South African bonds offer opportunity relative to their peers

‘We are generally quite overweight South African bonds, but we're also quite sensitive to the risk involved’: Daniel King of Counterpoint Asset Management.

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2022-01-25 02:30:00 PM

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‘We are generally quite overweight South African bonds, but we're also quite sensitive to the risk involved’: Daniel King of Counterpoint Asset Management.

DANIEL KING: Yeah. Thanks, Simon, thanks for having me. I think the fixed-income space globally is actually quite a tricky space right now, because there are risks everywhere with inflation and rates moving all over the show. But in terms of preference order, we do generally prefer emerging-market bonds to developed-market bonds right now, because we have this legacy in the developed-market universe of massive central bank involvement in government bonds. While we don’t necessarily know the exact extent of the impact of that on yields, it does raise a question mark there about how appropriately those bonds are being priced. In emerging markets we don’t have that problem and so we believe that the market is at least free to appropriately price the risks. Although the risks are of a different nature they’re free to price those risks that exist and compensate us for that.

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SACP calls for expansion of South African Reserve Bank mandateIn 2019, suspended ANC secretary general Ace Magashule said the NEC Lekgotla had resolved to expand the central bank's mandate. I would like to see the SACP contest elections on their own. If they manage to win even 1 seat, I would be surprised. Calls will never be enough in a privately owned entity like the SARB. It must first be owned by the state then argue what ever you want to call

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South African town with ’11 hours of load shedding a day’ wins case against EskomThe Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) has ruled that Eskom cannot cut off electricity supply to the Ngwathe municipality in the Free State and the Lekwa municipality in Mpumalanga, despite the municipalities owing more than R2 billion in outstanding debts. LuloCafe Thank you for the great review that we had the other day. You made it easier for me to understand crypto trade. earn 🙌 R75k$ with the help of MichaelWeldon_ Load reduction is the pandemic. Even for Eskom customers.

South African Police Service to recruit 14,000 officers: CeleSouth Africa’s depleted police force is struggling to get to grips with one of the world’s worst crime scourges and spend its full budget allocation, even as it complains it has inadequate funding. Can these at least be qualified physically and academically for the job? No Cadres please. Cheetahplains But they cutting the SAPS budget by another 26 billion...... Astounding.

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