Taverns identified as COVID-19 hotspots

Taverns identified as COVID-19 hotspots

2020-10-21 07:43:00 AM

Taverns identified as COVID-19 hotspots

Several school pupils tested positive for COVID-19 after partying at the Tin Roof bar in Cape Town

COVID-19 infections are increasing. Taverns have been identified as hotspots in spreading the disease. This follows an incident where several school pupils tested positive after partying at the Tin Roof bar.CAPE TOWN -Places where alcohol is consumed, such as pubs and taverns, are becoming hotspots for the spread of COVID-19.

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Several cases were reported among students in Cape Town and the University of Fort Hare in the Eastern Cape.The alcohol industry is now worried that government may enforce harsher regulations should the danger of a second wave become real.READ:Level 2 lockdown: Tavern owners keen to reopen

The Western Cape liquor industry says at least 44 licensed traders have had their licenses suspended for contravening lockdown regulations but the liquor traders association in the province says businesses are often unfairly targeted by authorities.Tavern and pub owners also say that the onus cannot be on them alone to ensure that customers abide by COVID-19 protocols.

With concerns about a second wave of COVID-19 infections, the liquor industry fears that another alcohol ban could put hundreds of traders out of business. Read more: eNCA »

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This was supposed to have been taken cognizant of before opening them mheidtman No shit Sherlock. Who was paid how many millions to come to that conclusion? FFS. What about taxi ranks🤔 Daaaaah! bmonaleyfz Sanitisers has 70% of Alcohol, so why were Alcohol is the order of the day becomes a Hotspot? . Alcohol kills Corona, right?.

Vala president Ngike ngqyibona ukuthi izafika Lana VusiSambo So specifically they mean black township Businesses... VusiSambo Bullshit loading... Ningazosibhora nicalile le Dodi yenu😈😈 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 🤷🏻‍♀ Yoh relax’ang thleng... next thing alcohol will be banned 😩 How do they know that? P I can believe that in my kasi people don't wear masks and no social distancing... But we all have to die someday right

Niyasiqhela ke manje. Yikaka yodwa lee eniyikhulumayo RUBBISH Voetsk..... Don't even dare And how many died 0.2%? Catch a wake up Wat about churches , izion ivala mnyango jikeleze bafuthele phezulu. 😂🤣🤣 does that not spread the virus through the heavy breathing Bring back level 5,this nonsense will stop

SENIYANYA KE MANJE🤦🏿‍♂️🙄 I need yall to see Pubs and clubs!! Anything that happens in the WC is the blame Not overloaded taxis? No....really? Wow what a shocker 🙄 Coincidentally as pick n pay Ackerman sat it was not making sense to open taverns. What a country... No it's the churches Does this include Rhabula Church?

Lol where will black people do business in this country, because this has nothing to do with what you are claiming... Big formal businesses are the ones that have a problem with township tarvens because they are allowed to operate 7days a week... Greed causes depression too.. 🤣 Nitshelwe obani? i see where this is going....phuma uit lapho ngyakhuza njalo👉

It's Our president's DA Friends angathandi amaTavern simple nje.. Saze savelelwa ile DANC🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮 We're now immune to this virus... Doesn't kill anymore Le ska Gafa!! It's enough ANC Wherever there is Alcohol, discipline is thrown out of the wini!🤔 Masses responding to this ; kubi kubi kubi,siyaya...siyaya !

Then let them sell take aways. What about churches are they not hot spots..? 🤔 Bars and nightclubs? I stay ekhasi and i dont know 1 person who died of covid-19. True story. So close the taverns, don't punish the whole country because of these people Propaganda this is why I don’t bother watching or listening to the mainstream media cooperation funded media machines brainwashing news.

Taverns are the places where men and woman are starting to talk a lot... maybe even xome together. Which the government hates... Nonsense just to to labour department and home affairs then come tell us more about this nonsense. Nothing shall be banned again Mncm 😏 they want to close taverns again Ba fithlile bjang mo, where test conducted. Pls explain?

And what was the minister of health and his wife doing at the tarven maar.... Khanize ne ndaba eziryt niyeke usbhedela I thought they'll day taxis Did they even go to taverns to get sick n see it's a Hotspot They wanna close tavern ka style ai They have plagiarized Manchester findings to suit their narrative...

Nihlanyela amaTarven Even clubs, you walk in and it's masks off. PicknPay and friends trying so hard shem ... Nonsense. Ramaphosa and his friends are against black owned business because they represent white monopoly capital. They started by taking electricity on weekends between the times of 17h00 - 22h00 when they know that those are the ultimate times for taverns to make profit. 🚮

Close them.. Is dangerous there anyway 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️ Ba thomile. Letlonya asker le batlo thoma masepa lol they want to close them do_ngwenya clubs are not? Thobile_Mnisi_ Niyahamba nizule wonke amazwe lawa nisibuyele neCorona bese nizosukelana nathi emaTarven, niyanya You to keep on updating us about buahiri and leave tarvens alone nina,we experiencing serious matters as Africans here

is that the best News you can deliver..Traverns😥.... Life Grand - Waterfall Corner 😭😭 Yeses amanga angaka 🙆🏽‍♀️ So? Khanismele marn 😅 Give cogta minister a bells please report on the human trafficking Hotspots too. EndHumanTraffickingInSA That's rubbish people are drinking alcohol which is equivalent to the sanitizer therefore people are sanitizing at tavern...haw

Lea nya bjanong Duh Which tarven did Zweli Mkhize go to? We must avoid it Niyanya nina Lanyela Just some of the MissingChildren the last few weeks, with FIVE now found deceased 😢 & 15 FOUND SAFELY 🙏 As a non-profit organisation, we are desperate for funding, to continue finding the children that go missing daily in South Africa. WhoWillComeToTheRescueOfOurChildren🙏

Votsek Report about human trafficking WMC😒 Haai everything in SA African do contract virus. Pure lie let ANC give people jobs or tenders then instead of their families, mistresses,friends. True they cant drink with mask on eish So minister Mkhize got it from the tavern? Tell us how Renjani got hired at Treasury first than we can talk about Tarvens

Hayisuka nxxx Enca stop reporting lies Is there any book you wanna read Including local Books[Novels, Poems etc] but can't get it because it's hard to find?Here's your chance!DM me with name the of the book and I'll definitely get it for you In PDF format! 0631616798 N. B R50 fee It is just a ploy to destroy it all among black people. Remember spaza shops are targets of destruction for bigger white owned. What is in the pipeline on tarvens? At least Cyril is destroying everything among those who voted him in power for airtime and R2000

Dont bore us Hence I never seen nobody in taverns with Covid these fuckers yoh Why ningavezi itevern yabelungu? Duh! What was the logic behind closing bottle stores and let tarvens, pubs n all sit ins to operate? This was bound to happen Sebeqalile keh Nazo...o tla nwa jang ka mask on Any place can be a Hotspot Headlines

There is so much human trafficking going on in S.A and this is wat u report? Le useless yeer👀 I stay in a township and there are tarvens people go there with no masks, no social distancing, no nothing, but I'm yet to hear of anyone who died of covid-19 nor am I seeing more funerals than usual. So this virus is indeed mysterious.

Is that were Mkhize got infected? Yazz niyas.. Sukela mxm.. Senifuna ukuvala lezindawo zethu. But We Don't Know Anyone Who Contacted COVID-19 on The Taverns We Go to I've been saying it Pure propaganda. That's totally nonsense. 🚮 Lockdown was implemented and numbers skyrocketed, lockdown eased and numbers went down. Y'all are working for the ones who are committing crimes against humanity in SA.

Covid 19 is still around 🙄 Emasontweni khona ayikho kugcwele ubuthkathi? Well... Uyexoka othetha njalo. so, the big boys have tasted profits with small guys hobbled during the lock. 🙄🙄🙄 Nothing is surprising there. kodwa asikho isidakwa esiphathwe icovid 😂😂😂 what about taxi ranks? Even a child in grade 1 would come up with this report. The journalism in this country is down the toilet.

citizentvkenya StateHouseKenya What about Pubs in Surbubs Research methodology? Sebefuna ukuwavala🤔 So Nizo vala ? They should only be allowed to sell takeaways Please show us the proof your reporting is without substance What about churches 😯😯anifuni ukubona abantu ba happy nina Cos it black business people ave nizinja kodwa what about abo Cubana

You want to kill black business mfazomnyama_ Please leave tarvens alone hayikhona. So 'pubs' aren't? We been knew We no longer worried about Covid we want Jobs This is such a misleading heading 🤨 Ayke Ska mpotsa masepa! False information, people are living outchea Banga linge bavele utswala 😭😭 It's black on black silent oppression, what about Shoprite ! Pick n pay! Airlines! ? Are they all negative?!

First it was funerals,gatherings and now tarvens...lame excuse there? This matlakala called corona is everywhere and we have told to learn on how to live with this matlakala. Now another lame excuse. What's next with this matlakala a virus Akenisyeke ngamanga Stop promoting fake pseudoscience and fake disease, fake pandemic which bankrupted this country.

Leave our tarvens out of this somblief Ey wena!!! Delete this before Cyril sees it... Cima How was it identified? And by who? We have a 98% recovery rate. So why fear a virus that won’t kill you anymore? Those places aren’t “virus hotspots”, they are herd immunity hotspots. This is misguided reporting and lacks critical thinking.

Good luck Covid19 Taverns must be closed on weekend Never heard anyone dying from Covid from hanging out in tavern's....Or they don't want to many 'Bantu's' in one area🤔 Wheres the vaccine nisiyeke. So at pubs/clubs they not or there they social distance ? media ....anywhere where is a place where they have drunkards will be a hotspot i doubt that its just tarvens

Akere they zol and dop together.. sharing is caring daar What about pubs and restaurants, we all don't wear mask when we at these places 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 A toddler could've told you this... On the other news, water is wet Lol nikhatyiwe nina, thina bantu bahamba iTarvens nikhe nasiva sisith syazikrokrela kwi Coco?

What about your pubs or clubs? Hai susiqhela wena leave our tarvens alone Duh mthoko_jay Lol I've never seen an alcoholic with Covid-19 Lmao, not clubs? Cmon what about these joints in the burbs that are forever full weekend after weekend 😂🤣😂 This is written Bheki all over it What? That's not true Can we tavern in peace please, y'all live us alone

I've been feeling very suicidal lately because my 2year old and I have been sleeping for three days now without food💔. If you're able to donate any food please assist us🙏😭. I'm able to go days without eating but my daughter can't 😔💔 Ai kahleni, amaLounge and clubs wona niwasabani.. U always looking for a scapegoat nina

Close tarvens and open churches then... 😂😊😘.. JohnVuliGate Ningasiphapheli Lindo_ntusi What about night clubs and pubs they are targeting a black owned Tarvens now to broke them for good useless media and government They must just say they want to close taverns . Simple. And I sense some bheki cele on this one 😏

Idiots closed take aways and open sit ins 😂😂sure Why open taverns and close bottle stores...🤔 To me it doesn't make sense, or maybe the government is trying to destroy formal market... Who got tested at the tavern? Asizobuyeka tu Our People Don't Obey Covid19 Regulations All They've Forgotten That CORONA VIRUS Stil Exist. They Don't Comply At All.. More Especially At The Taverns, Clubs, Restaurants Etc

No way we drink responsibly Thina nje Mask on always Lies lies lies!!! Mara niyabajwayela abantu abamnyama neh. I don't go to tavernsbut cimani leyo Photo rhaa You forgot PicnPay, Shoprite, Tops, PnP liquor and clubs! Lies...I've been to Taverns and I don't have Corona. This MYANC government is a joke Stop destroying black owned businesses with your propaganda, what about pubs in white dominated suburbs

And schools🤣 Dont try us please. 🤚🏿 It amazes me how that clubs in Cape Town and now taverns have become hot spots but protests, courts amd taxi ranks are not hot spots. This Covid is very intelligent. Eeh hai never.... Tavern tja ko kae? Take away was the best option Easy targets. The anc is more than a hotspot

They must be closed soon Ths media company is very useless, it does always hide the real news n report this rubbish. If taverns are identified as hot spot y covid was high when thy were closed n low now whn thy r open. Le tlogeleng go re nyela lena 🤣🤣🤣🤣 They Must Be Closed Tsek..what about pubs,restaurants You hate black people nina zinja

Don't Worry Heat And Alcohol Will Deal With It Ungabe usaya mzala .Wandi_SA Ke December... Ba satlo re tena😎 Does zweli mkhize and his wife goes to Taverns ? Simolla masepa yanong Lokho sikuzwa ngai nina eningaphuzi maxoki ndini Why not target the likes of Cubana, Tigers Milk, News Cafe etc 😆 Only now. Taverns are proof that this Covid19 is 🐂💩

Close them Haha oh shit here we go again. Their alcohol narrative is back. Next time we’ll be told there aren’t hospital beds available due to alcohol related incidents. What about churches and restaurants KeitumetseMngad Media is not only at war with EFF, they are at war with Black people..... I have been saying this since they opened

Can see where this is going already. Voetsek guys if u are planning a lockdown you will do it alone. So Manje Nithi senze kanjan... Sishaye Izandla? the leaders committed a sacrilege, when they allowed alcohol to lead our economy... Church, funerals and weddings and not hotspots This incompetent govt FAILED to deal with COVID19 instead they were busy stealing PPE funds now they want to scapegoat Taverns again. We must not let them. Its time we hold them accountable.

What about restaurants/lounge/clubs? U-oh. If the ban is re-instigated, it will affect all restaurants too. The people resistance this time el shock you beyond belief...what is happening in Manchester will not happen in RSA...its enough and we know its not true...the deep state will not enforce medical tyranny in Africa.

This is not good news at all as we are close to December 🥴🤔 ...,and Clubs or Modern-day restaurants turned night clubs are not? Why are you being biased in your reporting!? Newzroom405 can you please go educate your colleagues there about subtle/covert racism & subjective reporting. But anyway, I am no longer surprised nor disappointed🙄

I'm selling cars You can also get your car on finance if you're earning R7 000plus will put you on finance 3 months bank statement Drivers license 3 months payslip IDcopy Call/App 0749955103 rt maybe my client might be in your TL Taverns, like many other bars , are usually 'bymekaarkomplekke' for friends in kasies ; so it is bound to become a breeding ground for COVID__19. Coupled with sharing uTshwala & cigarettes , it's an obvious to become fertile ground for any airborne disease

Bayahlanya They just want to close them. Don't even think about it dont try. Duuh Aaaai your starting now😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Ayisacace Ma sifeni once..ai I'm unable to can to revisit level 5🤣 Siphila ema Tarvens... But I've never heard anyone testing positive 🙆🏽‍♂️ Is Rockets a tavern? Just want to make sure i wasn't in a hotspot

Only taverns Ave nisile No no no niqalile ke it’s not becoz of RACE.;... but dat’s reality. just do a survey at taverns nd clubs arwnd ur hood u will c dat. Thrz another example I just sent nw They want to close taverns again Not taverns Because they black owned? Why target taverns alone

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Call to extend Covid-19 top-up for all social grantsPresident Cyril Ramaphosa’s recent announcement of an extension of the social relief in distress grant has been welcomed but it has also raised concerns about why other caregiver grants were not extended. Covid19InSA Its insulting to put a photo of Mr Mandela next to any of our 'leaders' of today. They don't come close.

Zimbabwe's COVID-19 cases declining, says governmentActivists say a lack of testing is behind Zimbabwe's low COVID-19 numbers. Open the borders then...🤷‍♂️ Mashano a masehla... Lies

Help get the poorest, most vulnerable masked up to prevent Covid-19 resurgenceData has shown that the poorest areas in South Africa have been hit the hardest by COVID19 infections – affecting twice as many than those in wealthier suburbs.