Tobacco industry makes people sick: Jessie Duarte backs Dlamini-Zuma

Tobacco industry makes people sick: Jessie Duarte backs Dlamini-Zuma

2020-05-22 11:38:00 PM

Tobacco industry makes people sick: Jessie Duarte backs Dlamini-Zuma

ANC deputy secretary-general Jessie Duarte has launched a scathing attack on the tobacco industry.

Duarte has accused the tobacco industry of being synonymous with making people sick through its products. But on the other side, said Duarte, Dlamini-Zuma had done a lot for the progress of this country.The move by Duarte comes amid reports that Dlamini-Zuma was mobilising her Covid-19 national command council colleagues to throw their weight behind a continued ban on the sale of cigarettes and alcohol until level one of the lockdown.

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Dlamini-Zuma was also suspected to have been behind the government U-turn on the sale of tobacco products when the country moved to level four, after President Cyril Ramaphosa had initially announced that cigarettes would be sold.As the minister of Cogta, Dlamini-Zuma is constitutionally empowered under the Disaster Management Act to sign off on the lockdown regulations.

But Duarte said attacks on Dlamini-Zuma were unwarranted.“I wish to protest against the attack on minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma by what is clearly a well orchestrated tobacco industry trying to make sure we are driven into a deeper crisis during a period when we are facing a health crisis that attacks people's respiratory organs,” said Duarte.

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ANC up to their old tricks of corruption. Is it illegal you naive old hag Equally sending our kids when the pandemic stats are on the rise is killing our country. Where’s your thinking mara cdes Not nearly as sick as ANCMustFall What happens to the people that are currently working at the tobacco industry Think about them before making such decisions.

ANCDSGDuarte the question is not whether tobacco is bad for you, but whether it is right for DlaminiZuma TO IMPOSE HER WILL on the rights and freedoms of south africans. They are adults, they should HAVE THE FREEDOM to make an informed choice, not be told what to do like babies oh? it's a democracy, is it? so why are our voices being taken away; our petitions being ignored? does democracy only apply to the people within parliament? bc i can assure you, as citizens, we feel little/no democracy, what with our rights being taken from us. ANCDSGDuarte

You make me SICK Easier to get 500% profit from illegal smokes than waiting to steal the 40% tax. I smell a Zupta upgraded. wasenstryk noBaasTed Duarte says 'People' jsteenhuisen says 'SouthAfricans' JS was then asked WhichSouthAfricans ? Time to ask Duarte WhichPeople? So does the African national corruption.

Lets talk about health and consider one of the biggest health issues in South Africa. HIV lets ban sex and all forms of sexual intercourse. This will prevent spreading AIDS, other sexually transmitted diseases and prevent the all the unplanned births in an already over populated country where parents cannot provide for there children. BAN sex, stop the breeding an spreading of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. This will bring relief to our Health and finances.

OMG and so the circus is continuing....this is not even funny anymore. There is a time to come and a time to go. CLOWNS also need to retire and do have a sell by date too. Aaron to Moses, People Want to be Led, The Gold Bull-Calf? Coming from a spinless person with zero credibility. Why dont you back off and let the experienced people take control. You are clearly out of your depth here.

It’s their choice if they want to get sick not yours to decide now GATVOL Oh please Jessie Duarte you and mamma kopdoek needs to retire.. Go spend quality time with your grand children. Ban the cigarettes until level 0. You always smoke illegal in the public. This is no longer about the virus. Its dominance and control.

So does the lack of health care. Homelessness and hunger. I am sure criminals smuggling tobacco love this tone. It makes them richer Fong Kong cigarettes are widely available at very high prices this is what makes people sick. Wile the blablers blab away. And saps harreses worshippers. illicit trade and harden crimes are supported and are sickening and gaining momentum by the useless two faced

Its because of the fake sigs at R200 per packet. We are addicted to tobacco.. You can say what i want!!! What a duet ... obesity kills Once they sick they run 2 public hospital & talk nonsense as if they hv b forced by us 2 smoke. I'm 100% behind u Jessie, what exactly did those industries did in more than 100 years than getting our people sick. We end up getting as a results of irresponsible smokers

Sugar industry makes people sick! So does the carbon monoxide which squatters inhale on a daily basis. The cigarettes ban is all about money dlaminizuma if the name Zuma involved crime involved they tell Mr Ramaphosa what to do ZumaCrimeFamily CigaretteBan You can say whatever we will smoke Apparently illegal cigarette traders are the lesser evil? Who knew 🤷🏼‍♀️? And all the taxes, from legal trade, collected (and squandered) are not needed by a government in financial free fall. PS I have never smoked, this is just called logic!

People are getting drunk and smoking everyday I just really wonder what's the ban is serving Let us die it's not you smoking but us you idiot we really tired of this nonsense now Times live.. can you advice on leagle /law.. if someone gives me Cigarettes.. I dont pay for it. Is it against the law. If this is the case why do I have 35 out of 36 days sick leave left after a 3 year sickle... why is the news reporting less smokers in hospital with this COVID19 across the world. Its comment like yours that make me sick. Not smoking. Talk to the fat and unhealthy. Not me

Get back into the pond with bull frog and the others. On your way please visit a hair salon for a proper shampoo and cut. Talking nonsense Not as sick as you and your government make us.... Looking at that woman makes me sick If only Jesse knew that sugar is worse. It is a legal commodity consumed by all. It is responsible for poor oral health; loss of - limbs, eyesight, libido and lives. Yet sugary beverages continue to be sold during lockdown. I don’t smoke nor consume fizzy drinks, just saying.

Drinking sunlight liquid will make you sick. Sticking your finger in a plug will likely kill you. Sugar causes cancer. Injecting mayonnaise into the bloodstream is deadly. Now, with all these facts presented. Let's just ban everything outright. And beers? uncle rupeth...guess what you doing? The anc makes me sick big time.

Jesse u make us ALL sick 😂👎👎 JessieDuarte bitchhhh If you didn’t ban smoking as a health risk prior to lockdown then it is irrational to use lockdown to control smokers. All you are doing is to show up the lack of thought in the regulations and developing an underground distribution network outside of the tax net

I so wish ANC continue divided till local elections next year, we want to remove them permanently anl corruption history can left as their remnants ANC corruption make people die Die een ouma back die ane ouma.hou op an gan rus julle tyd is om So you would ban all carcinogenic products? All products contributing to high cholesterol? Kom nou Jessie... ANC relics backing ANC relics for the sake of the laager forgetting that a measure of capitalism keeps ministers & friends in big houses & mercs

Chocolates, cakes, sweets, cooldrinks,nice red meat,fat also make people sick, everyone who is overweight, who has sugar problems because they do not worry about proper food, get sick. They use insuline and anti cholesterol meds. Why not ban everything except cabbage and carrots? Die anc’se nuwe groot krokodil... ANCDSGDuarte

So with that logic why not ban sweets, chips, fast food, carbonated drinks, etc? Looks like you’ve never indulged in those... If it's a democratic country like Duarte states, why did they summarily remove our right to freedom of choice? As far as I know that's not how a democracy works... 🤔 Just looking at her face can also make you sick.

ANC and it’s weak leadership are making me sick. Birds of a feather! Who is she anywae🙄 So does McDonald's ... Jessie makes me sick too. Ban her, now. Says the Gupta sister who is implicated in state capture go back to wherever you came from One criminal backing another. Who the hell do these people think they are? They are servants of the people not our parents telling us what to think, do or say. They can both get knotted. If people take to the streets, I'll be right in front. $% them. I've had enough. Gatvol.

Alcohol and cigarettes issue now used as a political tool to fight political battles We are not children. I don't smoke. But I uphold the right of those who want to. Its call freedom of choice. Unprotected sex has killed more people in Souyh Africa. Are you going to ban that too. Don't be idiotic. That's their free choice. Some people drive and die. Some swim and die. Some jaywalk and die. Some have sex, get HIV and die. Some eat too much and die. Some eat too much salt and die. Some exercise too little and die. Some have a sweet tooth, get diabetes and die. Their choice.

And adds billions to your system Why are politicians deciding what is good for people? Is this how we slowly slide into a Venezuela? How long before they decide what music you can listen to? Which books you can read? Which teams you can support? You’re a complete idiot, what do you think people rummaging through dirt bins looking for “stompies” does ? Spread CoVid-19 + HIV + TB + every other disease ! The rest of the world has not banned Tabaco & alcohol sales and they are now managing to flatten the curve.

Witches unite So do useless rights-bashing politicians. The problem is Jessie Duarte also makes me sick. How am I supposed to solve this conundrum? But this guy's products are sold Is this remotely surprising? Jessie too... 😏 By the same token malicious thoughts should be banned because they're also unhealthy for you, as manifested in the phenotypic abnormalities that NDZ and Jesse Duarte bear: ugly, miserable, embittered faces; a sick look in the eyes; sloppy posture; excess adipose tissue, etc.

So does your attitude. Who do you think you are Jesse? This is a democracy not school class being dictated to. Stop with your patronising tone. DlaminiZuma is bribing her Say who get proper stats about smoking speak for yourself please Please prpod that we smoke at our homes. Get your facts straight please

Let 11 million smokers withhold all payments to SOE for services rendered . Let it hurt them quickly . Add all the liquor consumers we could make 30 million , enough to cripple them . Retweet’ Well why don’t you go and ban sugar while you are at it?! And then fast food. How about simple carbs as well! If you think that these decisions are up to you then do us a favour and be consistent. This is complete bullshit!

She would. Just as big an idiot. Cigarettes are not illegal in SA but selling is prohibited under lockdown regulations and as long as they are not illegal you not right to make a choice for smokers. Even the prohibition of tobacco selling under lockdown regulations is irrational not basis for this decision.

No shit Sherlock! It says on the box THIS IS GOING TO KILL YOU, but south Africans want to literally fight for their deaths lol, stupid. Isukile 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Not nearly as much as your corrupt government. Makes people sick and some politicians rich it does make us sick but not because of smoking......

Oh please shut the front door Can people just die in peace! I fully concur with them. Tobago smoking is dangerous and hazardous to human life Jesse. It's time for you to retire. Go to Nkandla never to be seen again This is all rubbish How can someone in such high a position of power have so little wisdom and love of freedom? I mean didn't she fight for freedom of choice, or what misunderstanding of what freedom means did she fight for?

We don’t give a sht what you think, we demand our democratic right as adults to make our choice, be it cigarettes, alcohol, greasy burgers etc So does obesity, diabetes but you don't hear us saying shit about it. Well if Jessie Duarte is equally willing to pretend she cares about health... We as a nation needs to point out to her that she is a diabetic risk. She is way too overweight and thus at risk for the virus. Please stop eating that ANC cake please, too much sugar.

As if south africa got so much money that they dont even want to collect the sin taxes I mean really now we already in junk status Factions in process The ANC trying their best to cure the world of all disease. Arrogance and megalomania are their stock-in-trade. ndiyayitanda lento yenzekayo imidaka yakuthi itsho yanesidima banqabile abantu abahamba besele estratweni i wish babone ukuthi utywala abenzi mntu mhle

ANCDSGDuarte Beware of the ANC! We allow this and they will keep on imposing more and more dictatorship regulations! jsteenhuisen apart from the fact that I think Duarte is one of the most useless people to ever serve any government, what happened to our right to choose whether we want to drink or smoke? Millions of people for whom they make these blanket decisions. We are done and fedup!!

Lot's of things can make you sick... too much sweets and chocolates.... too much fast food... how about CO2 and CO3... how about the shit in our cleaning and hygienic products... ppl who smoke know the risk, leave them be. She forget her pays her salary. Cigarette importers and manufactures pay millions of Rands in tax and this is where the money comes from to pay these Ministers.

How come many countries still allow people to smoke eg Turkey the_smme Einstein described INSANITY repeating the act and expect different outcomes. Voting for SLAVERY TO FINANCE BANKERS CARTEL DEBT TO exist called DEMOCRACY. Illegal cigarettes saves lives? 🙄🙄🙄 FREEDOM Show the Mazzoti pics again.....?

we are not your children we have rights what we do with our bodies is none of your bussiness your empowering the black market and throwing away tax money Corona kills people McDonalds & co should also be banned, Covid19 deaths are just a fraction to what their products have done to humanity. They can prohibit cigarette sale for good it's ok let's see where they will source tax from, they forget that their fin- minister source of major tax is from sin tax so they can pay grants and loot, if then they feel no more cigarette in SA let it b let's see fiscuss impact 👍👌

Is this in response to covid 19, or an agenda that NDZ has been trying to pass for years? You can't force people to be healthy, it's a choice, this dictatorship attitude will cause more dessent. You are also increasing the income of organised crime. MYANC let's ban sugar then. If we plan to be consistent

Why is Dlamini-Zuma’s family in the illegal cigarette business then? So does state corruption I don't smoke but these people are getting big headed, this will not end well. Dear Jesse U R Wrong the Tobacco Industry has done more for the people of SA by gifting you SinTaxes to fill your coffers and pockets just like the LiquorIndustry has NDZ has blood and lives on her hands due to her AIDS remedies shall we not forget.

So does sugar. Bladdy idiot. Let the people decide for themselves. Sick of people making decisions on my behalf. She mentions NOTHING bout the billions in lost revenues. What about my right to choose whether I want to drink or smoke?! SunflowerSrina ANCDSGDuarte is jy nou skielik 'n fokken dokter Jy kan nie eens 'n fokken grensdraad regmaak nie. So hou jou fokken bek oor dinge waarvan jy fokall weet.

This is a big nooooo!! Jessie maan Kanti yini ngani heee ingathi kubhema Nina laa!!! Hayi Maan yhuuuu! Not as sick as we are of useless politicians!! Do we care what they have to say ? No . Do we just want the cigarettes back ? Yes . Greeeat news!! 🖕 Only when there's a virus . . . But now they are going to die because they are smoking those fake ones 😔

Even after level 1, there must strict regulations around tobacco and liquor sector....for control sake The RET brigade dictating things.the thuma minions are breathing through the wound. People have a choice Show them mamas bo Maria Magdalena ke nako ya lena basadi re lapile. All the non achievers are vocal but the others quiet 🤔

We also force none smokers to smoke too... They killing our lungs as well Do the people know that it makes them sick? If only they could tackle drugs and human trafficing like they do with cigarettes Agh Jessie is a goon. Human Rights Commission should start preparing for complaints, as our rights are obviously trampled on. It's not up to Duarte, Zuma or Ramaphosa for me to smoke, it's a choice I made & happily live with.

Kushubile NDZ here comes our leadership Presidential material this women is the rock WMC are in pain now Yes, and alcohol makes us healthy, around the belly area You make me sick zuma-19 Politicians make people sick but here we are stuck with you lot🤷‍♂️ Same WhatsApp group Smokers are vulnerable to COVID-19 as smoking means fingers on contaminated cigarettes contact with lips to increases the possibility of transmission of virus from hand to mouth. Smokers may have lung disease or reduced lung capacity which would increase risk of illness(WHO).

they didnt care for 200 yrs Aniyeke abantu bazibulale if befuna ukuzibulala, lendaba yokubashayela umthetho iyabheda. KhandaniM I can’t read this for its laced with a language that’s sympathetic and subtly pro-tobacco industry! NO... Jesse Duarte - why dont you back off and allow the citizens of SA to make their own democratic choices as to how we live our lives!

Bakekolo ba babolaya ke letswai Smokers have rights too . This type of leadership of telling people what not to do is out of touch with reality NDZ4President jessie Duarte for deputy president women must lead NandiMustFall Stick that finger were the sun don’t shine, you and ZUMA make people sick you and ZUMA make people sick

So does corrupt ANC individuals Jessie, people who live in grass houses shouldn't thrown lawnmowers anc makes us sick We shall show them flames next year during elections Oh now i like Jessie! You can't be telling adults what and what not to do with their lives, if cigarettes does kill it's ok the message is on the box so dont try be a mother nation here

SuccessNziana So do you but you’re still out there selling your kak. No, looting and stealing from taxpayers makes people sick. Not one state capture cadre arrested in 10 years but 230 000 people arrested for irrational laws? GFY. Ffs Oh okay😴😴 I'm not a smoker or a drinker but this is not acceptable. Some people now think they have the right to dictate to others. We think politicians are idiots and want to ban them from talking... we also think they makes us sick talking rubbish😨

Which people? I think not smoking has made you sick in the head. I am the smoking people and you do not speak for me. I've been sick from many other things. I'm sick of this BS so eff you. Diagnose that!! Selfish old crocks make are supposed to be on pension and make space in the work place for the under 60's. Now they are behaving like self appointed parents to adults...

More people die from being fat and obese in South Africa than from smoking each year. South Africans, please ensure that there is no more KFC for Jessie Duarte or her fat friend dlaminizuma These people got cartons and cartons of cigarettes in their houses, they can even call the warehouse manager go there open the warehouse and buy more for their stock

Another old fart that jumped on the COVID-Gravy Train! Did the Queen of Tobacco offered you a cut Jess? No shit ANCDSGDuarte And Corruption makes everyone remain poor Doos This is what makes South Africans sick. 👇👇👇👇 DlaminiZuma THIS STOP PERSECUTING THE SMOKERS WE ARE BEING EXPLOITED FINANCIALLY & EMOTIONALLY. SO THAT YOUR ILLICIT CIGARETTES TRADE CAN FLOURISH.. WHILST WE AT IT. CAN WE BAN ESKOM CAN WE BAN ABORTIONS 200 K ABORTIONS IS SICK

You and your fellow socialist cadres make us sick You and Zuma also make people sick Jesse! The way addicts defend their addiction... The money the smugglers are spreading around makes corruption stick in the ANC leadership. Niyanya mxm🚮🚮 Can’t she express herself through some descent language. Should we not also ban coke, sweets, chocolates, fatty foods and politicians ?

This is what you get when your IQ starts with a comma...... She’s not called the poison dwarf for nothing. Snake in the grass should should just sit in Luthuli house & shut her face. Never seen such a fugly person. ❤❤❤ VijayShadean THIS IS WHAT MAKE SOUTH AFRICANS SICK CAN WE ASK THAT ESKOM BE BANNED TO MANY COMPLAINTS LODGED ....ABOUT THE POLLUTION. THE YOU FUCKING HAVE THE AUDACITY TO TELL US CIGARETTES MAKE PPL SICK.

dlaminizumamustfall And how is it any of your business 😂😂😂if they want to be sick let them be sick Please can you BAN Eskom_SA TOO . This is whats making us sick We keep forgetting that they are all loyal to the common cause. That cause is mass looting and criminality and aggressive suppression of the truth But the truth WILL BE HEARD.

It's their choice to be 'sick'. This is a free country, let people decide for themselves So what if it makes people sick? Those people have a choice, don't they? Regulate the industry properly, instead of hiding behind COVID-19. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 Speaking of weight, Aunty Jess, did you know while YOUR cadres are unable to produce ANY evidence linking smoking to increased COVID-19 deaths there is tremendous research showing the impact that obesity (being overweight like you) has on it. So best you ban sugars & carbs too.

My maggies het die dwergie ook wakker geword. Net nog n braaksel van n ontplooide anc kader. Dit beteken absoluut squad Only 3 countries have banned cigarettes during Covid-19: Botswana, India & SA. I guess the rest of the world is ok with allowing voters to decide for themselves 🤷🏾‍♀️ So y is the government making it thjer problem let people do wat they want

We're still gonna die mos. Even without tobacco, people can be sick But we still smoking we buying from black market Non smokers get on my nerves But tobacco industry on the other hand contributes heavily to the economy, so ppl have a choice to smoke or not. Hey lady do you realize the people who have drug and alcohol and tobacco problem can't just go cold turkey. Medically it is dangerous to them and creates pressure for the family and puts stress on the person them selves have you seen the suicide rate because of it wake up.

Its our choice to smoke. This old ladies must just go to retirement cause it's clear that they are at the crossroads. Mbokodo yethu You better stop stuffin your mouth with calories, obesity is also a health risk PutSouthAfricaFirst PutSouthAfricansFirst Lapho I just bought a 20 of cigarettes nge R100 😞😞lift this shit cz we still gonn smoke anyway

Even most people who don't smoke and drink can't reach 80 yrs this day, so GMO foods are the ones killing people Didn't she say The ANC is a racist and tribalistic party a few months ago? It has came to a point were this whole cigarettes and alcohol is not longer a covid 19 issue but just these people trying to get rid of them

I am enjoying this political tussle between RET group and Cyril group...It is proving Cyril is the weakest president and WMC is not happy about that...WMC will soon get tired of Cyril CyrilRamaphosa and they will dump him like a used condom Politicians steal from the poor.... Both statements are true, next

Next we will be using donkey carts for transport. (credit to alamy stock photos) I don't smoke but I believe people must have a choice. This is not a communist stated, we are in a democratic society So does obesity...just saying ....look at even our SAP andmamy cabinet members ..hardly an advert for health and fitness tidy up your own act before you impose your personal preferences upon others SAGov supposed to confer civil rights not remove them

Cars, taxis, busses, trains, planes all kill ppl. Here comes the aunty now 🤦 Lol sivelelwe, Nina this ain't the time to push your failed policies 😏😏, anc yambora now. Coming from a corrupt criminal Imbokodo loool corruption she has been involved in and protected doesn't make us sick as well From the same faction.

Tobacco industry makes ppl to earn income n live longer Who the fuck are they to decide for us.? FFS PS... I am a non smoker, but if they start with this what is next. Frog in a pot syndrome You make me sick leave us alone You smoke the same thing anc leaders smoke they are senseless, I thought you a clever

When you become comfortable and when holding press conferences and call people our people, then you must know you have become comfortable and you won't see even when you are about to loose power. The poisonous dwarf talks about democracy and elected leaders/ politicians, don't remember any of us going to vote on cigarettes, do you?

Climb back into your tree. I'm not a smoker but tsek ...Jesse Duarte... There are many mentally deranged people in our government that made the entire society sick. KhandaniM According to stats ,112 people die daily is SA from Tobacco related complications . Covid kills 6 daily with majority already known to have suffered underlying health issues which may include tobacco related complications🤔

Pity our economy is relient on people having to drink and smoke... Clearly this economy is sustained by the most two dangerous addictions that causes major harm into peoples lives. Dear What is your beef with Minister DlaminiZuma. Why are you making it as if it is a decision she took on her own. It is organisations like yours that are taking this country backwards. Stop this nonsense

I support you mama. Abuvalwe utshwala. Ngaze ngaziqhatha. And you make us sick!!! Power hungry freaks! “Exploit health worldwide” The same can be said about fast food though. Which encourages people to get overweight when South Africa has twice as many people dying over heart complications compared to those who die of lung complications. What is wrong with these people?

Which people? Rupert defence force is trying too hard to destroy ppl's lives. We see u Times live... Oh yeah but we must start planting chicken and meat in our backyard.. You guys guys are just out for bra Cyril Zums is in charge ANCDSGDuarte I am a smoker for 20 plus years and get sick maybe once a year... These bans are costing people jobs and it is costing the economy a lot more. These bans are based on a vendetta and is malicious. Please distance yourself from this...Elections will talk.

She backs the decision that we all back. The decision that they all agreed upon collectively . Tobacco mustfall till level zero! Are we still talking about Corona or is this now an opportunity to strengthen the dictatorship? CyrilRamaphosa,pls get rid of all these pensioners in your cabinet,we sick and tired of them telling grown-ups what to do,if we die if corona we die,if we die from smoking we die,it's our life's, these old cabinet ministers can't even control their own grandkids 🤮🤮🤮

Absoluut bullshit........!!!!!!!!!! Talk sense next time!!!!! The goverment makes people sick.. Setlhanka Yes jessi you n dlamini are leading us to a good state Gupta sister So does sugar, processed foods , excess salt, too much oil and fat and so many other things people CHOOSE to consume. It should be mychoice

Govt by consent vanishes in the absence of trust. Trust vanishes in the absence of rational decision making. No amount of police or soldiers can restore it. The ANC are losing peoples trust because of their irrational decisions And its true So does stupid people, makes ME sick Girl, you are fat. What are you doing? 🤣

I support the good docter. Foreign owned spazashops are busy making thousands per day by selling 1Rand cigarette for R7.. SA GOVERNMENT LED BY OLD AGE HOME. WHAT MORE TO THINK? YOU JESSIE ZUPTA SPEAK FOR YOURSELF. TANIE ONS SOEK GWAI HISO 🚬 🚬 We still remember life esidimeni n the miners stuck in mpumalanga for years yet u act like u care about wellbeing of people

Who are these people .....please name them...we want names! The dwarf has emerged from under her rock. I back them also Is she still here Not as sick as the commie anc... Codiv19 is messing with a and see . So all this years they new about the tobacco risk but decided to be quite. Even sugar makes people sick, fat makes people sick

BlackCulture_HM Factional battles at play here.These two old ladies must know when to play politics, this is not the time. Corruption makes people poor. Have you stopped its production? TALK FOR YOURSELF MAGOGO. OLD AGE HOME. SA PARLIAMENT IS OLD AGE HOME PENSION IS 60 BUT THEY ARE AT 70’S WHAT MORE TO THINK?

People have been getting sick from many industries, mining to mention one. Are they going to close all such industries? Perhaps there's a great plan of getting us all on the R350 scheme and keep us healthy. What's wrong with these gogos? Ja ou skelm These are the only people in the world that think this. Which means there is some other benefit to them.

More dumbfuckery.... It is not the industry, it is ordinary citizens fed up with the Zumashame that wants for dlaminizumamustfall DlaminiZuma She probably misses Guptars this one. We need cigarettes n beers in level 3 as per promise, finish n klaar Pushing a nefarious agenda in the name of smoking makes people sick? It is written on every cigarette box, it does not a Nkosazana or a Jessie to inform smokers; they smoke with full awareness of that fact. Duarte must sit down, factionalist.

Unity boMama These grannies are out of hand 🤞 former presindent allie. Ban it forever So da R350 is for buying illegal cigarettes vele Next rule... Seems like white monopoly capital is under attack by the RET movement RK_Mayekisa So is Fast foods & sugar products but a re da 😒😒😒 Government is confused now real

Tobacco industry pays billions in tax, and create thousands of jobs without it, ANC will be doomed Haven’t you got something to loot? Idiot. I don’t think it makes them as sick as the ANC does... Instead of killing corruption within their ranks, the elect to kill an industry that brings the country the very necessary taxes... FOOLISHNESS OF THE HIGHEST ORDER!!!

Lead us Mamas✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿 Cars kill, sugar kills, going outside could kill you. Few smokers have stopped smoking, they are only buying more expensive, more toxic cigarettes, which are freely available on every street corner Flawed reasoning. Adults who smoke know this, and they choose to smoke still. Clearly this reasoning has nothing to do with COVID-19 then.

Ask Jessie about companies: Homix and Chivita. She has not moral ground to make any statements You should stop eating. And when they smoke, they make non smokers sick ad well. It also brings about low productivity as smokers are constantly on breaks for hours in a day While you at it, just know - The unchecked corruption in the ANC makes all SAns sick.

They are ALL shareholders it seems !!! 🤭 The NDZ camp has started again they got it all wrong dis time,you guys lost against CR17 at nasrec conference.I think it's about time we give all the support to our president dat he might need cause he is been caught between the sun and fire. tito_mboweni please save us

BlackCulture_HM Grannies are like that guys. Mine would have included red meat. Why are you shocked. I like one thing seeing women supporting one another it's a rare thing in those women in power and influence Fast Foods & Sugar products industries are also making People sick🤷‍♂️ Listening to these dinosaurs, NDZ and Jessie Duarte and you wonder what day of the lockdown it is with anxiety

Very true Power trip!!! Almost all ANC leaders have fat unhealthy stomachs from eating all the junk in this world. Sugar, Fast food, Fizzy drinks, red meat make people sick too. How about we ban all of them? Maybe it's high time stick to their own lifestyle and pls leave us alone they can't be deciding on our choices of pleasure . They can stay sober it's their choice and leave us with our smoking and drinking maybe one day we will be saved like them stop preaching

So what! Rotten food makes you sick, stress makes you sick, not exercising makes you sick, flu makes you sick, winter makes you sick, anc and eff makes you sick, and the list goes on. We are not living in a perfect world. ... And the MYANC makes people poor and hungry. This is getting out of control now . The issue is more specifically ministers ( listen carefully) , that you are telling us what to do and not allowing our democratic right to choose . Until you ban cigarettes, you are on the wrong !

What's up with Robert Mugabe's lookalike 🤔 If she only knew that politicians make us sick too she should have kept quite Another contribution that gently moves us from democracy to mediocracy! PutSouthAfricansFirst Sometimes these grannies are forgetting that we're in a democratic country and some of these draconian regulations are unconstitutional and won't stand a chance in the Constitutional Court. This is not a dictatorship and it's time that we show them some stars,we don't deserve dem

sephiritsikeli I don't know who needs to hear this but the illicit cigarettes industry is thriving Yall trying to control the way people live now? Ban or no ban, the masses still smoke. Hope they had the same sentiments pre covid 19. So duplicitous! We need to take back the power from these corrupt thugs posing as politicians.

Well, they didn't see it that way when they lifted the cigarette ban for 5 minutes It's amazing how they miss the greatest opportunity to save the govt collecting from sin tax, by allowing street markets to grow. We have to strike balance and be realistic cigarettes & alcohol. Ret forces There goes millions of jobs

Intact tobacco is a drug. Why is it legal even Love you Jessie. The future is feme We will fire 🔥 them,they forget who pays their salaries. Better yet,they are diabetic maybe let’s take away their medical 🏥 benefits. Mahlatse_mogale So they gonna use this lockdown to make people quit smoking as if people even stopped smoking during lockdown....

It is literally written on the Box, we know The same can be said for crying babies, dirty men and fat people. Like cigarette smoking, many of these conditions involve an element of choice. And she is the embodiment of fitness and health? Tsek! 57 days later we still smoking Sugar is bad, salt, coke, cooking oil, eggs, red meat etc no relation to corona. Alcohol and cigarette? Feelings aside what is science saying? All the warnings on the packs n i know what im doing. Im thinking of planting dagga cos that is more acceptable.

Here's another one from the NDZ brigade...blah blah blah...we have rights too Jessie...get a ZOL and smoke it....if smoking was that detrimental then this minister should have done something when she was in charge of the health sector she has done nothing for our country Tea and cake make people sick,

Coca Cola is also bad and makes people sick. When are we banning it? What about sweets? Ice cream? Custard? Let's ban them all. 😂😂😂😂 Future Vice President 🥳🥳🤣 This is another mad woman!!! if the government really and truly cared about our health, they should've banned alcohol and smoking from 94. Now 26 years into democracy we have some foreign disease jiki jiki people are now sooo concerned about our lungs. votsek!

What is she smoking that she's getting sick? They are following the instructions from masters Thank you MYANC this is not how you put a patient on a rehab program. It needes mental and psychological preparation first! This amount to abuse of people and power! Yes minister smoking and drink can be bad but lets get back to the basics. What was the objective of the lockdown? Why did we declare a national disaster? Ok what have we achieved? Ok now lets continue to restrict movement & buying as stipulated in your guidelines. Stick to that

DlaminiZuma you are not our mother and we are not children. If u don’t want to smoke, then don’t. No one is forcing you 2. You forcing us not 2 is just inciting more resentment over your already idiotic restrictions. You’re over stepping your boundaries, stop it! Secondly this lockdown was never about getting the nation sober from addiction. The people who are heavy drinkers are even more drunk from WRONG stuff. The smokers are getting smokes ILLEGALLY. What the government is doing is enabling the black market to make millions

Fact is we can debate smoke and the the damage it does till Jesus comes back, its not going to stop people. I'm not a smoker because i made a decision based on that🤷🏾‍♀️ my dad had very vad bad asthma due to heavy smoking. But do i think ppl need to be given a choice? ABSOLUTELY Yes and you and the ANC make millions starve and die, who is more sick?

Maybe it make you sick,not we the smoker. So we need tobacco or you losses profit... So we don't worry we get it on Black Market. So you and your President you can keep you tobacco... Like anc hasnt made us us sick to the brink of death IssaMockery Still, that's a smoker's decision to make....boaunty ba keng ka bona jwanong

People in the comments acting like the right to smoke is a really important right. It's not. PutSouthAfricansFirst It's even written on the box in BOLD letters. Tomorrow media house wil be attacking Duarte, they will be revealing old stories about her 😂 You know what else makes people sick? ANC politicians like Duarte & NDZ.

CodeLotto This is now personal and has nothing to do with Covid19, we know how y’all grannies hate alcohol ... le ska re kenya mo pitlaganong tsa lona Ag bullshit. The ANC makes people sick. Are we your kids? Any comment from government goes right over our head, as we all know you are benefiting from the ill gotten gains

Phezu kwabo😁😁 What then is the view on sugar and cholesterol with similar negative effects? Ban smoking altogether outside of the decisions relating to lockdown. Stop treating citizens like fools. The declaration by the president has nothing to do with policy change on longstanding problems. Nicotine is toxic, end of discussion

This old people should allow us to die in peace Revelation! Someone must have a PhD in obvious. It's no longer about covid19 for these two but their hate toward cigarettes and liqour Send this guy The cases are escalating oksalayo....🤷🏾‍♂️💔 Even if it makez them sick, its their choice. These people are now becoming dictators.

Thats what happens when u put old ppl in power, bavele bavumelane ngenonsens bonke. Hambani niyohlala emakhaya manje nibadala! Sit down you sliewe slet! Stay in your slet lane! TRAITOR Bullshit, there is nothing wrong with smoking but there is definitely something wrong with Dhlamini Zol, her Ex are probably whispering in her ear, let the white people suffer as long as possible.

NickTsonono Which people? We want a list But illegally traded cigarettes don’t make you sick? 🙈 Fck, don't you want to go and fetch all the old ANC ANC CADRES to come and back Kopdoek Zol, not one of you knows what's really going on so you punish people for your mistakes. Midi Amin, you are going to fall hard.

AlkebulanThe The lungs of a 56year old smoker. Until when... we already sick The way I have seen so much Ciggaretes being sold in mzansi I even forgot there was a ban in place 🤣🤣🤣 🤣🤣🤣🤣..cuz she looks so healthy Dom will follow dom.... Looks like the pressure is taking it's toll on them 🤔 ANCDSGDuarte maybe you need to focus the remaining energy you have to do penance for all the people you've f×& 'ed over in this country for the last 20 odd years....KARMA don't forget anyones an address.

You can be right but first stop the illicit trade. If not you make people more sick. Is she also scoring? Is this old fart also part of the NCC Those signing the Petition for the unbanning of alchol and cigarettes, just one WhatsApp from ZCC Bishop and two million people will sign to ban it Permanently

So, in effect, she's confirming what we all know. They don't think that as citizens, we should make health decisions for ourselves. She's implying that the tobacco industry is talking on behalf of smokers? Tired of this crap. So, are they going to make every smoker quit now? Good grief.... How old do they think the smokers are? Cyril must be careful here...when Duarte and Ace and Carl are on NDZ side, start to smell the Diepkloof big rats. This is now ANC factions using Lockdown as a PROXY

This woman is talking nonsense. it is clear she had a political motive rather than actually having a problem with cigarettes. She cannot prove what effects cigarettes have on the virus but rattles out her political backing of NDZ. That isn't a good enuff reason to enforce the ban Funny how it took the lockdown for them to realise that tobacco is dangerous.🤔🙄

Makes people sick... Duh 🙄 the Tobacco industry has been saying this about their products for long now “smoking causes cancer”. What’s new ? What is wrong with this pensioners. Mxm nonsense Halalaaaa🤣🤣🤣🤷🏽‍♂️ Notice how its the RET Zuma brigade all in favor if this ban. Same with the EFFers who happen to be funded by an illicit cigarette smuggler. They really think their own citizens are stupid.

This is becoming fun to watch, let me get the popcorn out It be your own Now who the fuck is she+😒 whoever this biatvastavich is - why - she doesn't look like a healthy specimen herself, does she perhaps eat foods or drinks containing sugar, mystery meat, MSG or perhaps she's hooked on oxycontdin ..... either way, not my nanny

You are absolutely right, ciggies are bad, like very bad for your health, like sugar, red meat, Alcohol, processed foods, fizzy drinks,salt, spices etc. The list is endless. Educate people, Australia has halved it's smoking rates in 10 years, let's learn. But don't be a nanny So does poverty , malnutrition, no fresh water , rape . Idiots

You make me sick Jesse Dankie ouma!!! Cigarettes and alcohol must be banned willy nilly! We can't have people drinking and smoking during the week. Allow them to smoke on weekends only😂😂😂 Ayi labogogo banenkinga Kwavele kwaba lit🔥🔥🔥 Do they realize they talking about 11 million smokers that vote? Not sure of the inkatol numbers . But has to be hell of a lot, and after the last election they mite want to rethink.

But how is that their business So you all were killing people before the Covid 19? You all must go to jail for not banning tobacco before Covid 19!!! She is talking about the illegal tobacco of mazotti and edward zuma Nicinga ningo Thixo nina Is she also a 'medical doctor'? And we wana be sick who are u to tell us wat to do with our miserable lifes

Oksalayo PutSouthAfricansFirst Time has come for a complete ban on tobacco forever. I fully agreeeee💃🕺🙌 The Guavamint makes me sick!! endthelockdownSA dlaminizumamustfall Another 1? ANCDSGDuarte so you had to waot for your covid-19 to see that? We have been smoking and drinking our whole life through, why now? It is good to prepare for your exit in the next elections anyway you have overstood your welcome by your voters.

According to who? Can someone give this gogo a dildo U crazy, its their more concerned with ur siblings and self. We all make our own choices, deal with Covid 19 .....anything else is non of ur business............ People are poor with disadvantage environment, no health care..nothing.......

Thank you! And you stealing from the poor makes them healthy 🤦 President Ramaphosa is giving Zuma cabal much airtime as a results many people will lose confidence on him! I want to be able to practice my traditional rituals but how can I without snuf. My rights being oppressed Ok why are HEALTH CENTRES LIKE GYMS CLOSED

Those sick people are ones who put you in power so they can also take that power away from you. Remember that President is losing it to allow Zuma cabal to act as if they are in charge!Sooner or later people of this country will not take President serious! Imagine this nonsense happens when Baba was a President!!

She's not thinking straight what about our jobs there Look who is talking She's from the ANC ryt? ANCDSGDuarte - somewhere in this lifetime we can only hope that the stupidity will stop....Jesse what do you not get about an individuals right to choose for themselves....who the f& are u to think that you can choose for me?

That has always been the case, nothing new. Jessie moet in haar moer vlieg ons rook al jare en ek was nog nooit siek van rook nie It's their choice, and their money when they have to go to hospital HOW ABOUT SEX WHICH YOU WORSHIP ? What the hell kind of statement is this? Is it me or is the ANC trying everything they can to start an uprising?

Ban that tobacco until level -0 No, that's Government's prerogative. You right. Only wish you had same attitude and determination when it comes to catching rapists and murders. They affect the poorest of the poor PutSouthAfricansFirst More 🔥🤣🤣😂😂😂😂 Kfc makes people sick. Alcohol makes people sick. Water can kill you. But does this mean the government must tell us what the F to do? No. It's a personal choice that is hurting no one

We will see who makes who sick when we start an uproar Washa Jissis wa val die verlep uit 😂 😂 😂 😂 yoooh!!! Did it do that before coronavirus? If so why the change of policy?

Dlamini-Zuma pushes for tobacco, alcohol ban to continue until Level 1 lockdownCooperative Governance Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma has told the National Coronavirus Command Council (NCCC) that the sale of tobacco and alcohol should continue to be banned until the country reaches Level 1 of the lockdown. Gogo doesn't play.... SA is terrorised by an old bi**h... why don you give her a ventilator and sent her home! Somebody need to give this gogo a dick Rubbish

Zuma: Appearing in court in modern SA is much the same as it was during apartheidIn the latest instalment of Zooming with Zuma, former president Jacob Zuma has bemoaned the treatment he has received in democratic South Africa. He was thrown out of power because he favored Blacks first ,cry thy beloved Black African continent how much do you cost Because nothing changed since 1994 under the ANC rule except for blacks being in charge of the same Apartheid system now instead of the whites! Fool! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm lost please msholozi explain because what you saying make no sense

Tobacco body accuses cops of ‘unlawful raids, manhandling workers’Some of the workers 'had their personal belongings removed from their persons in the most heavy-handed ways imaginable'.

Continuing ban on alcohol and tobacco is life threatening for addicts: expertThe ongoing ban on the sale of alcohol and tobacco products during the lockdown has tortured and left addicted South Africans with severe withdrawal symptoms. The government dont care, they are overstocked Argh shame, you're really trying hey.. I give you a F for effort They don't care

Smuggling of alcohol, cigarettes on the rise since lockdown began, says CelePolice Minister Bheki Cele said SAPS and SANDF members had intercepted and confiscated R2.6m worth of alcohol and tobacco between March and April. | Day57ofLockdown Good job Mr minister now lift the ban on alcohol n cigarette what did they do with all that stock? I was anticipating that you will said' of Drugs and unlicensed firearms' Gen. Any way salute ✊

DA says Cele is ‘smoking his socks’ if he thinks smokers should give cops receiptsThe police minister wants the SAPS to stop anyone they see smoking in public for receipts to prove they bought their tobacco legally. That Cele idiot is braindead that guy can't think it's as if he needs data to think hey he's been blabbering since the beginning of the lockdown Trash media What is going on in South Africa? tnonfire ZounaidOsman CyrilRamaphosa SAgovnews DlaminiZuma SAPoliceService Are we living in a police state?