Julius Malema, Economic Freedom Fighters, Freedom Day

Julius Malema, Economic Freedom Fighters

‘This freedom is not free’: Malema questions why SA celebrates Freedom Day

2021-04-27 06:11:00 PM

‘This freedom is not free’: Malema questions why SA celebrates Freedom Day

Speaking at the party’s Freedom Day rally in Atteridgeville, in Tshwane, on Tuesday he asked those in attendance how they can describe themselves as free without economic power.The EFF rose to power on the ideal of pursuing economic freedom for all South Africans – more so land ownership among black people who were stripped of all belongings by white people during colonisation and apartheid.

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“They own the economy, they still own the land, they control our movement – this freedom is not free. How can it be free without economic power, when our people are dying nd the sick continue to sleep without food.”Malema said some preferred that they lied about the reality of the country 27 years post the democratic dispensation.

“Leave us with out truth, we will die with out truth because truth is liberation and we’re not going to lie because we want you to vote for us.”#EFFFreedomDay Observation Message Delivered by CIC Julius Malema https://t.co/4wJ5PFtidU Read more: Eyewitness News »

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If it wasn't for the white people, South Africa would be a lot less free. He has eaten well off the backs of hard working people. Misslead people to a promised land that no government in the world can give. Its hard work that gets you there. But every crook will be court its just when Tik tok ANC this ANC that Ramaphosa this Ramaphosa that white people this white people that blah blah blah ....Gucci revolution. Atleast he knows what his supporters are addicted to race politics and anti ANC rhetoric....he has nothing to offer the country. Why insult grannies though?

Our freedom is only 27 years old against 369 years of white domination. As young as our freedom is it is worth celebrating. Stop talking and do something about it. All bark and no bite Continual moaning Hey Julius_S_Malema MYANC - thanks for a lekka paid public holiday spent with friends and family. Freedom Day? What Freedom Day?

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WATCH LIVE | Julius Malema delivers the EFF’s Freedom Day messageEFF leader Julius Malema will on Tuesday deliver the party's Freedom Day message in Atteridgeville, Tshwane. Anc this anc that Ramaphosa this Ramaphosa that blah blah blah white peope this white people that .....where is VBS money ? When is Floyd taking over ? He can’t talk about his dictatorship Anc this anc that blah blah blah white oriole this white people that ....Gucci revolution mxim WHY

Blah , blah, what a fool. I gas i have to agree with Juju on this one.

EFF’s Julius Malema presses for economic reformThe EFF held its Freedom Day rally in the Saulsville Arena in Atteridgeville, Tshwane, where the party's leader put the spotlight on the failures of the governing ANC. Boring. It's The EFF! Sleepy! Great one.

Malema: Sudden announcement of election date meant to catch EFF off guard Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema claims the “sudden” announcement of the election date was meant to catch the EFF and other parties “off guard”. | Theto Mahlakoana Other parties don't seem to have an issue.. Only he does..

More EFF in Mandela than Ramaphosa, says Malema | The CitizenEFF leader Julius Malema has slammed the ANC and President Cyril Ramaphosa for conditions black people still live in 27 years into democracy. Stop trying to put eff in everywhere. We not interested. Especially leave Mandela out of your gangster life, malema!🤬

EFF’s Julius Malema presses for economic reformEFF leader Julius Malema used his Freedom Day speech to pay tribute to South Africans who died after contracting Covid-19 and accused the ANC government of abandoning citizens when they needed it the most. Jeez, wonder if Malema is looking at what’s happening in India - now that is a government that failed its people.