TOM EATON | Flip-flop Malema is back and it’s good to see he hasn’t lost his mojo

Last week he was protecting lives, this week he wants superspreaders. But hey, what’s amiss with hypocrisy?

2021-06-18 11:49:00 AM

Last week he was protecting lives, this week he wants superspreaders. But hey, what’s amiss with hypocrisy?

Last week he was protecting lives, this week he wants superspreaders. But hey, what’s amiss with hypocrisy?

17 June 2021 - 19:19In these distressingly unusual times, it’s deeply reassuring to see familiar things. And they don’t get more familiar than a good, old-fashioned hypocritical about-turn from the king of the brazen flip-flop, Julius Malema.Of course, not all of the EFF leader’s flip-flops have been quite as cynical or potentially lethal as the one he’s just performed. But still, it’s good to see the old hypocrite back at work...

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Flip flopping is having vaccines sold and having people not vaccinated in South Africa. EFF is not government and focus your energy on ANC to rise to the occasion This is what is called flip-flopping. He is becoming useless everyday when he opens his mouth MAAMPAARA.... MAAMPAARA... MAAMPAARA JUJU!!! The best flip floppa in the his party. Sometimes I wonder dies he think before he opens his mouth

Julius makes up stories as he goes along. Ag Backbone less times live has no moral bone to convince us of anything When are you media slaves focusing on the ANC and their hypocracy ? I think u guys should take nude pictures and tweet them, perhaps that should earn u some relevance for a while, at the moment u really are struggling to stay relevant.u just post anything that comes to mind.

Mxm! And everyday he remains a fool

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Let Malema stick with perfecting his Amapiano DJ skills. He’s not sure what he really wants 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Wanya wena

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Malema talks big game during heavily packed Youth Day rally | CitypressMalema talks big game during heavily packed Youth Day rally Heavily packed, really now? I see what you did there If that’s the true picture then it was irresponsible. In few weeks time some of them will be dropping like flies due to COVID. He is faulty

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