Soweto residents want free electricity

Soweto residents want free electricity

2020-02-25 06:04:00 PM

Soweto residents want free electricity

Eskom says Soweto owes it over R18-billion in unpaid bills.

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Ba nyella somebody please tell these thieving c*ts in Soweto to go and fck themselves. What happened to that free electricity we used to get before? Cause now it has became expensive and i won't blame them Eskom is failing us all not only in soweto. I WANT is part of the historical victimhood of the masses. I GIVE is part of the present victimhood of the overtaxed few.

Next time someone says Limpopo is the capital of witchcraft I'm going to refer them to this l They are totally mad, Sowetan thing this country owe them, they just go to hell. If they get free electricity all the country must get it. The drink like fishes but they can't pay electricity. They are so spoil that's why they can't even move out of their parents back rooms

Banyela A simple way to solve this electricity issue is to adopt the Wind Electric Turbines or System that the South African government rejected long time ago, if it did adopt im 100% sure we wouldnt have these electricity issues today Bunch of fools. Who haven't pay electricty for more than 25 years Township spoiled brat

I want free electricity If this country was more hands on then hands out. Instead of a fifth world country, we might just move to forth or third. Free salary for everyone Correction: they want Eskom to stop cutting power in the townships even when theres no loadshedding scheduled for these areas. Eskom keeps the lights on in high income areas by keeping the light off in the townships. Sensationalist journalism is annoying.

Everyone wants free stuff, yet nobody is prepared to work for free. Bayanya GEEZ!!!!😡 So do we In Atteridgeville,Lotus garden we want to pay directly from Eskom , can you imagine how much we would save from middle man. Of course they do. Who in their right mind would not want free electricity. I say give it to them. They not going to pay anyway and you will see their brothers in the previously white towns move back to Soweto and other previously black towns asap if they get free services.

Ahh yeeessss!!! It’s all frrreeeee! 🤪 Soweto residents annoys me they so entitled. Me too. And free quality education. And free world class medical care. And a free property and house. And a free car. And what about food, can I get that free too? I'm interested in how these things manage to get given for free though. Does government get them off magic trees?

Dont we all want free everything? Me too, and I want my tax money not to be used for social grants, but only for proper policing. I would like a free Toyota corolla 😁 Mxm Why? Because they are black? Typical black entitlement syndrome Take them out of the grid for them to enjoy free. Why do they think they should get free electricity when everyone else must pay.

I am sure that we would all like to have it for free but we do the responsible thing and pay for services. I do however agree that Eskom cannot keep on asking for tariff increases as this is not going to solve their problems. Hell I demand free Electricity too hell nooooo How? Eskom should write off Sowetos debt and tell them to produce their own electricity those people are full of it.

Soweto are South Africa's Mabena child they always have offside demands 👎 They are nuts We all do. Soweto residents must PAY like we do. During apartheid everyone one in South Africa were paying electricity.....Democracy is destroying our country. Is simply they must go and work at eskom and not get paid, and get free electricity

Soweto come down this is life nothing for mahala ok please grow up you must pay we all paying Shoot the lot of them. Not willing to be part of humanity they should get ushered out. We have enough issues as it is Banyela Yes free electricity and rates are expensive to people own houses Give them free electricity, and then load shed them till the debt is paid?

Baya puta BigDaddyDees1 Yes I want free electricity too... I also don't want to pay vat, tax and any special levies the government choose to add on. 👍 Thanks. WTFudge is this Really who has to pay for them 😳 South Africa has naturally gone into self-destruct mode. And evidently all these human rights are wrong

Banya! Oh wow 😂. As if we all don't need electricity. Imagine how much load shedding we'll experience once they get free electricity, legally. Isn't it most South Africans want everything for free , free water ,free education, free electricity, rent free I mean everything must be free nothing is new here

Ba gafa That's what anc promised.... Better life for all This nonsense of always wanting something for free must come to a stop...someone somewhere is paying for it... Me too please Batshele ukuthi bayoyifuna lapho bayifunda khona... and free housing and free land , yet they want to be paid when they work , do they think eskom dont pay their staff or pay for coal ? everything costs money

But how will that work ,because electricity is expensive how will it be free ? 🤔🙄 And free groceries 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 of course Don’t we all 🙄 Lol these people, and who's gonna pay for electricity they use? Yes and do you have a problem with it ? We will never give our money to ANC Tsotsi's I also want free electricity while yall at it...

They actually might be up to something Banyela! 🤞 I want a Ferrari Don't we all They are sooo mad after the crisis tht South Africa is facing.... But a normal tax paying citizen must have their electricity cut off illegally because they don’t pay the municipality. Pathetic. Bayanya I want someone to pay my rent an car note .

Then who must pay the tariffs? Hahah Free electricity when the whole country is getting fucken load shedded 😂😂😂funny bunch the sowetans...the country can’t even produce enuff electricity and y’all still want it for free And so does the rest of the country... The problem is that if it is free for everybody, then there will be no electricity. Who gets the free electricity? Currently the citizens who breaks the most laws in their efforts to demand it.... What if everybody starts doing the same?

I demand Free electricity in Durban too 👊🏽 how can I join the Soweto Group to help make sure that when I don't pay the accounts at month the Municipality won't cut us off. In Durban if we don't pay.. our lights go dead. how come Soweto is different to the rest of us in SA? Pay like the rest of us. Then we all should get free electricity

No they said affordable Nice!!!!! Me too,and water and i dont want to R&Ts, and ,and ....etc Hahahahaha Yeah and we don't want to pay tax, VAT or R5.39 / liter fuel levies either. Free housing, education,healthcare.Why not pay them to sit at home too.less money for gov.more tax.idiotic. Ba gafa So do I As for eNCA pulling a HellenZille on Soweto Credo somethings will never change I guess...

I now understand why the apartheid regime implemented group areas act... Prevention has always been better than cure. All blacks want free everything - it's in their DNA Let's all get free Electricity then We want ,no WE NEED CLEAN AND SAFE DRINKING WATER IN HAMMANSKRAAL but life isn't that fair is it ?

Here's an idea 🤣 They are out of order Bayaphambana shme What's stopping Eskom_SA from cutting OUR electricity in Soweto vele... We have been waiting since 1994 for our electricity to be cut. What's stopping you CityofJoburgZA We want the truth and nothing but the truth So all this time that Soweto hasn't had electricity, there has been no loadshedding. Doesn't sound like such a bad idea to me: cut of the electricity to munacipilities that owe Eskom_SA billions, and lower the strain on the grid for the entire country.

They must generate it themselves Ikaka lento Then they must go completely off the grid and generate their own. It’s that simple. Soweto people are full of jokes. South African residents want free electricity too. Msunery Are they stupid ? We don’t want free electricity, we just want electricity ! With this type of mentality, I think what this country needs is to use the Syrian example and reduce the Southern Tip of Africa to a complete demolished mess and then let them complain about their lot!

Lol. What a joke my darling What's so special about them...? 🤔 They get nothing! Nina Bantu basesoweto abafuna umbane wamahala anibambikakuhle shame. Mandela promised us electricity, washing machines, fridges, stoves and houses to accommodate those. The ANC must account for this rubbish!!! Nyaope is problem

Bayanya labo hhaybo😐 Take a Hike rather, pardon the pun! Errr Soweto weee!!!! Electricity is not free bathong!!!! Also Sauta does not owe you anything bathong please. Every township is equally suffering the hardships of the past, and yours is not special. Count me in also please. I’m sick of trying to find 9k a month every month.

Obviously, why work for anything , we want we want culture Not true Mo loadshedding e kana bathong lona le batla mahala And what make them soo special hebanna!!! I think they are out of their mind Entitlement! It's killed SA and the end is near How about we give them free water,food parcels , electricity and clinics. However No more grants?

All those who want free electricity must also want free DSTV and free SABC 123 for free That s why they loot foreigners shop, ANC promised them everything free, land without compensation, that s Sa logic, Frreeeee Bahlanya nothing for mahala batlwaetse mekgwa e ditshila We were fighting drug Lords and for state capture to fall here in PTA while they acted as if everything was fine. Now that 49 people came out for the so called shut down, they want us to stand in solidarity with them. Eskom must cut them off. They think they are better mos.

Amid all the challenges facing Eskom and the country... Sowetans are not at all wrong to demand free electricity hence this is what they were promised by ANC We all need to relocate to Soweto I want free petrol...and a coke... and airtime. Who wants to protest with me? Yes of course ... why the fleeping bloody not ! It’s a country of free things right! Bloody hell.

Are they holy cows. Yhoo, they must be crazy. Are they mad? I'm a student coughing out R150 for electricity every month and they want to be free loaders!? If I were president ramaphosa I would do as they wish... Remove all eskom electrical wire nd install solar to every house.. They Wil receive free electric from the sun🌞... On winter they will mak a plan... We a tired soweto dis & dat

Yes & so do us all - why do Sowetans think they’ll be exempt? Bayanyaaa. And the rest of us No ways Sense of entitlement If they succeed everyone will have to get it FREE! So do I -and I live in Umhlanga in KZN Shame... Don’t we all... I want free electricity too 😂 Free for all. For goodness sake. Vote the ANC out. Put the country and economy back on its feet. Employ the 50% unemployed 'hope-less' and hungry youth. Pay the people. Give them homes and land - with title - and restore their dignity.

LMAO 😂 The person who wrote this uyanya! We never said we want free electricity. Y'all are trying way too much to be relevant. I agree. Free electricity for all. Fuck EskomHoldings Who will be paying for that “free” electricity Ha? For us who work and actually buy our electricity, I see an income tax percentage increase and did anyone say VAT increase Yoooh please do not try us government. FreeElectricityProtests

DaanBarnard And what makes them so special DaanBarnard Not their fault...did the anc it promise free everything if it wins the election? They can have it, as long as the rest of us get free land DaanBarnard Switch off the lights... Korr banya they know how the economy works? Really. We are paying and they get free?

Can't they pay what is owed first and then negotiate freebies? Tell government to fill up my fridges with groceries for free, remember my R10 000 monthly pocket money for FREE Bayanya man Lol nathi syawufuna what is so special about soweto bcos even anc was formed in fs 1912, gold was discovered by white ppl in 1886 whr was soweto that time.They always tell ppl to go whr they come frm they claim that ppl are taking their jobs.

They feel so entitled Soweto residents don't want free electricity, they are saying that electricity shouldn't be cut off for those who are paying for it. Abanyi perhaps? Me too! They dont want free pilchard also? I demand free aswell !!!!!!!! Njani? Those Luthuli House criminals who 'Promised them Free electric should show-up now and 'Blesser Soweto

I want a free lamborghini... Enca is against soweto struuu .... in this country is unemployment... how about we address that issue first then see if those people in Soweto will still miss Eskom_SA payments. Income is a major issue for most Soweto residents. STOP SPREADING LIES TO SELL UR NARATIVE HERE !!!!!

Don’t spread lies here, Don’t nobody said Soweto residents want free electricity. The issue is affordability. A lot of Soweto residents simply just can’t afford to pay for anything including food to feed themselves and their children. The issue ..... Are they special or different from other south African citizens

The thing is there is this small group of people who have appointed themselves to say they speak for the people of Soweto when they are actually speaking for themselves and next they they’ll be contesting for council positions. We can’t be fooled, just unplug if they don’t pay. The ones without new cars or with.

Sata Afrika Mani... We ALL want free electricity.... jissss that'd be nice hey.... They are one of the reasons why we have loadshedding Sorry. No. Bcauese that is what she anc promised the blacks to vot In 1994. 'Some' Cape Town residents want free electricity.... They already have it mus 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ Really? The ailing Eskom can't afford that. We need to be responsible. Only indigents may be given a particular percentage

What's wrong with this country's people why doesnt this happen in Europe Ba tsuba nyaope enang le coronavirus bao, ba gafa. I always want free electricity but look at me Tsek! I am moving to Soweto ke🙄 Feel sorry for the people who cant afford it but poor people always suffer when the “elite” loots, this story has played over and over in Africa and will never stop😓

Bayahlanya Yini nje ukus'qambela amanga! 😒 I'm a soweto resident and i pay for electricity. I've never made such demands. Free ya Free? Bathong this is a joke. It is April the 1st already? Mindset of the poor - very sad indeed. Poverty is a state of mind, entitlement being something akin to poverty. Break the chains of poverty, break with the free mentality. You will never get ahead!!!!

From? Let them protest in darkness. Correction'Soweto residents still want free electricity',As if like we haven't been getting that since forever,even now as I tweet I don't know where they sell this electricity thingy,headline is if we ain't getting any,y'all can scream as much as you want Some of my Colleagues are foreigners and they always say the problem with south Africans is that they want everything for free, and sowetans just decided to prove them right...

So does the rest of south Africa Who, does soweto think, should pay for their electricity and why? Ba tlhapetswe Yoh Wouldn't we all Soweto is special I'm in Mamelodi I olso need free electricity and free house They must generate it themselves. 👀 Don't we all!! They deserve it because we failed them from day one of segregation. Apartheid made them poor , and what they thought it’s the new dawn , made them even more poorer. We can afford them , let’s pay 💰 for them . There is too much money in this country within the rich

Bayahlanya We all want free electricity Everybody on the planet does. Ba gafa. Everyone must get free electricity if government want to spoil sowetan screw them Baphambene 😂😂😂 can I get my house for for who. Those ones think they are special Yes please Santa! Who doesn't ? Baphambene I stay there and I never said that🧐. The people who are saying this are sick in the head😎

Before i say out my main comment,i want to know who promised them FREE electricity You know if I couldn't get a job because I didn't have a degree or was inadequate, would I protest to that peculiar company demanding for a job? Same logic applies here. First free education, now electricity. Next would be? - Obvious. Land. Then? Public killings without charges?

They Must Tell Eskom maybe there's a Loadshedding nyana left for them, that Eskom can hit them with Hello money tree. With 10+ mikhukhu for rental in one yard, and having grant from the gov. They r crazu They also don't want prepaid meter boxes. What do they want enklik these people You get it free, we all get it free! You're breaking the world as we know it, né. Everything will crash. We must PAY for services and produce.

Bayadakwa abahambe bayohlala kweyabo iCountry Me too,its long overdue. Please help us Spoilt brats. Talk about being spoiled Banyele😂😂😂😂 They’ve had free electricity for years. It’s not fair and it’s not right. Everyone pays. Including them. No exceptions. So do we all. Pensioners everywhere are struggling. Why can't all South Africans have free electricity?

I also want free electricity , not only soweto. ESKOM can give all us free electricity. These entitled clowns also cry when is load shedding.. Give it to them. Live electricity wire for free up the arse. Entitlement written all over their faces they forgetting the world doesn't owe you anything Huh ? I once asked the question, why are we paying for electricity and water?🤦

Bayahlanya they must futsek Soweto residents started from 1976 wanting freedom, now is free Electricity, what about the whole of SA? kondor_anna Primitive Negroes don't need electricity. We all want free electricity, but nothing in life is free. Do they know its not free to generate it Bayanya labo yaz'!!

They can go F themselves, who the hell do they think they are😤😤The problem is that Eskom continues to treat them with kid gloves. They should cut the electricity supply indefinitely until they settle their debt and spare the rest of us who PAY loadshedding. The sense of entitlement is insane! Who must pay for the electricity they use?

Entitlement parasites Tsek... If they get then there'll be war...that's all im going to say. Ba nyela. And then after getting free electricity. What happens next. F~%ck so do I! Hey so does the rest of SouthAfrica..... 😜... Just saying! Don't we all? I dont blame them.... everything in Alex is free. Nathi emlazi sicela konke kube free nx

We all want free electricity but nothing in life is free. Pay up or be cut off! Lol ha ha Ukunya loko Kanjani Because everyone is paying for the electricity the whole of Africa if not the whole world,,,kababase inkuni Tjoe! This entitlement is gonna take us deeper into the rabbit hole... mxm! 🤣🤣🤣 They are very arrogant! Not a single one of them can give a valid reason as to why they should be getting free power from the state. Bloody leeches. Entitlement!

Bawufuna kuba? Me too !!! Baqatywe ntoni bona Here we go - ENTITLEMENT ALERT 🙄🤡 Bayanya abo kunini sibhatala thina They promise us free electricity long time ago, now its time Most South Africans just want consistent electricity - let’s start there. Bayanya DaanBarnard Of course they are entitled to free electricity because pres Ramaphosa mos said that rich people can't have better healthcare and more electricity just because they are rich.

Impossible! Possible illegally. . .

Soweto councillor calls on residents to join Eskom march in solidaritySoweto residents have been called to join councillors who have promised to march to the Eskom offices in Diepkloof on Wednesday. Water is a right ....electricity is not....all must pay

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Soweto dad arrested for allegedly beating daughter, 4, to death | The StarThe man had taken the child to a clinic after the alleged beating but doctors ascertained that she was already dead and subsequently called the police who arrested him. TheStar_news TheStar_news Another child. .when are they going to stop. How do we protect our young children TheStar_news WTF TheStar_news Such a barbaric act, they should hang him 🤬

Protesters block roads in Soweto, Rea Vaya bus services affectedProtesters blocked several roads with burning tyres and rocks in Klipspruit, Soweto, early on Monday morning Lawlessness

Soweto father arrested after daughter, aged four, beaten to deathA 57-year-old man was arrested after he allegedly beat his four-year-old daughter to death, Gauteng police said on Monday. this should just say Soweto man No father would do this even saying man is for lack of a better word... he's a dog eish, i take that back...i like dogs

Soweto Shutdown leaders distance themselves from WhatsApp voice noteThe organisers of the Soweto Shutdown have distanced themselves from a social media voice note that claims violence will be used to keep residents from going to work and school on Tuesday. The WhatsApp message went viral on Tuesday, leaving residents in a panic. In an interview with community radio station Jozi FM on Monday night the leaders of shutdown said though the voice note had made members of the public aware of the planned shut down, it did not come from them. Is it true or some people are just lazy to go to work?!? Leaders when they know they denied People have nothing to do, we are going to work tomorrow, we can't be used to fight their battles, we are paying electricity let them pay too 🙄