Tegeta R3,7b deal with Eskom set aside, declared unlawful

Tegeta R3,7b deal with Eskom set aside, declared unlawful #eNCA


Tegeta R3,7b deal with Eskom set aside, declared unlawful eNCA

An SIU investigation into the allegations of maladministration at Eskom was ordered in 2018.

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Who are the people who signed this deal because we know it was before Molefe and Koko's time. The Berlin wall of corruption is crumbling, one stone/brick at a time!🙏 Every single person involved must be dealt with. Asset forfeiture unit must do it job. Now for those who approved the deal...from the bottom to the top, must face the music!

Howa knew what coming that why he resigned from Gupta group. Zondo commission must offer amnesty from prosecution deals to likes of Howa to get to the true extent of state capture. This was orchestrated by Koko, Molefe and Singh for their masters, the Guptas. Where are all the defenders now? vngalwana

koko_matshela care to explain Is Tegeta not owned by the Guptas? I wonder what the Twitter engineer together with RET cabal and defenders are gonna say about this. We want that money returned back to the coffers. Sheep are still saying Zuma didn't contribute to Loadshedding Phaahla_ R3.7billion contract set aside. Now, they must recoup the profits earned so far. The least we cud ask for Where is Ronica Ragavan ( the Marshalling Captain) and Mr Howa? There was also the Fixer, Mr Chawla? Are they still in RSA, these people?

R3.7bn Eskom contract with Gupta mine Tegeta set aside: SIU claims huge winThe North Gauteng High Court has set aside a controversial R3.7-billion coal supply contract between Tegeta and Eskom, the justice department said on Friday. It's long overdue. That mine was bought using Eskom's guarantee, technically speaking it belongs to Eskom, i think government should expropriate Tegeta Mine and supply eskom with coal. Guarantee + prepayment Does this mean Tegeta will have to pay back the money to Eskom?

Bit late for that Tegeta pay back 3.7 billion or be loadshedded permanently. Halala While at it they must set aside those apartheid contracts. Who the hell decided it was a good idea to give a 40 year contract?! Yes yes yes PresJGZuma shame on you sis!! ChiefLuto hlalutya tshomam.

Eskom pension bailout is 'terrible madness' - Cape Chamber of Commerce | IOL News'It would be tantamount to a father raiding his child’s college fund to pay his gambling debts, or cashing in his pension to do the same. Yet, that is what Cosatu has suggested.' Because cosatu bosses all have contracts with the Eskom, they chowing. Lol, there's nothing wrong with Eskom, they just want to privatise it.

Eskom war room finally meets for the first time | IOL NewsDeputy president David Mabuza, who heads the Eskom task team, said it urgently had to deal with the impact loadshedding had on ordinary South Africans. Funny man in charge. Enough of corrupt clowns 🤡 Im still saying keep loadshedding for 2 years ppl will adapt businesses will adapt as long as its according to schedule but fix the problems properly . This on off loadshedding is more damadgeing to economy than that will be problem of DD is that he want to become President so his presence cast doubts

GEPF says it will not invest in Eskom purely to save SAPrincipal executive officer Abel Sithole said any investment in the struggling utility would have to generate a return Well well well We are continuing our work to help build student and graduate entrepreneurship in the institutions of higher learning with efforts to help reduce the unemployment rate, we’d truly appreciate the support of media houses to get our word out there. How do we get hold of BDLive? That's our hard earned money Good

Govt pension fund: It would be wrong to dismiss Eskom bailout proposal without all the factsThe GEPF's principal executive officer says: 'It is a fact we have not been approached … we cannot say anything else besides [that] we have not been approached.'

WATCH: Chaos in Winterveld after Eskom refuses to repair power transformers | Pretoria NewsProtesters barricaded roads with rocks and burning tyres vowing to continue until power is restored to households Don't repair they want to burn🤣 Is not a chaos, is way we communicate with our government This is the only language our government understands. Eskom has the country by the balls

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