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Trump’s ambassador to SA under fire for nepotism allegations - The Mail & Guardian

The United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs has demanded briefings with Pretoria embassy employees ‘pushed out’ by Lana Marks

2020-02-14 11:57:00 PM

The United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs has demanded briefings with Pretoria embassy employees ‘pushed out’ by Lana Marks

The United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs has demanded briefings with Pretoria embassy employees ‘pushed out’ by Lana Marks

revealed that tensions had risen over allegations that Marks has pushed for her son to take an elevated role at embassy, which is the largest in Africa. According to the article, last month Marks “forced out” her second in command, David Young. Young’s departure from his post came in the wake of several other officials being pushed out of the embassy, the article reads.

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Marks reportedly toldForeign Policythat Young had a “quite different” management style from hers and she felt it appropriate for him to take a new position.Ambassadors have full authority to remove their deputy chiefs of mission. But according toForeign Policy

current and former diplomats say it is happening with increasing frequency in the Trump administration.Although allegations of bullying and mismanagement predate Marks’s arrival, some have blamed the new ambassador for low morale and management issues at the US embassy in Pretoria.

In their letter, Engel and McCaul demand briefings with Young and other embassy employees “dismissed or curtailed” in the period of Marks’s tenure.The embassy declined to comment.But a senior embassy official, who spoke to theMail & Guardianon the condition of anonymity, denied the nepotism claims, saying that Martin Marks has never been employed by the US State Department.

This article has been updated to include comment from a senior embassy official.Sarah Smit is a general news reporter at the Mail & Guardian. She covers topics relating to labour, corruption and the law. Read more: Mail & Guardian »

As unacceptable as this is and it needs to be fixed , isn’t this exactly what has happened for years here in SouthAfrica and continues with no consequences

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