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Sona 2020, Video

#SONA2020 | Police Minister Bheki Cele on issues of safety and security

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2020-02-13 01:55:00 PM

WATCH: Police Minister Bheki Cele says over a 1000 police officers have been deployed in Cape Town ahead of SONA2020

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What about train cable theft Shame our elite Government cadres & politicians need so much protection as they party the night away celebrating a list of empty promises. Perhaps they are worried the criminals will steal their lavish cuisine & expensive Moet Chandom or Johny Blue This guy has lost his touch

Waiste of money tht sona nonsense was suppoz to be done in a private office somewhere in PTA no need for people to go to CTN they wont comment just to listen and clap hands the whole 2hours at least EFF is promising some drama it wl b fun to watch for 20 or so minutes real uzalo Useless minister! Should go 2 agriculture. Mmxxxmm😞

SAPoliceService So crime stops because there is sona really I can’t believe this but they can’t protect 3 whistleblowers nje Useless people!!! When the ordinary citizens need police, they are nowhere to be found. Useless cursed government SAPoliceService To protect who, looters disguised as honorable members 😄😃

Won't stop eff For what?Aren't the bodyguards paid by the taxpayers enough? Are they there for the EFF, Senzo? 😂🤣😂Who are we killing/arresting? Please don't grab others testicles 🙈 EFFSouthAfrica 🔥🔥🔥 While you are watching over CR more crime is taking place I the country.. Idiot Useless, shifting the reality people are hungry outside unemployed

One wonders why he cant do the same to protect vulnerable citizens in the townships and farms . Self preservation is the first law of nature. why you are not putting them like that around pretoria and joburg as CIT are happening everyday what would happen there with so much forces take them to the field of play and soldiers if you have failed

When is Bheki Cele retiring All thanks to EFF

UK police can arrest anyone suspected of being infected with coronavirus | IOL NewsDraconian new powers authorising police to arrest anyone suspected of being infected with coronavirus were imposed after a patient tried to break out of a quarantine unit. Having NCoV is a crime now!

RIP Bonzo - emotional farewell for hero police dog diagnosed with cancerIt was an emotional farewell for an Eastern Cape police dog who helped recover stolen goods worth millions and catch abalone poachers and fleeing hijacking suspects 😞

Letter bombs hit Dutch firms in 'extortion' bid: policeTwo letter bombs exploded at offices in the Netherlands on Wednesday in what police said was an extortion attempt targeting businesses.

Uncles and cousins arrested for fatal attack on Free State policePolice had, by Tuesday, arrested four people for the shooting of two police officers in Orkney in the North West.

Buses back on roads after police fire rubber bullets to disperse protesters in SowetoPolice had to resort to firing rubber bullets to prevent protesting crowds from barricading several roads with burning tyres in Soweto on Tuesday.

Jussie Smollett charged again with making false reports to police - SABC News - Breaking news, special reports, world, business, sport coverage of all South African current events. Africa's news leader.Former “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett was charged on Tuesday in a six-count felony indictment with staging a phony hate crime, nearly a year after similar charges were abruptly dismissed by local prosecutors. via SABCNewsOnline Good. Serves him right for being a racist.