Teachers employed by SGBs could receive no salaries if parents don't pay

Teachers employed by SGBs could receive no salaries if parents don't pay

2020-04-09 05:31:00 PM

Teachers employed by SGBs could receive no salaries if parents don't pay

The COVID-19 lockdown has placed significant financial burdens on many parents.

COVID-19:An attitude is emerging - that parents are unwilling to pay for a service they believe they are not receiving - because their children are at home.They’ve been asked to consider the consequences of such actions.“Our estimation is that there are about 100 to 150,000 people employed, either as educators or non-educators, by school covering bodies in the country. And those people may only be paid from the school fees or the school fund, not from subsidies from the state, or from fundraising activities - income the school receives. So if parents should and must decide we are not going to pay, 150,000 jobs are on the line,” said Paul Colditz, chief executive of the Federation for School Governing Bodies of SA.

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But work is being done.WATCH:Schools to close amid coronavirus in SAHomework is being sent to parents - and perhaps more importantly - there are plans to make up lost time.“We have a catch-up plan, and the very same teachers are going to recover lost time and do as much work and sacrifice as the need has arisen and make sure the learners pass at the end of the day. The service will be rendered. It might not be at the time when the parents are expecting it, as per normal, but the service will be rendered,” said Basic Education spokesperson Elijah Mhlanga.

Private schools say they've had a different experience of this issue. Read more: eNCA »

It's too much! As well as parents are not gonna get paid so it's a national dissapointment it doesn't favour no one... We all in the same boat 😒 Government should do something for them, just once It is fine to say pay the teachers, pay dstv, pay your debts, pay water and lights but the middle class can only do this if they can get full pay. Who is looking after us.

We are all affected here elsewhere wt abt the issue of rents we need clarity This grade R teachers they also must be allowed to access the UIF meant for workers affected by the lockdown But parents arent getting a salary either and also home schooling our own kids for a month! That's why there is solidarity fund. Go ask money from that fund and pay those teachers.

We eat in one dish so what any one know it's lockdown . Safety is important than a salary after everything we all start from zero all of us . U can collect food parcel as long u ate and healthy. Banks any one knows the situation. When lockdown is extended 🙄 What are parents paying for They also don't have a salary mos

Salaries that will be affected if that becomes the case are salaries for next month bills, May. Also, special arrangements should be made for affected parents with proof only. This is to prevent Tsotsi parents from trying to profit at the expense of other human beings. Yoh we are in a hell crisis indeed

If they not getting any money cause they are staying home,so now they should pay for educators that are at home? Why teachers only? I work in a school where we have admin assistants and general workers employed by SGB . It's not fair. Parents who can pay please pay. Lesufi and also most private schools teachers not paid since they r waiting to be subsidies, parents r not working, so no salaries. This is so painful

If the parents have a legal obligation to pay...what is the schools legal obligation...I don't see any mention of this in the interview...or is the school not legally bound at all...they can do nothing or very little work and still get paid...? But is not fair Why should parents pay for school fees, while their children are at home. Government should compensate those teachers

I will continue paying school fees DBE_SA Lesufi Will pay when the service is rendered. The goverment should compensate because if the parents are not getting paid what are they to do. Did President add more day or Yepha 😭 If parents are not paying then SGB should consult this with the parents. The teachers should not suffer.

As a teacher, this is incredibly unfair. We also have families to take care of and bills to pay. Not our fault the kids had to stay home for their own protection. Parents will not willingly just not pay fees if they receiving their full salaries. FULL salaries must trickle from the top down. If the President extends the Lockdown, school fees won't be paid.

Hence I keep saying, that the thought process of this Lovkdown was short of a comprehensive pre-feasibility report from the advisory committee.

PSA warns of court action over unpaid salary increasesThe PSA said it had briefed lawyers after receiving no confirmation from Minister Senzo Mchunu that civil servants would receive their negotiated salary increases.

Textile industry Covid-19 agreement extended to other partiesThe agreement will allow about 80,000 workers in the industry to continue receiving their salaries during the 21-day lockdown

Mixed feelings among parents about paying for school services under lockdown - SABC News - Breaking news, special reports, world, business, sport coverage of all South African current events. Africa's news leader.There are mixed feelings among parents about paying for services not rendered like school fees, extra murals and scholar transport during the national lockdown. buliemshuds1 check this out! Teachers and other essential school services (water, rates etc) must still be paid too even under lockdown...😰 Please Parents 👆🏽

Safpu wants dialogue on salary cutsThe South African Football Players' Union (Safpu) has not officially been given any proposal on player salaries by the PSL, but the union is open to discussion. RealNevilleK

Sassa changes grant payout dates, will no longer pay on the 1stThe South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) said this was one of the lessons learnt from the last payment cycle during the national lockdown, which compelled the agency to review the payment dates going forward. why not pay them earlier? we really don't good leaders.people are dealing with a lock down with nothing to eat now they have to wait 4 a long time 2 access grants. Generally people on low income, like these pensioners and other grant recipients live from pay day to pay day. Groceries have been bought to last for that time. The new pay dates will impact on these households. As it would a normal salary earner. It's time for all government employees and members of Parliament including the executive take pay cuts like in other countries to be in par with the general population.if we can cut temporary disability benefits for the most vulnerable in our society so it can be done

Sassa grant payment dates changedAs of next month, disability and pension grants will be paid from the 4th day of the month while all other grants will be paid from the 6th of every month. When will the payout be Your gorvement is still hitting the bush instead of telling a fact that their wallet is dry dry,no money here Already on tomorrow's news. Ya neh!!!!