Traffic infringement agency warns road users that Aarto provisions are still enforceable

2022-01-20 07:00:00 AM

Says act will only cease to be valid once Constitutional Court confirms high court judgment.

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' Aarto implementation continues until the judgment on the constitutionality of the Aarto Act has been subjected to all due legal review processes.' Moneyweb courtbattle SouthAfrica

Says act will only cease to be valid once Constitutional Court confirms high court judgment.

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Mbalula says Aarto is important after more than 1,500 arrested for drunk drivingThe driver with the highest alcohol level of 2.43mg was arrested in Johannesburg last December. How is the demerit system suppose to work when we don't have drivers licence cards.?

Transport Department to appeal Aarto rulingLast week, the High Court in Pretoria ruled that the Aarto Act amendment is unconstitutional.

Transport ministry to appeal Aarto Act driver demerit system rulingTransport ministry to appeal Aarto Act driver demerit system ruling - Minister Fikile Mbalula says motorists’ behaviour will change with disincentives for ‘unbecoming conduct’, but Outa and AA say the legislation was carelessly drafted THIS GUY IS LIKE A CIRCUS CLOWN ! HE DOESN'T BELONG IN PARLEMENT!! AARTO IS A Failure. It is a money making design and not there to apply existing rules. Rather designed to exploite motorist!

With festive road deaths up 14%, Fikile Mbalula to appeal Aarto rulingTransport minister says points-demerit system will be important in changing motorist behaviour

With festive road deaths up 14%, Fikile Mbalula to appeal Aarto rulingTransport minister says points-demerit system will be important in changing motorist behaviour When it it Fikile Mbalula and when is it the Ministry of Transport? Similarly, when is it the Western Cape High Court and when is it Judge Hlophe?

Fikile Mbalula to appeal Aarto rulingTransport minister Fikile Mbalula will appeal last week’s high court ruling that put the brakes on the controversial Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences Act and its driving licence points-demerit system. I'm sharing this because this was exactly how i saw so many posts about Tatiana Moore and how she has been helping lots of people with their trades and i decided to give it a try and luckly it went well, Contact her via her profile link below 👇👇 Tatiana_Fx_ MbalulaFikile Will keep on asking same question....afterall public reps need to give answers....When is the Mahikeng to Kimberley railway line services going to be 'fixed' Mr Minister Mbalula?

The Road Traffic Infringement Agency (RTIA) has warned road users that the provisions of the Administrative Adjudication of the Road Traffic Offences (Aarto) Act are still enforceable until the Pretoria High Court judgment declaring the act unconstitutional and invalid is confirmed by the Constitutional Court.Competitions MATRIC ","category_class":"child-of-news","time_ago":"5 mins ago","premium":false,"gallery":false,"excerpt":"The department says it will make available the NSC results to stakeholders who requested access.READ: The Transport Department implemented phase one of the system in July 2021.Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (Aarto) Amendment Act unconstitutional and invalid.

“Aarto implementation continues until the judgment on the constitutionality of the Aarto Act has been subjected to all due legal review processes,” it said on Wednesday. Read: Aarto and Aarto Amendment acts declared unconstitutional Aarto targeted revenue generation, not changing driver behaviour’ Government ‘still able to introduce driving licence points demerit system’ Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (Outa) CEO Wayne Duvenage confirmed on Tuesday that Outa was in the process of filing a confirmation application to the Constitutional Court for it to confirm the high court ruling.citizen. The RTIA also reminded road users to take advantage of the Aarto elective options to resolve their Aarto fines. It said the elective options contained in the Aarto Act include: “These are rights and options accorded to motorists through the Aarto Act,” it\/news\/south-africa\/parliament\/2979107\/eff-parliament-case-budget-vote\/","image_src":"https:\/\/media. It urged motorists to familiarise themselves with the act in order to understand these “immediate benefits” of the act. Gazetted in 2020, the Aarto system was meant to be introduced in South Africa on 1 July 2021, but in addition to an interjection in the form of a delayed national roll-out date due to Covid-19, there was some opposition.

“In the end, they will be able to select the specific option suitable to address their particular Aarto infringement,” it The RTIA added that Aarto is a national road safety intervention designed to change the behaviour of road users towards curbing the high number of fatalities that occur on the country’s roads. It said it is estimated that almost 14 000 road users die on South Africa’s roads annually due to traffic law violations committed by infringers.jpg","image_src_hero":"https:\/\/media. Appeal The RTIA referred to the announcement by Minister of Transport Fikile Mbalula on Tuesday that a decision had been taken to appeal the judgment, adding that the board of directors of the RTIA has adopted a resolution to join Mbalula in appealing the high court judgment. Read: DoT to appeal high court ruling on Aarto Mbalula said on Tuesday that Aarto is the final piece of the puzzle in the implementation of a new road traffic management system by the The Automobile Association (AA) is also a challenger, saying Aarto was drafted without sufficient care.

“The importance of Aarto in driving behaviour change of motorists and providing disincentives for unbecoming conduct cannot be overemphasised. “It is for these reasons that we have decided to appeal the ruling of the Pretoria High Court declaring the Aarto Act unconstitutional and invalid,” he said.jpg","image_src_narrow":"https:\/\/media. Judge Annali Basson said in her judgment that Section 41(1)(g) of the Constitution stipulates that each sphere of government must exercise its powers in a manner that does not encroach on the geographical, functional or institutional integrity of government in another sphere. Outa, which brought the application, argued that the two acts (the Aarto Act and the Aarto Amendment Act) usurp the executive legislative authority of the provincial legislatures by regulating road traffic and creating a single, national system to do Basson said the Constitutional Court has, in a number of judgments, made it clear that the executive power conferred exclusively on municipalities and provincial governments may not be encroached upon by national legislation.

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