Unemployment scams on the rise

Unemployment scams on the rise


2022-01-20 08:29:00 AM

Unemployment scams on the rise

A Quarterly TransUnion Consumer Pulse study has revealed an increase in fraud and unemployment scams.

SA's Q3 unemployment rate rises to 34.9%"What we have observed from our data is that 40% of consumers who are aware of fraud targetted against them have indicated that third party seller scams are the primary exposure of fraud targetted at them," said Weihan Sun, Director of Research and Consulting at TransUnion Africa.

"A further 26% of consumers indicated that they were targetted by unemployment scams which is drastically increasing."South Africa's third-quarter unemployment rate is currently at 34.9%.More than 7-million people are jobless.

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Is high because all foreigners comes to South Africa to seek job. Unemployment scams on the rise simply because even the graduates don’t have jobs, everyone is looking out for themselves to put bread on the table 'Fake media scams on the rise'. How can they not be When the unemployment rate is hitting higher highs🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

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