The Bachelorette's Lunga weighs in and tells us who he thinks has got Qiniso's heart | Channel

The Bachelorette's Lunga weighs in and tells us who he thinks has got Qiniso's heart - @KupisoLu #TheBacheloretteSA

2021-04-15 10:02:00 AM

The Bachelorette's Lunga weighs in and tells us who he thinks has got Qiniso's heart - KupisoLu TheBacheloretteSA

In this Q&A, we find out what Lunga Kupiso has been up to since leaving and pick his brain for his thoughts about the show.

The communications consultant had a tricky start when he told Qiniso to keep quiet on the red carpet. He seemed to be building steam and bonding with Qinisio. In episode five, he got some one-on-one time with her and stated his case for the final time with a letter, which did not sit well and saw him exit the mansion at the rose ceremony.

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WATCH HIS EXIT INTERVIEW HERE:In this Q&A, we find out what Lunga has been up to since leaving the show, his thoughts about Peter, and whether he is still looking for love.What have you been doing since you exitedThe Bachelorette SA?I went straight back into work, trying to catch up to the month and a half that I was away. Fortunately, I got to do most of that from the village (home), which was a nice touch to allow me to regroup before heading back to Ethiopia.

In hindsight looking back at your experience on the show, do you think your first impression on the red carpet had a negative impact?I will always have to consider that my moment did not lay the ideal foundation as far as first impressions count, and perhaps that had a ripple effect on how open we were able to be with one another. To be fair, only the Bachelorette would be able to answer this question.

HOW IT STARTED: Lunga meets Qiniso on the red carpet.Photo: M-NetIs there anything you would have done differently during your time on the show?Nothing whatsoever. Everything I did and every word I uttered came from a genuine place, and to wish for change would be wishing I weren't myself.

What did this experience teach you about yourself and what you want in a future relationship?I went in confident in what I have to offer in the context of a relationship, but I got to see that I was also confident in myself and genuinely comfortable in the idea that I am good enough. In terms of future relationships, my biggest outtake is simple: reciprocity remains important in the development of a bond between two people, and if it is forced, it will not go anywhere good.

I am living for yourBachelorette SAtweets. I have to ask, who do you think will come back from the two-on-one dates?I genuinely am enjoying watching the show like every South African and enjoying the opportunity to get to hear what the gents had to say in their personal narrations and their moments with her - it's all fun.

I think it is hard to choose who would and who would not because both guys seem to have built unique bonds with her, and perhaps it will come down to what bond can she do without at the moment compared to the other. Also, both guys offer her something different, like Vuyani has definitely encouraged her to be open with herself (therefore helping her grow in the process) while Peter gives her the comfort of an assured interest in her. Maybe surety is more important at this stage of her journey, but also, she may appreciate the growth.

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The one consistency we have seen so far in this journey is, nothing is guaranteed so, what if both of them don't come back?HOW FAR CAN YOU THROW AN AXE? Lunga on a group date.Photo: M-NetThere aren't too many guys in the house that have managed to befriend Peter. We've noticed you, too, have chimed in here and there. Why do you think that is? Peter does seem to be taking this journey very, very seriously.

I think the constant reminders about how serious this journey is, has rubbed many of the gents the wrong way (I know it did for me) as Peter tries to rally us all to focus, so that may be part of the reason. I don't doubt he is in it for the right reasons, though, as I would assume that everyone who came on Qiniso's journey was looking for the end result she asked of us at the beginning.

Watching the show now, what are you learning about the other men and Qiniso that is surprising you?The gents were very confident in their one-on-one time with her, more than they may have let on during our time on the show. Also, I am immensely impressed at how open they have been with the whole process, not living in fear of the what if but choosing to be open throughout; really amazing to watch.

In your opinion, who do you think is the most compatible with Qiniso?Ha! Ha! This is a trick question, right? Because it is difficult to say. She has found something different in each one of the guys, and honestly, this is why I am at times thankful that I am not in her shoes, phew! At this stage, I may have to say Vuyani and Gareth because they have been able to make her feel confident enough to open up and begin connecting at a different level.

GETTING TO KNOW EACH OTHER: Lunga shares so alone time with Qiniso.Photo: M-NetAt this point, do you think there is a clear frontrunner, who, and why?I don't think so. I could see her with Aviwe or Justin just because they are all so easy going with her, and she seems to be genuinely enjoying their company. Swazi also has developed an incredible foundation with her, and it's visible that she enjoys his time. That's six guys on different journeys but have a very strong chance of being her ideal partner.

Are you still looking for love?I am open to finding love, but I am not going out of my way to find it. As my mother said, when you go looking for it, chances are you will not find it.WATCH A TEASER FOR EPISODE 10:We live in a world where facts and fiction get blurred

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Thank you for having me guys. Appreciate the platform and the opportunity to be heard ❤️ KupisoLu This guy 🥱🙄🙄