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Department of home affairs investigator Amanda Ledwaba ‘stepped on the toes’ of minister and deputy minister – and bears brunt of Sisulu’s rage.

2020-09-27 10:30:00 AM

Lindiwe Sisulu has been caught in an audio recording reprimanding a home affairs investigator central to exposing the fake citizenship of several people. This is related to her investigation into former student leader Mcebo Dlamini’s citizenship.

Department of home affairs investigator Amanda Ledwaba ‘stepped on the toes’ of minister and deputy minister – and bears brunt of Sisulu’s rage.

In the recording, an enraged Sisulu is heard telling Advocate Amanda Ledwaba, the director of law enforcement and special investigation in the immigration inspectorate, that it was not tradition to ask men about the paternity of their love children. City Press this week listened to the audio recording of the conversation, which took place in March, in which Sisulu discusses Dlamini’s case, whom she claims is her nephew.

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Grandtrek Uncharted

Disgusting vile criminal Sisulu is a cockroach VoetsekAncVoetsek! This is so sad that, vigilant people that highlight the issues that need to be addressed will get persecuted by the political machine, we need better governance!! KhandaniM Filthy politicians!! Werdf you paid to write this trash? Journalism has gone mire

Fire...VoetsekANC ANC fear being exposed for who they really are and what they stand for. Our 'open borders' a huge concern especially with everything that's in the news lately...human trafficking, drug trafficking, prostitution..all foreigners. JvanLogg When senior officials or elders hide behind culture when facing scientific investigations....☹️

PrincessMustFall Why can’t the ANC Govt leave RSA citizens to do their jobs ? So at first we used to call it white power during apartheid, you cross them&your future is doomed. Now we call it ANC Reigning Power ✊ you go against them then your future is gone. So much for being serious about education while destroying the same academics. Mafias VoetsekANC

PresidencyZA PublicProtector ANCParliament ParliamentofRSA SANDFCorpEvents EFFSouthAfrica SAPoliceService u see this what i been talking about that the Anc is benefiting from crimes committed by foreigners!! I read the article. There was a sensational spin to it. I'm not surprised, she was married to a foreigner le ena.

jean_leroux is this not worth investigating? Or are you scared your external sources of funding might dry up since SA Media are in trouble already, future(less)wise? Aren't most women done this way when they so what they were hired to do. And I bet it is a boys club that is doing this. And a smallanyana club of women(with inferiority complex) who are behind her suspension

WTF ? CharlotteKhuma3 Someone please post screenshots of this article 🙏 Good and she must get her stuff repossed MqondisiMsimang LindiweSisulu is using State power to abuse Amanda Ledwaba.Gigaba did the same thing,he used the Hawks to bully and intimidate his wife.This is corruption straight. anc is a criminal mafia gang.PutSouthAfricansFirst JusticeforAmandaLedwaba

You aren using the PutSA first brigade in your fight against Sisulu. The only conversation the minister had with Ledwaba was with regard to culture and who the custodians of particular aspects of the culture are in families and culture sensitivity of law in this regard Redd_Do Julius_S_Malema must be happy about this

She was silenced by the presidential hopeful LindiweSisuluSA. Just imagine what else she could do as President. Sies I'm so disgusted CyrilRamaphosa must deal with this thug nxa! Julius_S_Malema How can a Black woman be fired for doing her job? You should go and shut down Luthuli House like you did Clicks 😏

This xenophobic i think PutSouthAfricansFirst CharlotteKhuma3 CyrilRamaphosa you must be carefull for this lady PutSouthAfricanFirst here it's a piece you to attend Wanna be white meit Minister LindiweSisuluSA and HomeAffairsSA what is happening come clean we have had enough of 2020 scandals and corruption 💔💔💔 BringbackLedwaba VoetsekHomeAffairs voetsekAnc

She is as useless as that so-called Minister of Defence - No, not Aunty Pat. She's the other minister of de-fence. She should resign. What a disgraceful act. Care to share the audio? Pres CyrilRamaphosa must institute an investigation into this serious allegations like he did in MapisaNgcakuka's case of Ancdelegations to Zimbabwe she must feel the heat she is preventing official from doing their gob since the audio is there the official must fight her job

Apparently Mcebo used to call himself a Sisulu back in the day but the Sisulus denied any 'auntie' Lindiwe says he is her nephew. How does LindiweSisuluSA have any authority to reprimand (let alone suspend) a home affairs official Especially when Mcebo Dlamini stated hes not related to tge Sisulu family? Something very weird about JKwritingz story

Enquanto. Isso pessoas precisam de autorização. Dos assuntos internos para sair do continente. Africano e são. Deixados de lado sofrendo em um país. Longe de suas casas Mara is it even legal to print such outrageous lies? Even a 30 second google search would show that Mcebo Dlamini is not related to LindiweSisuluSA

Hands off my mama LindiweSisuluSA. She must also be kicked out she is useless Yonela Diko ,sisulu's spokesperson, said there was nothing untoward about her interaction with ledwaba he denied... read more here Hhay 🙄 I lost all respect for the ANC In Mpumalanga the MEC for finance is a Mozambican. And a very staunch member of the deputy president and the ANC in the province.

Enoa mosali ke mokona. Ntho e mona e nyontšang ho feta lesepa. Expose them JusticeforAmandaLedwaba Niyalwa lo mama This country ain't sold , its fucked up in its moer LindiweSisuluSA you people are so full of rubbish!!! Week in week out we have to subjected to endless rubbish from MYANC when will you stop! Do you morons do nothing else but steal,lie,cheat,conive,distroy,gossip that is all you do everyday!

That why South Africans youth have no jobs 😐🤮🤡 Unathi_Kwaza She is now suitably qualified to run for the presidency!! Pls share the audio... Another of the ANC criminals. She must vokof. Besides corruption leaders from ANC leaders, what best can we expect from them for SA? Julius_S_Malema SMEAR, Report her to CR he will take her salary back for 3 months and give it to solidarity fund...this is his best way of dealing with his cabinet members when they do wrong

Certain conduct like this one should be dismissible offences just like the Minister of Defence giving civilians a joyride in a military plane. JusticeforAmandaLedwaba ANC sikhathele Messed up country. Come next elections. Let's vote correctly Politicians like Lindiwe Sisulu ama- sell out like Sabela in Sarafina (badlala ngabantu) ne Anc yabo they need to be dealt out like izimpimpi during apartheid 💣💥necklace & tyre nje


Corrupt Minister! We must open a criminal case againt this corrupt Minister...... We must remember that lindiwe sisulu spread her legs to a kwerekwere from Kenya, we must not be surprised when she is protecting foreigners, that's why she and beki cele fired bonginkosi mkongi , Julius_S_Malema Where is Dali mpofu from?

PutSouthAfricansFirst And there's much more to come !!!! It's not a new thing ask Nelson Mandela how many Lesotho people got their citizenship back then This is actually very deep.....there are ministers who are untouchable 'Ozwilakhe' izinto ezishipha kanye kunuke This country is fucked! Julius_S_Malema This is all propaganda Black people who are colonized Listen to the good news that give you hope And not the system that gives you poverty This woman is a good person

This is how she operates. She is running her own mafia. She did this when she fcuked up the SANDF. She does this when having to screen for COVID at entrances to buildings. This is her modus operandi. He he She is foreigners makoti so i didn't expect her 2 put South African 1st. PutSouthAfricansFirst PutSouthAfricansFirst

HermanMashaba Yes if this government can use Waterkloof air base and give blue lights escort to the Guptas for the Sun City wedding, then they are capable of anything. Poor honest public servants are just sacrificial lambs. ANC members are rotten How come the foreigners can afford to stay in fourways if their countries are poor and in those houses you need to have documents to secure the lease or buy the apartment I’m moving them around jorburg I see things what is going on here

This is sad the only thing left is a revolution,take matters into our own hands Our politicians are criminals themselves, we busy with this 'state capture'mess but how is it captured when our politicians are giving our country away on a silver platter? Don’t be surprised when it comes out that they use home affaires to harvest IDs to win elections. They don’t care about immigrants, they care only about securing access to state resources! Home Affairs is how they will rule till Jesus comes

WTF? 😳😢😢😢 Lerato_Pillay And you wonder how they win elections....these foreigners vote for them Oh noh. She is scared her husband (RIP) citizenship will be exposed as well. Our freedom fighters! SefudiTswagae ITKHUMALO landback_ I heard Cebo is really from eSwatini 🤔 This story has got nothing to do with LindiweSisuluSA. Sisulu has got nothing to do with the fired employee from DHA. City Press, in its usual style, continues to malign Minister Sisulu's name for clicks and readership. No shame at all.

bhanaC Sadly absolutely nothing yet again will be done about it coz the ANC as a party is much more important than the country to our president... He'd rather the country be in ruins than have the ANC and its cadres compromised. Absolute bullshit though LindiweSisuluSA tsek O Lindiwe bajola bakhohlwe ukuthi asihlangani nomjolo wabo

Fire this stupid.. she walks around like the queen of England. You see why they label us as xenophobic instead of doing a root cause of issues that south africans are having with foreigners They know they are wrong They are selling our country 1 '98 this sisulu thinks she owns South Africa 🇿🇦 WakeUpRamaphosa RemoveANCfromPower VoteThemOut VoetsekANC

Julius_S_Malema Good😂 Smear campaign continues 🙄🙄 Like how does Human Settlement Minister get in an reprimand the official on other department like HomeAffairsSA? The question we need to ask is why doesn't LindiweSisuluSA want this investigation stopped 1_point_2 She will be reprimanded Wena barbie usjwayela kabi kahle kahle LindiweSisuluSA

Minister Lindiwe Sisulu they are on aggressively mission to recruit foreigners and give them dual citizenship so that they can vote for ANC and their countries governments ,guys from Zimbabwe used to bragged to me about how ANC & Jacob Zuma cares for African foreigners,they were All ANC leaders their hands are full of dirty and swimming in the same pool of corruption and maladministration fraud and looting

Zuma ministers are hurting Ramaphosa bet DD does not keep even one. Another corrupt incompetent minister She needs a good lawyer. ANC government truly weak. Cant even deal with simple things like fake citizenship Go busy shame Geo_LaFlare What citizenship? Isn't Mcebo Dlamini's nationality undisputed Swati? He came here to study, the yrs foreign students spend studying here qualify them for citizensip? Anyway, it was never clear how he got to be ANC member being a foreigner.That party/govt is rotten to the core.

VoetsekANC WTF ? I believe this is fake , lindiwe sisulu has her Own department and we heard no any recording so you guys are trying to make us believe in your lies ? Siphethwe imigodoyi, Sisulu ain't she ko housing? She must show us receipts of those houses ko free state built under Msebenzi Zwane Keep corruptANC in power forever fools

Julius_S_Malema No one is surprized. This doesn't make sense though. How would the minister do that when she in the minister of Human settlement? Where is this recording? Always knew she was corrupt scum VoetsekANC LindiweSisuluSA Haybo what's wrong with ANC minister's corruptions left and right JusticeforAmandaLedwaba PutSouthAfricansFirst

This story is a distraction. She was speeding sometimes you need to look aside you loose nothing see no evil hear no evil otherwise your kids will mother or fatherless this world is rotten you can’t change it alone And CyrilRamaphosa will just smile and say don't do it again LindiweSisulu uyibossi Smallernyana skeleton a time for useless MYANC leaderless comrades. Hello👋👋👋👋👋 LindiweSisuluSA!

Julius_S_Malema TREASON I'm not surprised at all this Minister was married to a foreigner, To deal with the issue of the influx of foreigners we must first remove the pandemic called MYANC. The country's sovereignty has been sold to the highest bidder PutSouthAfricansFirst JusticeforAmandaLedwaba LindiweSisuluSA you're a sellout. PutSouthAfricaFirst

Julius_S_Malema landback_ Lindiwe must be fired. Politicians and NGOs have sold this country! ANC is the pandemic Tjoo ke mathata mos. Ba ditshila kaofela ga bona Julius_S_Malema Malema said it, she is next. Haibo!! LindiweSisuluSA whats going on now? It is clear that ANC has been selling our country for decades now!

But where does Human Settlement Minister get in an reprimand the official on other department like HomeAffairsSA ? That's why they suspended her? Join the movement PutSouthAfricansFirst Julius_S_Malema Is it not the one who is suspended Julius_S_Malema Pravin will deal with her, watch the space😏 We have now even by our low standards crossed the line no accountability hardworking career civil servants sacrificed for nonsensical grandiose politicians who are our parasites

Julius_S_Malema And then you will have PutSouthAfricaFirst activists claiming that the problem of illegals foreigners in SA is the problem of the EFF🤦🏽‍♂️ ANC is your problem! Basically ANC government is stifling government employees who investigate illegal immigration. No wonder Zim, Swazi’s, Basotho’s receive social grants even though they are not citizens. This country is sold. Damn

Julius_S_Malema She knows their dumb voters will blame EFF instead do it doesn't matter. Julius_S_Malema Im sure she is also involved in human trafficking Let the smear campaign resume. I am not surprised. I mean, we talking about ANC comrades here We've been sold by this cadres.. They don't care about citizens anymore

What is happening in this country mara Dear CyrilRamaphosa, please issue 'official reprimand' interfering by cabinet member cannot be seen as 'good governance' 👂

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How an SA mobile company overcame a huge challenge for deaf customer | CitypressSeptember is International Deaf Awareness Month, in commemoration of the first congress of the World Federation of the Deaf, held in September 1951. Excuse me, like most media outlets you confuse your international followers. Please use correct country codes & FYI yours, South Africa, is ZA,Saudi Arabia is SA.

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