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Synchronised elections aimed at overthrowing ANC, says Mbeki | The Citizen

Synchronised elections aimed at overthrowing ANC, says Mbeki

2021-05-06 04:54:00 PM

Synchronised elections aimed at overthrowing ANC , says Mbeki

Former president Thabo Mbeki says calls by the EFF and others to hold local, provincial and national elections simultaneously are 'reactionary' and 'counter-revolutionary'.

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RET faction will branch away from ANC n start their own political organization or join ATM 😂😂 ChimCham7 Protecting lives from illness has never been his forte This must have been the most useless and heartless President SA ever had post 94. EFF.. Eish.. Flip.. Flippers.. Or simply plain stupid... Arms deal money is drugging him

🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 Sentletse here's your great leader EDAKWA. Sentletse thoughts please 🎙️ Remove EFF from this rubbish headline nobody will give a shit 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 Did he really use the word overthrow or you used it for ambience 😂😂😂😂

Mbeki 'fuels' Magashule's rebellion against ANC leadership | The CitizenMbeki’s concerns were likely to materialise due to some members within the party being 'resolute' about not dealing with corruption. The best choice I've made this year was investing in cryptocurrency and forex trading and earning from home. With the help of KevinKatch2 I've been earning ZAR60,353.00k weekly I've never regretted this decision fellow RSA, 🙏🏻 How . Please give us details. Zuma warned us that he will wrangle ANC,Fikile warned us that Ace will finish it off🤷‍♂️

This is the reason there is a retirement age. Tell Mbeki, we only have a local government elections this year so his counter revolutionary anc is still 'safe' 😂😂😂😂 Thabo Mbeki is a political irrelevance but then he was a president who wasn't elected directly by the people. SA took a leaf from the Apartheid constitution on appointing their president post 1994. Again, undemocratic.

You don't have to overthrow the does that job perfectly well itself.. ramalokot EFF must go ask Nigerians to vote for them ANC is overthrowing itself, that's why SG was consulting with you veteran. Thabo Mbeki is smoking something dangerous... Didn't EFF say we should stop elections , cyrill went on , Mbeki must go to an old age home his tired...

ANC is overthrowing itself. Why bother? Well his off the Christmas list of

Thabo Mbeki warns of ANC breakawayFormer president Thabo Mbeki told the ANC national executive committee that the governing party should prepare for a possible split caused by “irreconcilable ideological differences”. ANC is in trouble today because of him A split to accommodate thieves, taking from the poor? I don't think patriotic South Africans in their right minds would follow that mob. Let it split! Who cares!

Hehehe this madala wa lwala straight. O hwa neng He must chill this one. So be it! The big Chief is up to something smooth This old age is telling the lies This London boy is over estimating his importance now. Mbeki must shut up Is Julius really entitled to any call 🤔isn't that dangerous on its own? No mr President 3rd is coming look at India today.

Coming soon: ANC vs ANC in court over step-aside rules | The CitizenIt appears that those likely to be forced to step aside by the ANC due to their implication in corruption already have their ducks in a row as they fight for survival. If you are corrupt, just fcuk-off, man! And paying the Bills will be the Tax Payer. James 4 1 Why do you fight and quarrel? It is because your feelings are fighting inside of you. That is why you fight. 2 You want something but you cannot get it. Then you kill. You want something very much and cannot get it. So you quarrel and fight.

Reading this article his fear is for the ANC to loose power coz he knows it's gonna happen Who wouldnt want a synchronized election to do away with suffering brought on by the ANC? Ah, he's still musing on revolution! The real revolution is still coming, just snooze a while longer. He's the root of the Zuma years, but we'll never hear his apology. Power to the citizens over the political class

Same thing he did with HIV this kunt never learn Thts how he misspoke about hiv and aids!! Eish masagwadi read nyana daso This part clearly responds in part to what the Nkandla don said not so long ago, and it makes sense. Who is Thabo Mbeki, an HIV denialist, today u telling us about that nonsense, is he the God of politics, what the he'll r u on about, is that bloody news even?

Drink tea and smoke ur cigar man we got appointment with the future Nkanyiso_ngqulu pandemic yona

Unity & re-evaluating ANC candidates: 6 key takeouts from Ramaphosa's ANC NEC closing remarksThe NEC meeting was held from Saturday to Monday. Good idea, but we think that's too little too late. We are done with ANC, 27 yrs of patience,hoping that you would change lives for better, instead you intrrtained Guptss....and black people's lives got even worse in SA, except in Western Cape....ftsekanc It's an election year tell them we don't take them for granted they will believe us. They still believe our promises anc ruling elite took their voters for granted 27 years

Look at this one now 😏 EFF listen coz later you will want to know what the former president has seen,like in zuma situation We need new Mayors&Councillors,citizens cannot be held on ransom to nurse EFFs corrupt relationships with Mayors&ANC provincial leaders of RET. ANC must be overthrown finish and klaar!!!

Of course those illegal immigrants must flee back to their countries within a week but not 90 days That old crooked man all what's cared about is ANCrooks

Unity & re-evaluating ANC candidates: 6 key takeouts from Ramaphosa's ANC NEC closing remarksThe NEC meeting was held from Saturday to Monday.