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Gender İnequality, Oxfam

The figures which show SA is the most unequal country in the world

The figures which show SA is the most unequal country in the world

2020-11-24 09:33:00 PM

The figures which show SA is the most unequal country in the world

A new report from Oxfam South Africa shows how the average (white, male) CEO takes home as much as 461 black women from the bottom ten percent of earners.

Titled 'Reclaiming Power: Womxn’s Work and Income Inequality in South Africa', the report shows how the average (white, male) CEO takes home as much as 461 black women from the bottom ten percent of earners. (The term womxn is used, especially in intersectional feminism, as an alternative spelling to woman to avoid the suggestion of sexism perceived in the sequences m-a-n and m-e-n, and to be inclusive of trans and nonbinary women. Source:

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Labour market inequality is foundational to stubborn gender, race, income and wealth inequality.It adds that existing government policies have failed to reduce inequality because macroeconomic policies have entrenched rather than reduced the dominance of a handful of conglomerates based in extractives and energy.

This skewed industrial structure, established during apartheid, has led to a decline of manufacturing, jobless growth, asset price inflation and investment volatility in the era of financialisation, while crowding out the informal sector’s ability to absorb unemployment.

According to Oxfam, addressing the crisis of inequality in South Africa therefore needs to go much further than the labour market reforms, skills development policies and microsupport for the informal sector that have been advocated by mainstream economists.

Long-term, socially sustainable distributions of income would require radical transformation of the economy towards more labour intensive, linked sectors that serve the needs of the population - for example via a developmental welfare state across health, education and other social needs - rather than the imperatives of profit and capital expatriation.

Specific policies to reduce labour market inequality - such as a living wage, a maximum income cap no higher than 10% of the income of the lowest paid worker in firm, and making workplaces safe for women - must be rooted in macroeconomic policy that reorients away from the ‘Minerals Energy Complex’ and expansion of the financial sector in and of itself, towards industrial policy aimed at promoting sustainable and equitable economic development.

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Not my 🐒 not my 🎪 According to this BS. The lowest paid SABC worker earns R600000 per annum. Yeah right ! Second being Thailand and third place is Mezico What a troll picture to use. Why not use a picture of a corrupt ANC cadre? The growing equality gap is s result of bad ANC policies. In order to allow 76% of South Africans to have a proper salary you need a miracle. Everyone can’t get the same salary and you need low income earners and will always have inequality in any country. It is nothing new. How do you even try to compare 7 mil against 45mil population?

The propaganda arm of white supremacy believes in controlling both sides of the arguments - they have to keep up appearances by giving themselves rhetorical cover. Only a fool doesn't know this. With Tito Mboweni at the helm of the finance ministry we can still stretch the gap a whole lot more. Socialism can solve this VoteEFF

So those figures only found out about this today?🙄 Yeah. MYANC has all the money. The rest of us have fuck all. That's unequal. Black people need land and resources to balance the playing field. Fighting foreign nationals to leave the jobs given by whites is not going to change the inequality. VukaDarkie. BringBackTheLandFirst