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Coronavirusınsa, Coronavirus

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Many South Africans who are addicted to cigarettes and alcohol are being negatively affected by the national lockdown - both physically and mentally.

2020-04-01 02:04:00 PM

The SA Drug Policy says many South Africans who are addicted to cigarettes and alcohol are being negatively affected by the national lockdown – both physically and mentally. coronavirusInSA coronavirus sabcnews

Many South Africans who are addicted to cigarettes and alcohol are being negatively affected by the national lockdown - both physically and mentally.

The organisation says although the decision was taken in good faith, people who are highly addicted to nicotine and alcohol will develop a range of symptoms such as psychosis, seizures and even death.Initiative founder Keith Scott says the ban may also pave way for other illegal markets to thrive…

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“Once you prohibit a drug as we know alcohol and tobacco, the criminals will get hold of the market and open these shebeens, the illegal once. That will put another burden on the police. You don’t suddenly withdraw drugs from people. Unfortunately, people are cheering on the police to get tough on people who are actually suffering.”

Prohibition never, ever stops the sale and consumption of liquor. Christmas has come early for gang bosses who will now develop their own networks and take distribution (and accompanying risk of infection) out of sight of government and law enforcement. Doesn’t seem a good idea.

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This could be a nudge in the right direction for those who would like to quit but don't have the guts. It surely is hell for those who worship nicotine. Julius_S_Malema please help us to lift the ban on Cigarettes?What can we do as a nation? This forced ban is not fair. How is the government going to address this?The government have NO idea how bad the withdrawals can be stopping cold turkey.Educate yourselves PresidencyZA CyrilRamaphosa

It's the perfect time for some of em to rehabilitate themselves, as for some who depend on it, hai sorry✌ No shit Sherlock? They accommodating the taxi industry, yet we are neglected. Ban on liquor to stay in place, the irresponsible use of alcohol which is clearly evident month ends in SA would put a severe strain on security services to enforce lock down, cigarettes on other hand has no suxh effect but smoking can not be done anywhere public.

SACitizen55 Well yes, active addicts do lack all kinds of healthy coping skills. 🤷‍♀️ I can't cope without my alcohol I am so depressed Eish withdrawal symptoms, 'Horis' not good for the family. He/she will be agressive to children n spouse. Go to hospital or buy patches. Bazoba strong moss So what? Compromise safety regulations for the sake of drunkards.

It was all good and in order until someone allowed taxis to work like everything is normal braking the law from WHO which is self distancing... Akuphuzwe why not So But this 21daylockdownSA negatively affects everyone, one way or the other mos. This is saving their money as well. This is rehab like It or Not...

Good let them suffer I'm sure most will quite after this. Cigarette is expensive anyway, they are doing smokers a favor most Free rehab No we r fine without that nicotine, actually as smokers we r requesting lockdown extension, is working for us struu🤞 Who is positively affected by lockdown? I smoke gwais, I drink a dop. Both are outlawed by the lockdown. the only thing that will do now is a blunt.

Owh pls they won't die hawu Great! They can use this time to get off them drugs ✌🏼 Announce tobacco is available, thanks, anxious. This is too draconian, & is causing unnecessary anxiety in an already tense situation. ANC must try defending rehab centre's as non-essential in a court of law. It's as bad as the evangelicals trying to get abortions declared non-essential. Not to mention the tax angle..

It bad. Trying to get twisp liquid and not for sale anywhere. Lift this ban!!! They should choose better addictions in the future. Sorted...don't worry 😜 they'll be ok...but I think they are smoking weed like no man's business😂😂😂 Going to the black market and buy it there and that will contain the movement and the virus. Seriously? And it is very dangerous for addicts to go cold turkey, they need help. As for the judgemental, addiction can mean food, sex, love, and judging others, etc 😋

They were mental to get addicted in the first place so by now they should be climatised Shit attitude kills more people than anything else So if dad is a drinker and smoker on edge, mom a smoker on edge.... 😕 😳 What environment does that leave the children in? 🤔 They should use this to fight addiction. Nothing good came out of addiction anyway.

NtokozoNN22 It is true. Going cold turkey, for some nicotine and alcohol addicts can be lethal. I can hear the President Singing that aebakataba song Gali gali and adibaje at the end. Alcohol is a cost on government because of the injuries and illnesses as result of drinking. I begin 2 suspect tht it's either you SABC News Online or SA Drug Policy hu r addicts. Smoking kills n cn coz cancer, n it cn pollute th atmosphere big-time...this lockdown is sure saving lives and atmosphere...bigup 4 no alcohol n tobacco 4 extension of 5yrs 4 green econ

If alcohol was to stop today, they would be so much food because they use food to make it. Bazoba right 💪 So ba tlo etsang? They should be grateful its rehab stage it will pass Their ban during this lockdown is a very good opportunity for the addicted to start working on how to address those addictions & live normally. Surely it's possible to live a normal life without alcohol & cigarettes!

Please marn 🙌🏾😂 I can't even think straight 😵😢 Imagine 15 days left 😭😭😭 They aren't talking about the South Africans I know They won’t die from not smoking...they’ll be fine So should that be an issue of national value? Unlike COVID-19, who put these addicts into those habits? No they must be strong 💪🏿 they are going to leave longer if they don’t take 🍺 and cigarette 🚬

For 21 days the earth is having a breather. They have been polluting the atmosphere for far too long mxm...lies...

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