nonsense This is why it's important for KZN to become an independent has gone to the dogs. Tell those people to leave our country. We will not coexist with them. No thanks, we don't want to coexist with people who take advantage of our country, criminals, rapists, murderers and thieves.

Stop wasting your ink giving foreigners false hope. It's not gonna happen, infact mass deportations are looming.

You are smoking dagga no government will impose us to coexist with aliens NEVER. GO DO IT IN YOUR HOME First of, you can’t teach a sentient being tolerance. This government must take care of the needs of the citizens that elected it into office. So nobody wonders why intolerance is always an issue when the country’s own citizens are experiencing economic hardships?

Futsek migodiyi How can imbecile looters and state capturers teach citizens anything, are citizens illiterate or what. They can coexist mo mogweteng wa gago The integration has failed dismally, stop forcing it. Even the pastors from outside South Africa, we want them gone.... They've been robbing our people's money for quite a while now.

Lerete Tsek.

The council of churches better start regulating these foreign owned of flyby night churches they launder drug money and traffick women children.Did they find papa Bushiri? Did they speak out against the rapes committed by Omotoso? They must vet these wolves in sheep's clothing. The writer is not familiar with the history of this country Good Luck 🤭

Voetsek Tsek Tsek!!! You're desperate 😅😅😅😅😅 It will never happen, ALL FOREIGNERS will leave SA whether they like or not...! Zimbabweans - consider it mission accomplished. Nigerians - next? Somali - ?etc All Foreigners will be next 10 years. ANC by 2024! Gone too If they forgo their tithes and pay us for attending church, since they will be rendering us poor. Not forgetting giving us bodyguards for our safety.

Madness 😫 I am more than xenophobia Foreigners must vacate our country Pulpits are for spreading the goodnews not foreigners taking over other citizens countries we know about living in harmony with foreigners but the is nowhere in Israel you'll find a city 80% of Nigerians or Zimbabweans malawians never they only visit and go back home dont use us

They are mad

ANC is paying young Nhlanhla lux..... Niyanxila nina Eish! Why not teach them to behave like human beings?Who put spikes on our roads and kill S.Ans?Who mug S.Ans everyday?Who killed the family of seven in E.Cape?Who killed women in Polokwane?Can go on and on. We don’t want illegal immigrants. Stop taking times live serious

We must be taught to accept criminality? We must be taught to accept being unemployed because they say foreigners are cheap and skilled, while just exploiting them? We muat be taught to hijack building? We muat be taught to steal cable, spike cars and rob people, CIT... There is NO XENOPHOBIA in South Africa...

Pulpiet is for spreading the Gospel. Hogwash. How do you coexist with criminals? We don't need them here. There is no space. What's difficult to go back to their countries? I had enough of these foreigners Coexist where? In y’all houses? …Ok Good…

Kante whats so hard about going back home? Maybe visit us once in a while in december and go back home to see family and friends, are South Africans really that cool that foreigners are willing to leave their families for us. Masepa Coexist with them in your yards

The proposal emerged at a community dialogue on xenophobia hosted by religious leaders in Umlazi, Durban, on Friday.23 June 2022 - 05:00 MICHAEL SCHMIDT SA’s industry for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) — better known as drones — has overcome its teething problems and is starting to grow, albeit slowly and with many challenges ahead.23 June 2022 - 05:00 MICHAEL SCHMIDT SA’s industry for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) — better known as drones — has overcome its teething problems and is starting to grow, albeit slowly and with many challenges

  The dialogue, organised by the KwaZulu-Natal Christian Council, and which included Umlazi residents from South Korea, Burundi, the Congo and Zimbabwe, discussed the role of churches in fighting xenophobia. Rev Sipho Sokhela, co-ordinator of psychosocial programmes for peace at the council, said: “By taking the conversation to our congregants we are talking directly to communities because most people — about 85% of the population — go to church.. Pastors have an opportunity and a platform to influence people every Sunday..  “Most of the conflict comes because of fear of the unknown — and people don’t know each other. B Premium This article is reserved for our subscribers. Dialogue, worship and sports events can go a long way in breaking the distrust and separation from each other.

” As a church we must not isolate the Dudula people, we must listen to their concerns. Already subscribed? Simply sign in below. Already subscribed? Simply sign in below. We must be a bridge between them and the migrants Rev Bigirimana Mathias Rev Bigirimana Mathias, leader of an African diaspora of pastors in KwaZulu-Natal, said he arrived in SA from Burundi more than 20 years ago. “I saw the xenophobic attacks of 2008 and 2015 as well as the instances that have been visible lately but I don’t believe South Africans in general are xenophobic,” he said. “It’s small groups that are xenophobic, so if we can make awareness and preach peace to our constituency, we can uproot it.”  Mathias said the church needed to listen to organisations such as Operation Dudula instead of ignoring and isolating them.

  “As a church we must not isolate the Dudula people, we must listen to their concerns. We must be a bridge between them and the migrants so that we can come up with a proper action plan.” Pastor Peter Han from South Korea, a mindset specialist at the International Youth Fellowship in Durban, emphasised the need to upskill South Africans. “Fifty years ago, we [South Korea] were a poor nation, we didn’t have anything. But we have experienced a steady growth throughout the years because of interventions that made it possible for companies like Samsung and Hyundai to thrive and boost the economy,” he said.

Sokhela said SA's history of isolation may be playing a role in how citizens view foreigners.  “Most people have never left the country or even their provinces so Africanism or international relations is still very foreign to them.  “The government must play an active role in teaching locals about not just relating and coexisting with others, but Africanism because Afrophobia is very prevalent,” Sokhela said. TimesLIVE .