The benefits outweigh the risks: Prof Madhi on J&J vaccine

[ANALYSIS] The benefits outweigh the risks: Prof Madhi on J&J vaccine

2021-04-15 10:09:00 AM

[ANALYSIS] The benefits outweigh the risks: Prof Madhi on J&J vaccine

Vaccinologist Shabir Madhi said while pausing the clinical trial is justified, the vaccine should be rolled out.

Vaccinologist Shabir Madhi commented on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine pause. Courtesy ofJOHANNESBURG - Professor of Vaccinology at the University of the Witwatersrand Shabir Madhi said the benefits of using the Johnson & Johnson vaccine far outweigh the risks.

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He says whileis justified, the vaccine should be rolled out.READ:SA suspends J&J vaccine rollout over blood clot concernsThe trial was halted while the SA Health Products Regulatory Authority examines data on a possible link between the jab and a rare blood clot disorder.

"The decision by the government to pause the J&J vaccine needs to be contextualised in that the vaccine is used as a clinical trial. In this clinical trial, the participants need to always to informed of any risks.READ:COVID-19 vaccine: No rare blood clots detected in SA

"There's been a pause on the clinical trial which is justified because investigators need to do the necessary paperwork."As the J&J arrives tomorrow, I think it would be a huge miscalculation not to immediately start the use of the vaccine.

"SA is one of the countries where there is still a significant amount of the transmission of the virus and the risk-benefit ratio is in favour of continuing the vaccination program rather than delaying the use of the vaccine." Read more: eNCA »

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Ppl must get to terms that this ppl are not just any 6ppl they are 6 Americans if 6 Africans had uncounted the same fate 100/1 that the roll out would still be on going no drama. Africa matters not even if the vaccines was the only hope now so back to drawing board It is fine but I would not risk a clot or my immediate family being the one in the one in a million victim We are all healthy, why play Russian Roulette A clot I might be 😂😉😊👍

Nonsense hows does death beat staying alive? I wonder how much J&J has payed you. So if that is the case then why was the roll-out stopped? The benefits as assessed by who with such a short space of time? Who know what more side effects will show up next? But then again Doctors have been know to promote meds in return for compensation.

Off course and tht is why Johnson & Johnson themselves have halted their own vaccine program in Europe. But to u and ur PR professor must go past tht and use it because 'benefits' outweigh the 'risks' utter nonsense Experiment didn't go well🙄 This government can save a lot of money by not buying these so called rejected vaccines

errolbsk 😂😂😂😂😂 we are continuing with the j&j(blood clotting) vaccines , we won't get shit refund thank u ramaphosa and Mkhize.... Nizofaninye 6 million vaccinated and 6 complicated, makes sense why this statement is shared