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The ANC is racist and tribalistic, says gatvol Jessie Duarte

Johannesburg - ANC deputy secretary-general Jessie Duarte has delivered a stinging rebuke of the governing party, describing it as “tribalistic and racist” for marginalising members and voters who are not black Africans. In a hard-hitting address to ANC members at the Naledi Community Hall in Soweto this week during the Albertina Sisulu Memorial Lecture, Duarte said her comrades might not like what she told them but the party was “tribally chauvinistic”.

“We have almost become tribalists in the way we present ourselves. We are racist in the ANC because we marginalise people who are not black African people; keep them out of the ANC at all costs. put one or two there as tokens so that we can say mara ja, you know, there is uJessie apha representing,” she said.

Duarte continued: “We won’t accept the fact that non-racialism is a core value of the ANC. We don’t want to accept that, we even go as far as creating myths. I don’t like the term coloured people, I never refer to myself as a coloured, ever in my life and I never will.”


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They never Corect anything as long as they continue to succeed in dividing the country along racial line they will always be in power that’s their only tool and policy

The ANC was always racist and tribalistic, they are real thugs, oppressors and criminals

A wake up call for the ANC from a staunch member of the movement and a leader. Whether one can accuse the ANC of blanket racism and tribalism is another question. Up to the ANC to consider this a stimulus seriously correct the wrong!

That's the problem with ANC people, they only realise its rotten when it no longer serves them personally

He banna

Salvation has come to Jesse!!!!

“If you make yourself hostage to a racist past you could budget on a racist future.” - Frederik Van Zyl Slabbert

One thing for sure, the ANC is full of dishonest people who helped themselves and their families to the state's coffers. And now that Ministers Gordhan and Mboweni are saying no, they're scattering around like rats on a sinking ship.

Whose is her to talk?feeling the pinch now mss fraudster,qina NPA pata cyril

The same ANC and its Leaders she protected all along. Some people are hypocrites. Never ever trust a politician. They are Professional liars. They are trained to lie.

We know this. But you benefited all along. What happens now?!

Not sure why she is complaining ..If the glove fits ...

Jessie Duarte, fine one to talk. Lost her respect when she abundant Nelson Mandela’s values and decided Ace Magashule, Bathabile Dlamini, Des Van Rooyen, Carl Niehaus and Jacob Zuma are the people with values that kids have to emulate.

🎥🎬 My favourite movies growing up, mafia gangsters. The baddies that did the worst with impunity. Until ... 😊 they turn against one another. And ... 🎬 The End!

Duarte like a desperate politician is resorting to politics of ethnicity to portray herself as a victim of majority rule. Like a typical ethnocentrist is invoking her desperate coloured ethnicity to manipulate the ANC democratic processes to superficial reflect her demagoguery

If the ANC doesn't come up with a youth League soon,then it's future is in the mercy of the EFF

LOL at the little garden gnome giving the 'white supremacy salute'! 👌👌

American politics are tribalistic. What do we understand this to mean in our context? Does it mean a feeling of superiority of a tribe over others? What is a tribe in our context?

No shit, Sherlock? We have known this for a very long time ... even before you drove a car without a driver's licence and then defeated the ends of justice by claiming that your son/nephew(?) was driving. Some of us have long memories!

Anyone throwing wild accusations at ANC afraid CR is knocking at their doors to recover looted money or facing imminent arrest

Not new...

No woman no cry

Desperate woman.

Oh well seems the kitchen is on fire.😂

Praise the Lord, Jessie has seen the light!!


Whe This started when JZ became president. Remember 100% Zulu. These people didn't say a word whilst it suited them. Now when the other camp is in the ascendancy now you starting to complain.

I know where this is going.

Huh? Jessie who 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

Telling the truth like a dying person.... Isn't she dying?

Did auntie Duarte lose her place at the head trough ? 🤔

HowardStoffels Everyone is allowed a tantrum now and then

She wanted to be SG not deputing

Ok Jessie I get what you saying, but I grew up in Newcastle Kzn, growing up, Indians and Coloured lived in Town closer to all facilities white people had, while Black communities lived far and outside of town with no Electricity etc. So please stop we love you okay!

we said it repeatedly when idiots of RET chased white in ANC with WMC concept, the same Duarte clapped hands at that time

Thank u Jessie Duarte. Triabilism =racism & the reason 4 failure in all black Africa. When will the natives of this continent realise dat unity is strength & stop their substance mentality. How many ANC members in their hearts agree with Jessie Duarte?

Possibly fake news 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

🗣️ tell us more woman of gwad

Wow coming from someone I least expected.... well done

That’s stinging truth from Sis Jessie.

JESSEtellIT4WhatItIS that IT IS what is weR MARGINALISED our POPULATION REGISTER it discriminate AGAINST COLOUREDS it is COLOURED BLACK but NOT AFRICAN Nogal he indigenous first PEOPLE chased from NORTHEN LESOTHO SWAZI BOTSWANA PROVINCES 2the beaches of WC black but not AFRICAN

The only truth she's ever spoken,

You were happy when those boys from India were running our state and head office was saxonwold

Before pending arrest ANCDSGDuarte ?

So Jessie now 'suddenly' having a Damascus moment. The sceptic on my shoulder suggests the heat in the kitchen from the NPA sniffing too closely may just have some relevance.

No, she her crue r racist n tribalistic, not MYANC...

Shame poor aunty ANCDSGDuarte

so now you say cos yr alliance is weak,,,

This dwarf mut have smoked Peruvian hair

ANCDSGDuarte rings hollow... you credibility 0️⃣

Duarte is missing the Guptas. She should move to Dubai.

Took her a long time to figure that out

ANC is not well in everything, I can’t think of anything in the past 10 ten, they have got it right

Jessie Duarte? What's going on here? I can not believe what l m reading here. Is this fake news or something?

Now that it made her rich lol...excuses when they are on escape mode from their political parties.. 🤔

Making sense

Which ANC her ANC

UnmovedLee What she's saying is probably true but why now? What's changed?

What happened? Scarcity of resources and opportunities activate survival instinct and behaviour. Politics will be redefined, including who belongs to the tribe. Less food on the table means less to feed.


The one who handed samkelemaseko chieftaincy of the media...the one and the only Jessi Gee to the Dwarte...the short one madoda

The ANC is racist and tribalistic,says pensvol Jessie Duarte There,I fixed it for you✌️

When she's talking about the ANC

Little to late Tyrion.

She kinda lost a right to talk right. She pondered to the Zuptar lot. I just can’t with her.


Why you lying?

When you were looting, you only saw the colour of money... Now what?

The NC province coloured community is forgotten long time ago. I'm hailing from there we are non existent.

Skilled coloured people dont get work in this country. Small businesses dont even stand a chance under thr new dawn.

This woman is dividing the nation Madoda!

I think question everyone should be asking is she wrong and if she then one must give reasons

While the stats is there to proof it some idiot will go after her

Since when?

She is not to be believed this one

What Jessie is saying is the truth

How come that she has only just found out?

Ha a bua tje o se a batla ho tsamaya mohlomong o tla ya ho FFPlus.

But the ANC was great while she could cash in...

Bathong 👀

SOCIAL CLASS as an ANC IDEOLOGY That's tantamount purely to RACISTS party

Met grassroot veteran activists who agree. Opposition to apartheid was far more united than reality of life thereafter.

only now she speaks much has she overseen in contracts

'Women have not accepted that we are equal to men' ~Jesse Duarte This is serious where are faminist

Who’ exactly is the ANC? She must be talking about herself, Ace Magashule & all those who were controlled with a remote by the Guptas

She knows whats coming to her

Jessie makes a valid point.

I bet she's no longer benefiting from whatever she was benefiting from...

We stan a queen kabelodick

What has she done during all the years she has been in the executive to undo what she is complaining about now?

As a country we need to start thinking about a South Africa beyond ANC, they have played their part, but it's enough now. Our future is at stake here with this people.

I’m no NEC memeber but I thought that the ANC was a democratic organization and people are elected into leadership roles. I guess she knows something we don’t.

I don't believe Jessie said this though🤔

Is it now?

Hooray!!! One of those miracle pastors has helped blind Jessie Duarte. Now she can finally see. All the best in the cold (it’s cold outside the ANC)

Look whose talking

Lindele ntoni kwigongo

He bann' 😂😂😂😂😂 kabelodick kgaugelo_SM Tla le kweng ditaba!

Who is Jessie Duarte now?

orange the new black, 55 the new 40s, WhatsApp the new emaik, triabalism the new racism Good on you Aynti Jess for finally waking up MYANC PresidencyZA CyrilRamaphosa Our_DA

And the DA white supremacist is the answer?


Since when mme

The new dawn has came to perfect this


Laugh with me.... utlwa Jessie a reng VMasanabo ... after all the things that the ANC and her have put as through

Must digest this first.....never in my wildest imagination crossed me

She will be on eNCA very soon, denying this!🤣😂

And you realised this before or after you deffended Zuma?

was hoping she would add corrupt as well, but this will do for now

Ijooh yaa neh sister Jessy

So not even Jessie is black enough They have created a monster. ANC racism will devour SA just like Apartheid did. They are selling SA to China while pointing fingers at 1652’s. The irony of history repeating itself. Cry my beloved country.

Herself Included TSK

wake up and smell the coffee.

These sounds like deathbed confession. 😂😂😂😂

This is not new. There is a thin line between multiracialism and tribalism. There is no history of nonracialism here. Save for the rhetoric.

So CyrilRamaphosa is leading a racist an tribalistic organization? Interesting!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

So mam Jessie Duarte is only seeing that now🙄🙄

Don’t speak out tea girl

Jessie has hit the nail on the head. However, coloured people prefer to associate themselves with whites. They are not ashamed to call Blacks with a k-word. They should get of their high horse and involve themselves in ANC. Build branches and affiliate to get positions.

oh please..🙄

Yup, lady, zilch credibility all round

DjNewSouthAfric Ooh what changed? She has always been with them and defending them. Hmmm nature of politics. Its a cruel game

Them scales have fallen from Jessie’s eyes

Some truth juice 👏👏👏👏

mbazZzo She wasn’t saying nothing during the decade of looting. President CyrilRamaphosa, FINISH THEM!

ANC is the new NP. Racist party full of racist leaders. SecPompeo LanaMarks welcome to the real South Africa.

Oh boy 😂😂

Well,well,well, all goods things come to an end Jessie,.... things starting to heat up in the kitchen? Children were robbed of their future, even if you did not have a hand in the cookie jar, you ' enabled' criminals, by doing nothing. Karma will visit you..that's for sure!

She should know. Takes one to know one.

Uncomfortable truths we all know - but pretend they we aren't aware.

Does this include yr son in law, the little sewage mechanic that waddled into Treasury with Weakend Special yet he failed his Grade 5 two times table ?

True , we know that some tribalists within ANC have been trying from day 1 to remove Ramaphosa. Tribalism is big in the organization.

I won't be surprised when Jessie wakes up tomorrow&tell us about fake news, they all shout fake fake when she/he calms down from whatever angered her/him, that's ace magashules daily quote

Ghost_Android Eish plse lord dnt tell me PG poisoned her as well

And wot about yr son in law White...... something, the little Gupta sewage mechanic that walked into treasury with 'weekend special' but even failed Grade times table ?

100% true, this has reached its peak during Zuma's last term and during Cyril's campaign it was the slogan THE ANC HAS CONTRIBUTED IN DIVIDING THIS NATION What sickening the most is the corruption & after that they tell us that ' S. AFRICA IS THE MOST UNEQUAL COUNTRY'

She only came to that conclusion now? She is very slow.

How come you're so pissed off at comrades to call them racists.... YouWereThereWhenYouChose To sideline (your) people of the same culture! You are here supporting state capturists How now brown.....? 😳

A little slow witted to only discover that now.

You’re correct, yourself included...

When did she realize this

DjNewSouthAfric She's telling the truth. There is a rise of a racist black nationalist bloc especially from the so called RET faction in the party.

The battle of ideas. Has she been to charts worth Indians call Africans Kaffirs

Such tendency multiplied during Ubaba's tenure. Ironically Jessie was also more prominent and had more influence during that time

Then EFF and DA is worse then 🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️

But I was told (especially by by John_C_Robbie & Radio702 ) that Black people CANT be racist? Mmm

What’s happening with that BRICS Bank post that ANCDSGDuarte told us Nene would fill? Can we get an update on that please? Tx.

Nothing new there and she has been more than happy to sing the same song for decades.

After all these years, ANCDSGDuarte only discover it only now that MYANC is tribalistic, backward & Africanist 🙄🤔 CyrilRamaphosa JacksonMthembu_ tito_mboweni GwedeMantashe1 MbalulaFikile Lesufi DlaminiZuma LindiweSisuluSA One of the reasons for the corrupt mess.

Gatekeeper has spoken.

kskweit ANC elections start at branch level. As a top sixer has she ever tried to establish why ANC branches are not electing other races to represent them at higher levels. Has she investigated whether there is adequate participation and involvement of other races at branch levels?

Thank God. Finally she has changed her dirty undies.

What a joke. She's the worst, turned a blind eye to all thee bullshit that occurred under Zuma and defended it loudly.niw has aa problem with its racist rethoric. Do me a favour

DjNewSouthAfric Loooool....

Does she imbibe holy water? She couldn't have said this while sober,I submit. Yes to some extent it rings true Jessie and you're part of NEC.....

DjNewSouthAfric Nywe nywe 🙄🙄🙄🙄politicians are funny. Are the ANC cadres no longer sharing the piece of the pie with her?

Tribalism is not anc thing, it's a SA thing. The most hated tribes in SA are those from limpopo. Go to schools. Kids from limpopo are discrinated against. U hear a tr say, 'ngwana o ke le Vhenda'. Then u hear same tr say, ' Nna ke mo Tswana'- doest use ' le Tswana' to self.

DjNewSouthAfric I don't trust this headline

Africa has probably become the most racist continent of all. This while accusing just about the whole balance of the western world as racists. All smoke and mirrors to cover the continental scourge of corruption!

Is she leaving ANC for her to say this now because most of them they talk like this after they've left the party...

So what must the world do madam?

Now you know why they are not called the SOUTH African National Congress. Remember they were not founded to promote Non-racialism. They were founded to unite and advance (certain) African interests only.

It took Duarte very long to establish what most Afrikners has said for decades. The non blacks in the ANC is just used as tokens to to provide them with a very thin veneer to appear and tell the world they are actually multi racial.

She must sit down with Ace then.he is racist as they for tribalism,she must go preach about it in KZN.goodluck to her and will praise if she comes back alive.

Jimmy Manyi once Saud blacks cannot be racist...I mean, ANC is consist of most black membership and hearing this now...

She said it

No honour among thieves 😁😁


Oh put a sock in it Jessie ... you have been a loyal henchman of the party you now diss

🤣 Blablabla 😂 under Ramaphosa leadership

Coloured people cannot cry foul as the Apartheid System was at least bettered their way of leaving than Blacks in SA. Go to Free State where I come from at least I have gone in many towns/places. Coloureds where separated from black community and service delivery was different.

Seems like the roof is leaking within the glorious movement

From Jesse nogal...


Crazy organization

Another dirty rat aboard the desparation train. Next she will also be claiming poisoning.

Finally the wake up is on.......

She forgot Patriarchal

This is the reason why the ANC is friends with Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Iran and China

Some of those who benefitted from from Bantustan system, are today regarded as hero’s of our democratic dispensation. Even hardcore supporters of the tricameral system have to positions in the state

Lol, it took her a very long time to figure that out.

Hebanna I thought they are stronger together MbuyiseniNdlozi ka Rugby

Can’t believe you finally said THAT Jessie! You did, did you? (Eyes popping). Some of us always knew. LMFAO

Lord of tribalism and racism you mean auntie

Atlast someone said it... now can we have the debate about it PLEASE MYANC

Tribalistic I agree. Julius_S_Malema once raised this an people ignored him.

the fact is, ANC was sold and put in captivity by these thief's, but now is the Time of Freedom, Africa arise and shine!😇

After eating alone and becoming this fat she finally sees the light..

Please can y’all read the article, she talking about Coloureds & Indians & how coloured townships have been neglected by the current ANC.

Not the party you thought? Weren’t you part of the Top 6 that consistently backed & defended Zuma?

You would'nt say!

So does this mean you have seen the light Jessie ?

Seems like some one touched you on your studio finally .


That is true.

Tje real question is, why did it take so long for you to coome clean on a truth we've all known to be fact sonce the 90s?

I agree with Jessie,Xhosas and Zulus

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