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US Senators call for WHO Director-General to resign

2020-04-08 01:06:00 AM

US Senators call for WHO Director-General to resign

Republican Senators in the United States have upped their criticism of the World Health Organisation’s response to the coronavirus, just as criticism of President Donald Trump’s months long downplaying of the pandemic is being interrogated.

This escalation comes as reports emerge that US intelligence agencies and others warned the White House as early as January and February of what was to come.Comments by the WHO’s Director-General on China’s response to the outbreak has made him a target of some Republican Senators.

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Speaking here in late January after declaring COVID-19 a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said: “Let me be clear this declaration is not a vote of no confidence in China, on the contrary, WHO continues to have confidence in China’s capacity to control the outbreak. I’ll repeat this, let me be clear – this declaration is not a vote of no confidence in China.”

He continued in the same briefing.“We should have actually expressed our respect and gratitude to China for what its doing. It has already done incredible things to limit the transmission of the virus to other countries and where respect is due, then you don’t punish meaning if anyone is thinking of taking measures it’s going to be wrong, and Who doesn’t recommend and actually opposes any restrictions for travel or trade or other measures against China.”

But the explosion of cases in Europe and the United States and the closure of borders and restrictions on travel from China and elsewhere has raised questions about the WHO’s allegiances and advice.Republican Senator Martha McSally speaking on the Fox Business Network.

“The WHO needs to stop covering for them, I think Dr Tedros needs to step down, we need to take some action to address this issue, it’s irresponsible, is unconscionable what they’ve done here.”Her Republican colleague Senator Rick Scott called for a congressional probe into the WHO and wants the United States to consider withholding funding to the global body. While in an editorial the influential Wall Street Journal accused the organisation of bowing to Beijing’s coronavirus disinformation.

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If u all dont see this comming ..i see war comming FAKE NEWS.... Your bosses said nobody should spread fake news Cause he is more conscious than America... fighting non test of vaccine to not take place in Afrika... Fuck America No why? WHO,UN are controlled by America including those world bank IMF somehow very racists. They can't fire the director only because he refused to allow the African people to be used as testing Rats lab tool's by imperialist.

Can you please discuss this through your health and political commentators Have to agree just for talking truth He must defy their bullying tendencies. Wonders shall never end So his sin was to vehemently talk about hang over of the colonizers and that Africa is not a testing lab . Now unsurprisingly the US wants him gone ....

Why must he resign...must he resign for calling out racism.... This makes me sick. My race makes me ashamed. Robert Mugabe where are you please come at least for this Coronavirus period only then go back. It is because he said no vaccine will be tested in africa. And they refused his advice unlike Africa 🌍 did and low death rate.

Is there justification for the Director of WHO to resign. Is it because he is trying to protect Africans They must tell that to trump. Why so ? Because he said no vaccine trials in Africa They are sick in their heads. They can't ask a single person to resign it is the collective responsibility to lead and inform the world in health matters.

All US sanators are all drug addicts.They think Africa is a laboratory?Bunch of racists. Can China deal a little more with America on our behalf They should be calling the resignation of Donald Trump Trump looking for a scapegoat! CoronaOutbreak CoronavirusUSA He is not going anywhere untill the vaccines are tested in America first.

They had better dismiss their president who behaved with unparalleled lightness at the start of the crisis ... The limits of incompetence have been greatly exceeded! Do these people have the quick fix? Whether they give it to us or keep quiet. They had better dismiss their president who behaved with unparalleled lightness at the start of the crisis ... The limits of incompetence have been greatly exceeded!

Their President must be the one to resign, his priority was the economy not the wellbeing of the Americans. Now that the virus has spread like wildfire they looking for someone to blame, they need to turn around those fingers towards themselves Yes, after he says 'we must thank China'.. Like really ? For what A possible global bio warfare ?

It's all becoz of what he said about Africans It was only matter of time Trump must stop blaming WHO for his own failure. He just approached Corona in a weak manner Because he was not upfront with the real story about China’s Covid19. His relationship with the Chinese gov is questionable - goes as far back when he campaigned for his current position. But senate must at this stage mind their mess honestly.

Reply to comments here: no, not because he’s African and black. This guy has been corrupted by China. He gave us bad recommendations and downplayed the whole Coronavirus outbreak. We listened to him and here we are now, under lockdown and so many deaths and so many jobs lost. Somizi and Mohale Motaung💖💖💖💖Nkosi yam🙏😭

USA is a no good country. Now they want him to resign because he said no vaccine will be tested in Africa. Because he is black moer!! Resign because he is African USA allways think they're important more than others Yea..... That's bullshit😒 Because he said Africa is not a testing ground for vaccine shit!

DrTedros must leave, he embarrassed the whole Africa The countries of the world need to show the USA that it just a toothless dog. The US is just looking for a scapegoat for their lackadaisical handling of the Covid_19 now the country is the epicenter of this outbreak. Africa his frank response on Africa as a testing ground, Is not a surprised at all.

If they are going to go around asking people to resign they should start with trump. He decimated their emergency response team in his obsession with destroying Obama's legacy. He denied the danger posed by corona. He was slow to respond to the pandemic. He must resign because he has spoken against the master?

Hee Banna! This time we got eyes on you. COVID_19 FightCOVID19 HopeDuringCOVID19 I agree with the US Senators here. Not only Tedros must go but the whole structure must be replaced with credible Drs and specialists They must go to the nearest cliff and jump Is he a man I color? Just asking for a friend

Why, for speaking up for africans against bill gates?oh wow Donald Trump Nqaba nathi Mtrinithi kukhulu kuyeza ke manje Because he said vaccines won’t be tested in Africa, that’s not a coincidence! And since when did Republicans become a moral compass on who needs to resign when they still protect Trump? 🙄

Why ? Cuz wtf are they doing Also that US senator is me asking all the UN & AU leaders to resign For the why Mara?,USA had warnings of this corona virus longback and now they wanna blame WHO Director for their failure,,,Trump just fucked up

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Man arrested after posting fake ‘contaminated Covid-19 testing kits’ videoIn the Facebook video, a man calls on South Africans to refuse Covid-19 testing. He is going to sue them The Agenda is on . They silencing anyone who questions them and the media is complicity in this. We are on our own 😠😠 Goooood..... idiot

National lockdown could be extended in one scenario – reportIn the projections of a US consultancy firm, it reports that South Africa’s Covid-19 cases may only peak by June, making it feasible that lockdown would end in August. Good lawd. Who is going to pay us? Rent, debt, food, utilities China testing kit, why SA can't manufacture its own

SA scientists make important Covid-19 discoveryA team from the National Institute for Communicable Diseases and the South African National Bioinformatics Institute at UWC have successfully sequenced South Africa’s first SARS-COV-2 genome. SACoronaMonitor Oh for heaven's sake! This is not at all a 'vital' discovery. A badly written article. Its crap journalism like this that makes real scientists in South Africa cringe. Btw1 Its Strain not Strand!! Btw2 The virus in question has an RNA strand , not DNA!! SACoronaMonitor Playing with the virus. SACoronaMonitor No this is absolute clickbait bullshit, this is done by all agencies around the world, it is not important, it is run of the mill in the process

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