The Fix | 25 Ocitber 2020

Thuli Madonsela suggests an amnesty can help to clean up corruption. #eNCA Courtesy #DStv403

2020-10-25 05:51:00 PM

Former Public Protector Professor Thuli Madonsela believes the key to rooting out corruption in South Africa might be through a truth and reconciliation commission. Madonsela was speaking to KarimaBrown on The Fix. Watch full interview here:

Thuli Madonsela suggests an amnesty can help to clean up corruption. #eNCA Courtesy #DStv403

The Social Development Minister claims the system is working overall, but admits there are a few glitches. Read more: eNCA »

LIVESTREAM: Ramaphosa answers questions in Parliament

The president will answer six questions on a range of issues, including the measures being taken against state capture and corruption.

KarimaBrown The previous TRC failed to influence change of mindset of those who killed our people becausethey never asked for it. What then makes her think those who stole from us will repent? One can not reconcile with another if the perpetrator will still remain with all I'll gains. KarimaBrown Corruption is Sin

KarimaBrown Yho! Another commission? KarimaBrown So dom soos grond sy wil he laat hulle weg kom met kurupsie KarimaBrown She is talking nonsense!!!! KarimaBrown Why would she say that....does her name appear somewhere Who/what is she hiding. U had such respect for ThuliMadonsela3. They need to be punished for their crimes, just like any normal law abiding citizen

KarimaBrown Definitely not! Orange overalls! KarimaBrown Truth, then assets taken away, then jail. KarimaBrown Prof, reconsider your thoughts in this regard, I don't want to be hard on you. KarimaBrown Spend even more public funds to talk about the money that’s been stolen?! KarimaBrown Out of respect ThuliMadonsela3 did the TRC work and you were happy with the outcome.......

KarimaBrown The anc must be fired from running SA KarimaBrown She is f ing crazy man! Corrupt individuals must go to jail! KarimaBrown In her dreams. They knew exactly what they were doing. They did the crime they must do the time like everyone else. If they stole to buy food, perhaps, but it was all for expensive cars, houses etc. Once greedy always greedy.

KarimaBrown The truth and reconciliation is not the right option. Justice needs to be served. South Africa needs justice. If no justice I doubt the investment world would want to invest in South Africa. Just a thought KarimaBrown In her dreams. They knew exactly what they were doing. They did the crime they must do the time like everyone else.

KarimaBrown Is she going to ensure and guarantee we will get back all the stolen money , then we can do it KarimaBrown HELL NO!! No more TRC’s. It’s time for justice to be served through the court of law. We the citizens are the ones who suffer. No more excuses!! KarimaBrown 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️......I actually am at a loss of words......lock up the theiving fuckers.....

KarimaBrown Its now clear that there is too much fear on of STATE CAPTURE and I can bet there's a BIG FISH and it not Zuma as we were told. In the struggle days,colonizers realized that they were loosing the physical war so they tricked fighters 4table talk signiture and its happening again KarimaBrown Uyadakwa lowo ...lomama mele ayoba i-ambassador yase Iraq , uphapha too much.

KarimaBrown I believe Thuli has been sent by those corrupt criminals. So they are trying to formalize and officialize corruption as they are the government. KarimaBrown Who do we have to reconcile with this time? KarimaBrown She is crazy glessbin KarimaBrown We do we have to reconcile when it's ppl in power? We have jails mos

KarimaBrown Cause they coming for her ... thuli cyril and pravin KarimaBrown She must just shut up. Her predecessors never tried to outshine her KarimaBrown Thuli is looking for another job KarimaBrown Yes, if they stole and tell the truth, throw them into jail to reconcile 😂😂 KarimaBrown 😂😂 KarimaBrown No, just discontinue the tender system corruption will automatically come to an end. Companies should hire people based on their skills.

KarimaBrown The evidence of corruption is pointing to the Askaris, that is why KarimaBrown No need for that cause money will be spend n some will refuse to go there,best n honest solution 25years max sentences Period KarimaBrown They must payback the money that's all .otherwise the thieving wont stop if the punishment is just telling the truth.uthini kodwa Sis Thuli?

KarimaBrown Uchaza ukuthi Lomama, ngeke bangayiswa ejele, cha uyaganga, umuntu ongangile iyona phela indawo emfanele, Nami ngizoganga ngifune truth& nereconsiliation KarimaBrown It's a shame to be a black media personality. You are used daily to insult your people by extension, yourself. Sies KarimaBrown Don't tell me about that white ass licker

KarimaBrown Fuck Thuli these commissions are costing this country billions which it does not have for what ? What has zondo commission delivered other than costing billions with nothing to show : sometimes the respect i had for your integrity you making some very poor statements of late. KarimaBrown Ave ukhuluma amasimba lowamxhiliba kodwa yazi.

KarimaBrown I don't agree these corrupt ppl robbed SA and it's ppl of a better life for all...but maybe with full disclosure , name all involved, return all funds ,10 year minimum jail...remember these ppl ruined a whole coutry and it's future KarimaBrown Waste of money KarimaBrown ThuliMadonsela3 u hv government's👂🏾...can u pls recommend that jobs be created, they'll listen to u ..n u don't even have to vote for them to pay attention to u unlike the rest of us that hv to don party t-shirts n go protest 1st

KarimaBrown 😂😂Don't make me laugh KarimaBrown This 1 is mentality not well' another commission' KarimaBrown Lol ayi, our leaders are royally stupid KarimaBrown We tried truth reconciliation commission with race and it didn’t work. I doubt it will work for ANC and corruption. But let’s give it a try!

KarimaBrown 😥is she tryng to make jokes about black ppl suffering in the past? That TLC never help black ppl who were oppressed during apartheid. So what will be the different? KarimaBrown I dissagree the law must be hush to this Tsotsis and make an example pratically so..we tired as the sad thing is those who suffer most are us people on Grounds and very hard to a point they cant even come close to understand how bad we suffer..

KarimaBrown The instructions from the Baas’ is out! The boy that sit in the Union Building must just execute! KarimaBrown It was a messy interview. KarimaBrown no that thing has never work KarimaBrown It's not working for Zondo. KarimaBrown Long jail term that is KarimaBrown Hi Professor. I don't agree with you on'truth and reconciliation commission. I respect you a lot, but corruption was committed by people whom the poor trusted that they would transform their lives. Reconciliation commission will only legitimize what this guys have done. No such.

KarimaBrown Can someone please tell her to keep quite. This👇 car is doing job KarimaBrown Why reconcile with people who doesn't want to Even account. TRC is a failed system, especially since we know we dealing with pathological liers. The ONLY way is the Thailand way... Arrest, trial, sentence KarimaBrown Wa gafa

KarimaBrown Some people must just retire, we ask no more SouthAfricansP1 KarimaBrown No we need the looted money back and them in jail KarimaBrown Absolute nonsense.. KarimaBrown Like The Trust and Reconciliation Commission routed our racism right? KarimaBrown Another billion down the drain KarimaBrown Can this woman shut up pls.

KarimaBrown Why are the media houses pushing this bullshit agenda. All those criminals must fall, Mandonsela lost touch with reality KarimaBrown Stop making excuses for criminals KarimaBrown Waste of tax payers money... If they are alleged of wrong doing lock them up till proven innocent... KarimaBrown Nah! Won't work

KarimaBrown She has clearly gone batshit crazy.😂 KarimaBrown The same way the truth and reconciliation commission helped resolve apartheid atrocities? I never thought I’d dislike this lady smh KarimaBrown Reconcile with who Is this a message from stellenbosch!! KarimaBrown Another Commission? Jehova 🙆🏿‍♂️

KarimaBrown She doesn't speak for anyone but herself.

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