Three rape warrants authorised against Bushiri

[TRENDING] Three rape warrants authorised against Bushiri #eNCA

2020-11-24 07:02:00 AM

[TRENDING] Three rape warrants authorised against Bushiri eNCA

Shepard Bushiri and his wife, Mary, left South Africa after they were granted bail.

Bushiri and his wife, Mary, left South Africa after being granted bail.READ:They were arrested on fraud and money laundering charges.The couple were arrested by Malawian authorities but were later released.Meanwhile, the justice department in South Africa says it plans to serve an extradition letter on Malawi within the next two weeks.

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Who are the complainants and why didn't they report on time Haybo, his a rapist now, South Africa government stop embarrassing the country, you had him on multiple corruption charges with no evidence and gave a flight risk bail now u wanna accuse him of being a rapist, y'all looking thirsty right now, desperado stop it, mxm

Disaster after disaster He must go to jail for long He is a fugitive, an escapee yet he is still allowed by our government to render religious service to South Africans via Facebook and YouTube. How a wanted criminal be allowed to render services in this brazen manner. No wonder we are in this mess. When the state and media is determined to destroy you they will do anything to achieve their agenda... Accusations one after another

mehafossss Eeeh jesu 💀 So you've no other news Since yesterday reporting same things, when is he getting arrested? Mxm I thought they sleep with snakes this pastors. Zitya kakhulu umanza abomvu these foreigners 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Must be something in the Holy Water. Christians, Catholics, Muslims just can't seems to keep their dicks in their pants...

Rape! Ay when it rains it pours. What a joke! When was that? We Always hope For Better Days But Pastors Also Rape As We Hope That The Rape Cases Will Be Minimised Rest Enca if you got no news rest. You cant be this obsessed about Desperation of the highest order!! A banana republic now creates rape cases bcoz their fraud charges are weak !! Only fools don't see what's happening here

Men in the comments shows how women will be afraid to come forward I don’t like Bushiri at all,unfortunately I am starting to believe his persecution story! Maybe Bhushiri is being persecuted after all. Always had issues with Malema's attitude towards eNCA, now I know why. That tone and diction of the reporter tells more than he uttered. Please respect us.

Witchcraft in broad daylight They say Satan is disguised in many ways - there is a special place in hell for criminals - funny how the “race” card is always drawn - it’s pathetic how the accused politicizing criminal activities - the court of law will determine their fate - time to face the music Its possible that these are opportunists wanting to get paid off. We've seen how Bushiri basically pays his way through challenges

Trading had really becomes amazing for me ever since I got in contact with lisaMarkdona So thankful for the recommendation I got. It has changed my life and that of my family and friends here in RSA. So stupid... Aren't you guys tired? Wasting your time on Bushiri ain't gonna change none in SA... Why don't you write about taxi drivers who burned and broken cars when striking? There are serious matters outside.. The guy won't come back... Sink it to your brain