Da, Jacob Zuma

State spent R9 000 transporting Zuma from his home in Nkandla to Estcourt prison

State spent R9 000 transporting Zuma from his home in Nkandla to Estcourt prison

2021-09-28 12:23:00 PM

State spent R9 000 transporting Zuma from his home in Nkandla to Estcourt prison

Police minister Bheki Cele said in the build-up to Zuma’s arrest they had put in a standby force in Empangeni.

Cele, who was replying to a written Parliamentary question from DA MP Dean Macpherson, said they spent R9 000 in the transport of Zuma to Estcourt.“The SAPS, Division for Presidential Protection Services, undertook the following in relation to the arrest of the former president of the Republic, Mr J G Zuma on July 7, 2021, the total operational cost was R9 017.38,” said Cele.

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He said R8 526.63 was for soft vehicles and R490.75 was for armoured vehicles.He said there were four soft vehicles deployed and one armoured vehicle, which was a BMW X5. There were two captains and one lieutenant-colonel and 10 non-commissioned officers.

The minister said in the build-up to Zuma’s arrest they had put in a standby force in Empangeni.“In the days leading to the arrest, the following specialised capacities were in the vicinity of Empangeni and effecting normal core responsibilities while on standby,” said Cele. headtopics.com

This cost the state more than R160 000.He said taking Zuma to Estcourt cost R9 000. Read more: IOL News »

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Leave makhanda alone please It is small, why not 90k But he handed himself so why did he need SAPS? U need to go back watch the videos that Indian small fellaw with a haircut from eNCA can direct or mayb get some from Siphamandla Goge...no saps car went inside the Inkandla Compound an ambulance went in .

Should have let him walk. So over these fucking Zuma's😡🤬 Correction ' the Ramaphosa government spent... Did he send himself to prison? Is he the one who is gonna pay for that? Okay. This is absolutely unnecessary, it's not even news. Without taking any side, are you going to report each and every move of Ramaphosa when he's a former president?

Artii_M Aibo only ? Y do they spend such a small amount to transport president Zuma ? 😂😂😂😂senigula ngempela yaz.futh animating udokotela senidinga inyanga enamandla Nxxxxx

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You missing 3 more zeros chief 😂😂😂azikho indaba ngaphandle kwaMsholozi When are they arresting bushiri? What about spending over 1 Billion Rands trying to find President Zuma Guilty I wish it was R90 000 How much is the state spending on other former presidents? Or on former apartheid president? Befitting for a president, for his security a helicopter is more appropriate.

So what? South Africa is a very good country it takes care of the elderly. 😂😂😂 How much is the food he consumed in Prison?

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Enjoying his benefits shem So what? He shouldn't have been to escourt nor any other prison in the first place ask minister of justice or police minister about the spent on transport and leave Zuma alone 😁😁😁 What happened to solidarity fund? R500B So what? Artii_M With over 160 police cars to arrest a madala surely the state spent more than that.

Leave Zuma alone for once nje. Even when he fart you will report, ma borha hey So what🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ I thought it was R1000000 that means they didn't inflate prices this time around

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WTF!!! Artii_M Really🙄🙄 Is this worth a read😒😒😒 Thank you for updating us Now continue updating the nation on the R500billion + R77b Cyril Ramaphosa's administration received in 2020,who benefited from those billions ? kunje the difference must be properly understood, billions are more than millions $850m loan 1993 Dec🤷🏿‍♂️

Again? I thought R1mil nyana was the minimum for these things Why it's a big deal now for president Zuma. Still we are waiting for unsealing CR 17bank statements and these clever journalists are turning blind eyes to Tell us about the R500bn South Kafrica This is why no one buys newspapers anymore 😂🚮

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Just wasted my data reading this nonsense, why is an expenditure of 9k news , for a whole former president? Fire that intern journalist and the editor who approved this nonsense So what? Even if they told us to go and fetch him we were going to do that without complaining. Who told the state to use so many car? He is not a danger to us, we are not a danger to him too

Wasn’t he arrested? Who must transport prisoners? Must they transport them? Must the country move to lockdown level 5 because of that It's gvt's transparency & accountability that incites me in this whole story not the actual figures perse. Am sure my leaders may want to learn a thing or two Jamwanda2 ParliamentZim MthuliNcube BitiTendai

So whaaaaaat? Don't you have something another news to report? He's still Black People President Ok How is that news 🤔🤔 Whats the problem here ? 🤷🏾‍♂️

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We dont care about 9 000 We Wana know about the 500bn ! what was he supposed to do? take himself to and fro? 😕 For me they could have even spent a million as long he went to jail. 🚮 Ah what must we do gwaswana it was gonna end up in another politicians pocket Even if it was 9 billion I won't mind,this man has screwed us while laughing at is for long

President Zuma wasn't just an ordinary prisoner like they made you to believe. R9000? This useless man is costing us a lot of money. Why can't Zulu people loot him? So?

They wasted 10million deploying police unnecessarily to capture an 80yr old man. The deployment of so many policemen, vehicles and helicopters was wasteful expenditure as they could have just used to VIP protection policemen to hand him over, even though he was jailed for nothing No news here