Unemployment skyrockets but zero political will from national government

Unemployment skyrockets but zero political will from national government | @HermanMashaba


Unemployment skyrockets but zero political will from national government | HermanMashaba

It's frightening to consider that, young people – especially black youth – stand a greater chance of going to prison than qualifying to become doctors or engineers or acquiring other skills desperately needed in our economy, writes Herman Mashaba.

Even more devastating about these figures is the fact that youth unemployment has risen to 55.2%. Basically, half of this country's future has absolutely no future to look forward to. With such a high rate of youth unemployment, I have to once again question the wisdom of leaving our borders wide open, allowing an unnecessary competition for scarce, low paying jobs.

on May 8. And the outcome of the election does not bode well for any prospects that those who are presently without jobs will see a change in fortunes in the coming months and years. After all, the incoming government has promised to create 1.3 million jobs over the next five years.

It is really unfortunate that a country like ours, blessed with boundless natural, financial and human resources, has a youth unemployment rate so abnormally high. It goes to show how much they have been failed by our democracy, and especially by our national government.

However, South Africa has been held back by an unhealthy, cosy relationship between government and labour on one hand as well as government and big business on the other. Small businesses and the unemployed have simply been ignored.

All the while, South Africa's poor public education system continues to create a huge skills mismatch by churning out learners who can't read and write, and who will likely be untrainable and frustrated. The intransigence of Sadtu – the largest teachers' union in the country and with whom the national government enjoys too cosy a relationship – disables the basic education department from making much needed interventions in the sector.

Considering the high inward migration experienced by the City, the need for housing, is substantially higher. Indeed, through this program, we hope to give many of our residents the dignity of a roof over their heads. Stories of students having to sleep on the streets or in libraries because of the scarcity of accommodation will hopefully also become less pronounced.

A further 70 buildings will be released through open tender by September, yielding about 5000 housing units and realising an additional R15bn to R20bn in investment. Of course, thousands more jobs will be created during and after construction. These figures prove that we are creating sustained confidence in Johannesburg's economy and enticing investors to bring in huge sums of money again.

According to the latest jobs statistics, this sector lost 142 000 jobs in the first quarter of 2019. As we expand our Inner City programme, this will lend itself to realising much needed expansion in the sector and many more jobs.

- Mashaba is the executive mayor of the City of Johannesburg

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