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Terror accused twins case still dragging 39 months after their arrest | The Star

Prosecutor reveals that defence lawyers served the State with 300 questions on September 3.

2019-10-08 01:01:00 PM

Lawyers for the Thulsie twins, accused of planning terrorist acts mostly against establishments and individuals identified as anti-Islam, have sent the State 300 questions that they want answered before their trial can start. TheStar_news

Prosecutor reveals that defence lawyers served the State with 300 questions on September 3.

While it has seen several false starts, prosecutor Adele Barnard informed the court yesterday of another development that forced the shifting of trial commencement.Barnard revealed that defence lawyers served the State with a request for further particulars on September 3.

Russia to deliver COVID-19 drug to SA, Latam countries - wealth fund Alcohol industry calls for lifting of 'devastating' booze ban | News24 INFOGRAPHICS | As SA reaches 500 000 Covid-19 cases, key indicators show early signs of decline | News24 Read more: IOL News »

TheStar_news who cares, let the terrorists rot in sa jails...

Dad charged with homicide after 'accidentally' killing six-month-old baby by tossing her into ceiling fan26-year old man identified as Jesus Michel Zalazar was arrested and charged with homicide in connection to the death of his six-month old step daughter. This happened to one family I know.The father came back tipsy and tossed the baby in the air as a form of play.He missed the baby who unfortunately fell to his death, it was their only child The couple have since divorced.

308 cases finalised in a day: whistle-blower accuses Ipid of covering up police brutalityLeaked memos, reports, correspondence, a signed affidavit and a statement to the state capture inquiry contained whistleblower allegations that police brutality cases were 'prematurely 'completed or 'closed' Case closed but no look at or investigated

Ekurhuleni DA councillor in alleged R1.2m bribe scandal | The StarCriminal charges should be opened over the R1.2million in bribes allegedly received by a DA councillor in Ekurhuleni, with accusations that the party's top leadership concealed the apparent corruption. TheStar_news

Arts Minister responds to Vatiswa Ndara’s open letterVatiswa Ndara took to Twitter and accused local production houses of exploiting actors. Uthini uMinister of Condolences? I wonder if he would really do something about it This issue must be addressed we tired of our people being exploited

Chinese soldiers in Hong Kong warn protesters as emergency laws fail to quell unrestScores arrested under new emergency laws Under Mao, 79 million Chinese were slaughtered. Are we about to witness this again?

Zimbabwe increases petrol prices by more than 25%A full tank of petrol costs more than a month's salary for a cook or a maintenance worker, and more than half a month's salary for a doctor. South Africa going in the same direction 😮😮 They said they wanted the land let them farm petrol