Somizi takes time off following abuse allegations by estranged husband Mohale Motoung | Citypress

Somizi takes time off following abuse allegations by estranged husband Mohale Motoung

2021-08-04 05:02:00 PM

Somizi takes time off following abuse allegations by estranged husband Mohale Motoung

Metro FM presenter Somizi Mhlongo has taken time off following allegations of domestic abuse levelled against him by his estranged husband Mohale Motoung.

The public broadcaster confirmed on Wednesday that The Bridge host was off air after a meeting with Metro FM management on Tuesday.“The SABC can confirm that Metro FM management met with Somizi Mhlongo and he has requested to take some time off from work.

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Management has granted Mhlongo permission to do so,” SABC said in a statement.On Monday, public calls were cut out on Mhlongo’s show after listeners lobbied to interrupt its popular section Ask A Man in which Mhlongo gives relationship advice.“The corporation has also noted the comments on social media about Mhlongo and we would like to point out that the public service broadcaster does not condone any acts of abuse and violence,” the radio station said.

“The SABC can confirm thatmanagement met with Mr. Somizi Mhlongo and he has requested to take some time off from work. Management has granted Mr. Mhlongo permission to do so.— SABC (@SABCPortal)August 4, 2021In a leaked audio recording between Motaung and Legend Manqele, the former producer of Mhlongo’s reality TV show Living The Dream with Somizi, Motaung is heard detailing how he suffered alleged abuse at the hands of the Idols judge.

Motaung alleged that Mhlongo chased him with a knife during an incident three weeks into their relationship. “I took my [car] keys and walked out, he took a knife. I was about to exit, so he said to me ‘if you exit … I’m going to kill us both. So, I took my keys and I ran. He grabbed the knife and said ‘if you walk out, I’m going to stab you’. Now I see this different person.”

Motaung also alleged that Mhlongo beat him, leaving him with loose teeth and broken ribs during one of their many disputes.Following a report in the Sunday World detailing the alleged abuse, Mhlongo’s camp released a statement saying his lawyers were handling the matter.

STATEMENT:TV personality Somizi Mhlongo has released a statement regarding the article and accusations made in today’s edition of Sunday World. Read more: City Press »

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Is 'takes time off'not voluntary? I think we should wait for him to respond. And hear his side of the story. Just saying😔

Mohale Motaung's explosive allegations against 'estranged husband' Somizi Mhlongo | Channelin an explosive audio interview, actor Mohale Motaung made allegations of physical abuse against his 'estranged' husband, Idols SA judge and choreographer Somizi Mhlongo, dating back three weeks into their relationship. He must go open a case and stop bad mouthing somizi on social media this kid

Even IdolsSA Who is husband & who is wife? This fucker gets to ask for leave but others get fired like nothing, gays rule the world He must be removed everywhere not time off fela Spell check people’s names before tweeting please…. This pic ✊🏾 Sjava was punished for things that we not sure about, Katlego also suffered for his actions, Dj Fresh, Euphoni, to mention the list...... what is so special about somizi after abusing the small boy. Somizi was 21yrs when the victim born ...... thus child abuse mxm

Why taking time off ? He must be suspended and then fired. Katlego lost everything after the cheating saga, whats so special about somizi cos he abused his partner. Mohale is broken cos of somizi's actions. Somizi must be pinned down like others. Somizimustfall The abuser is the one taking time off … ? Haibo ! The jokes !

Is he stepping aside?

Metro FM grants Somizi Mhlongo leave amid abuse allegationsMedia personality Somizi Mhlongo has asked for and was granted leave from his job at Metro FM following allegations of abuse. HMU for more Somizi Meaning had he not asked, Metro wouldn’t have initiated anything? Asoze ubave abamhlophe kwezizi talato zika Twitter behlaselana nje ngathi thina bantu bamnyama. 🤞 Indlela esizifaka ngayo kwiindaba zabanye abantu ixakile ngoku. 👏👏👏

Sjava was depleted with immediately, why the same rule not applied to somizi? Mohale is using Somizi again to make money, Mohale is Somizi 's biggest mistake... Mohale has just unpacked everything it bad yoh Considering Mohale is accusing Somizi ka ho motoula... Makes why they wrote his name like that... Mohale Motoung

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Somizi steps away from Metro FM mic amid abuse allegationsIdols SA judge and media personality Somizi Mhlongo is stepping away from the Metro FM mic amid claims he allegedly abused his “estranged” husband Mohale. Husband? I thought Som was the husband. Good! Husband Vs Husband, expressing their lunatic tendency

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Akaboshwe lomaphaphiyosi

Somizi steps away from Metro FM mic amid abuse allegationsAs calls for the star to address the abuse claims mounted, the SABC said Somizi had met with his Metro FM bosses and requested time off. He must do the same on idols,we don't want toxic jugdes on our screen Mr Zwai Bala is a genuine judge to hold things down on idols stop this nonsense called somizi Good...

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So this is the formula society is using to assassinate celebrities? What if Somizi says theye were doing that to each other, then what? 2 bulls in one kraal. Ngeke indoda ibe nomfazi oyindoda Umshaye kancane, next time he must make sure ukuthi umshaya angacabangi nokuxoxela muntu..ashaye wona umlomo lo. wayevele ezodla imali ka Somizi..

He takes matter of GBV serious. But anyway, what is it that the so called estranged husband looking for, after he performed a successful heist?

Jackie Phamotse, Amanda Black and other celebs show Mohale Motaung supportCelebrities have rallied around Mohale Motaung following reports that he was allegedly abused by his estranged husband Somizi Mhlongo. It's time they did because for minute I thought they where kissing asses,fraudsters. Yena ayakwini Abuse🙄

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