Motoring, Latest Launches

Motoring, Latest Launches

Toyota Supra is here: SA pricing released | IOL Motoring

South Africans will have three Supra models to choose from. Here's what you get for your money...


Toyota South Africa has officially put a price tag on its new Supra. Here's what you get for your money... IOL Motoring

South Africans will have three Supra models to choose from. Here's what you get for your money...

Its Z4 platform partner, for comparison sake, starts at R1 036 699 in M40i form, although you can get a four-cylinder model from R759 442.

The Track-badged base model comes with dual-zone climate control, a 10-speaker touchscreen sound system with reverse camera, cruise control and regular cloth seats.

Adaptive Variable Suspension with adaptive damping is also part of the deal if you buy one of the range toppers.

Interestingly, the base Track model can only be ordered in red, while the top models get a wider choice that includes white, silver, black, yellow and blue, while as its name implies only the top model can be ordered with the Matte Storm Grey hue.

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