Somizi Mhlongo admits the Joburg CBD scares him

'I would feel safer walking in the Kruger National Park meeting lions, tigers and snakes than walking here.'

2022-01-26 08:30:00 AM

'I would feel safer walking in the Kruger National Park meeting lions, tigers and snakes than walking here.'

'I would feel safer walking in the Kruger National Park meeting lions, tigers and snakes than walking here.'

Image:Instagram/ Somizi MhlongoThe Joburg CBD is not for the fainthearted, and Somizi Mhlongo has revealed that despite growing up near the congested city centre, he’s scared of the place.In an Instagram video on Monday the media personality shared how terrified he is of driving downtown, saying there a million places he'd rather be at. 

The city centre has been synonyms with crime for the longest time, and people know any time is tea time if crooks h catch a whiff of weakness or naiveté in you.In the clip Somizi filmed himself parked on the side of the road in an attempt to hide a LV package because he was afraid anything flashy like that would draw attention to his car. 

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Suddenly he forgot that he once lived in Berea JHB It gives me panic attacks and anxiety..left my job nje because of crimw there He must just around fisting whatever he is scared of 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 How is this news? Fact cause he is not scared of animals... VWs entering your back is not a joke. The end of the road! It's a slum city. Filled with rats of all shapes and sizes. Broken down buildings. Sewerage flowing out of manholes. The stench of crime is overpowering.

Lol There's a tiger in the park Either you go to CBD or dont Somizi, kuyafana , who cares, it doesnt bring food or jobs. Who is not scared of joburg cbd It's true even here in Pretoria we don't go to Sunnyside anymore

'I'd rather walk among lions': Somizi opens up about his fear of Jozi CBD'I'd rather walk among lions': Somizi opens up about his fear of Jozi CBD 'It scares the living sh*t out of me,' said Somizi while discussing his big fear of Jozi CBD. Unsurprisingly, many could relate.

He must walk lapho. It scares me too...even my neighborhood.....I'm an alien in my own country. But truth be's not coz of foreign it's mostly because of my very own brothers ☠️. Usabani ntwana? Akuna niks la. He doesn't like his support base but he wants to cash in from their support. He must make content for will animal then.

But vele Lions don't attack ladies Patriots wait for me to tell you when it's safe to go to Joburg CBD hai manje Forget about the pictures DA posts on twitter,I was there today and Joburg hasn't changed at all, instead it's worse Look at this👇🏾that's in th street right outside park station to CBD, Joburg is gone

Joburg CBD is really a nightmare. Thanks to your government you vote for soon they will rob you too. Is it that bad Eix our celebrities are all abt the blitz & glitz,it's like they don't live in this country & they don't see that they are our voice for the voiceless to government in this youth struggles

His & His: Have Somizi and new bae joined the Bentley Boys Club?His & His: Have Somizi and new bae joined the Bentley Boys Club? Media personality Somizi Mhlongo showed off matching 'his and his' Bentley's, could this belong to his new boyfriend?

Better to pay the price of discipline than to pay the price of regret tomorrow and make the right decision to join the winning team today Robert_BAR1 But his not scared to hit another mans ndunu cz that the scariest thing than Joburg CBD imagine usaba I-joburg kodwa awusabi umdidi wenye indoda. Imagine with that baritone voice saying oh' yes baby oh shit' kant vele that time u pumping real shit.🤦🏾‍♂️

The last time i was there, was in 2007 and i don't miss it. Slums of some sort, it has turned out to be. Tigers in the KNP This guy South African? 🤔 He is right that place is dangerous Jo'burg is a hellhole, staying & working there is a risk that I take daily because of the stomach. 🤷‍♂️ You less like to meet a tiger 🐅 at Kruger National Park unless it's politian.

I didn't know thay gat tigers in Kruger NP.. Dayuum. Somizi has lost touch with his grassroots. Affluence is a bitch. I fully agree Do not know what is worse the filth or the crime in Jhb cpd

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I'm yet to be robbed by a Chinese or Pakistani guy because my African brothers already did in that filthy City 😚 Don't worry somizi , the Chinese snake head triads and gangsters in North Mozambique working hard to destroy Kruger park , soon you won't have to worry about wildlife anymore. Jozi cbd is hell to be honest,daylight robbery and everybody would just walk past you while getting robbed like nothing is happening nah 😂😂😂

Concrete jungle. No different. Uyadakwa lona. Ngoba siyamazi nje wakhulela eSinqawunqawini (KwaMashu) yini eshintshile. This is a painful reality That really is the sad truth😏 Think about it we live in an unequal world somizi I’m afraid if it was we all will be a huge happy family living lavish lifestyle

Absolutely agree Tigers be very rare.

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Kojoa juu ya moto Moshi ikuchome sheet bed at nkt It's the hell he should be scared of Saturday I was robbed my phone in that CBD yase Jozi. Kukunya kendawo pha Why i this news? We been knowing this. thinking about how you tore that ol ladys grocery in sarafina, how could you be scared of joburg It's a whole class african city.

ferialhaffajee Somebody tell him about tigers please Why is this news? And he will meet tigers in Kruger! Its always those who dont stay in JHB who always tell us lies they never experienced. Not every area in JHB is scary especially where somizi was on that video, imagine being scared of Masharlltown close to city hall.🙄🙄

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Who cares about what an abuser got to say? You think people forget? We didn't forget about Black Coffee, DJ Fresh and Euphonic and that long list of claims with no evidence Snakes hmmmm Would he have been more comfortable and safe walking JHB CBD pre ‘94? I used to walk Berea flat as a young child with no challenges at all in the 70’s.

I know those musical lines 🤣🤣🤣 Be Creative and stop stealing lyrics from Jazmine Sullivan 😃😃😃 Grandshaf. Jozi go rough nou nou, we need to clean bo-sgebi out asap. I understand his point mara kruger National Park 🙆🏾‍♂️🚮 Scares him or scares her 🤷‍♂️ It’s a war zone! I can't go to Joburg Pooho ya teng 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Animals are better than Africans

Joburg woman to run 295km to fund student’s final year feesJoburg woman to run 295km to fund student’s final year fees After keeping a decade-long promise, a woman from Joburg will complete a 295km run to fund a student’s final year fees.

We need celebrities to support, speak their voice louder about crime and illegal foreigners in South Africa. It's your country as well, come forward and don't stay back. Join the PutSouthAfricaFirst and Dudula movement. somizi do visit Mapungubwe_NP SANParks There are no tigers in Africa. These streets 🤦🏿‍♀️😢

True Johannesburg is nolonger the same 💔💔😭😭 😂😂😂😂 Imagine the trauma we go through on a daily basis, ngeloxesha abo CyrilRamaphosa see nothing wrong with that 😪.. We must commend David_S_Tembe and his team for trying to make Jozi safe again He is right. Walking in jhb cbd is walking in war zone like Syria.


Tigers in the Kruger park are not terribly scary. Well at least it’ll be safe from tigers. 😬🤔 Why not make a documentary, called, A walk in the park, where you evaluate the two against each other. 🤔😁 Baba Kim +27780224593'For All your financial Problems that i have listed below, the ancestral spirits will help anywhere you need help concerning your financial issues using the ancestral powers., whether you need , money in your account anything you'd wish - Call+27780224593

It’s all the foreigners that have taken over the CBD Coz what he believes in is worse than Pigs and dogs which can be domesticated. He should live in the Bush. He scares us He is not the only one Mxm Its good to hve money...! Some of us work there.

No tigers in Kruger precious lootgous There aren't any tigers in the Kruger national park Uthethinyani apha lomfo, Joburg CBD is scary even for me O nale maaka akere ke ko a kreayang di sugar babe tsa gage ko teng, enoba revenge ela ya gore sala bamo koba ko Zim coz cbd e tletse ka bona fela🙄 Says who I wish this one can disappear of my screen!

Isnt little boys scared of him though Tigers ko kruger.... Here you witness the fall of Journalism... Cause WTF is this bazalwane MMC4Transport David_S_Tembe mphophalatse1 .... Nazo ke ... Sebenzani!!!!

And this is news worthy Times Live Mara jhb cbd ya chavisa vele money or no money, it doesn't feel safe Who cares what an abuser thinks about safety !!! Tigers in the Kruger LMFAO ....they will say anything to sound clever 🤣🤣 The chief is already doing a great job in fighting crime. In ACTIONSA we believe. David_S_Tembe HermanMashaba Action4SA

How is this news? Or of public interest? Sugafoot88 Hi Somizi There are no tigers in the Kruger Park, just in case you forgot where the Kruger is. Bathong. Is this what you can report in all these things happening in this country? Wow your journalism is underwhelming When I relocated from Cape Town to Jhb and was as paranoid about the CBD but I stayed few months in Maboneng and nothing hectic. I guess its God that protects.


This is what Joburg CBD has turned into. vusi74285522 Those who are living large this fools like bo malema dont see what we are seeing because they have state protection everywhere they go,he just speak nonsense everytime he open his mouth That no go zone is not the last every corners of mzansi our people are suffering

For me and not scared of cbd ,I just hate the filth that our people are causing there , it’s disgusting Joburg cbd the most uncivilized place full of disrespful people from criminals to tribalist taxi drivers the last time I was there couldn't wait to get the fuck out. KOPI745 This is the life we live ke thina every day of our lives when we complaining kuthiwe nakhu nakhu

All cities except Cape Town are like sadly. How why now I heard you were good at fisting other men.... We welcome him, after all he was barred from going to Zimbabwe now he must fight for his people like he did in Sarafina Yoh 🤦🏾‍♀️Tiger ko KNP hai. The only Tigers in the Kruger are on Kellogs Frosties boxes.

And this is news how? Nonsense Hawu. I thought he is an expert in fisting so he should be able to take care of himself in the CBD. We worse than animals...that's what this post is insinuating!! Wow!!! We Blacks always learn the hard way. We have to destroy first before learning. ..seem to like being refugees everywhere seeking asylum

And this dumb complacent govt hope to encourage tourism in this dangerous jungle. Enforcing municipal laws also benefit the poor as as even the moneyed would visit the Cbd He is definitely telling the truth Hes exaggerating. He needs to stop Feel the same , avoid at all cost since all law and order has broken down

This is actually a good strategy by Somizi to come back after the abuse allegations with his ex husband. Ppl r no longer interested that he is an alleged abuser, so he can come back to Idols, MetroFM, DSTV, etc and continue like he was just on sabbatical leave. Mxm we walk the everyday nothing scary about the CBD ...maybe at night it's scary everywhere in South Africa...

Reporting 🚮🚮🚮 I no longer go there myself JHB cbd is hell you get mugged infront of people and they will pretend nothing happened without even helping you in broad daylight andizi nam pha ✋✋✋🤞🤞 Why anyone would report on anything he says or does is beyond me.. The 'journalist' who thought this is news worthy needs to revisit what 'journalism' is.

Nami ngiyasaba i was Robbed also so it is ano no no for me It scares a lot of people It is filthy and scary, no lies there CityofJoburgZA Action4SA is fixing COJ 🙌🙌🙌 SCOPA has asked Cyril to answer about the leaked recording The Minister of Finance is incapable of answering why we needed the World Bank loan and all can give us is rubbish news? Nie fok

He ones advocated for foreigners calling them our African Brothers like malema so what has triggered the change of tune now all of a sudden

Let's just be honest, that place isn't safe. I avoid it by all means. Tigers in South Africa?!? I am so worried about the state of the city, it is also dirty and night... 1Thepowerrace There are 4 bank Headoffices in the CBD, many people work there and walk there not all of the CBD is unsafe come on now stop being silly.

Arrogance has become the order of the day for what so called celebrities No tigers in Kruger I don't blame him that place smells , it's dirty .. There's no space to even walk around traders are everywhere what a sissy! Which part of KNP are tigers indigenous too? AskingForAFriend His feelings aren't stable anyways, 1day he feels like a man, another day like a woman, now feels like walking in the wild with killer beasts, basically he's feeling suicidal today and he had to drag JHB CBD in it🤡🚮

Try it🤣 1Thepowerrace It looks no different to Lagos. Joburg CBD scares you the same way you scare Mohale You won't find Tigers in Kruger National Park but on a good day you might see a grizzly bear.. It's easy to get and report news now neh, soft life.👌 I honestly feel the same about Jo’burg CBD heh. JeffDumisani He must join PutSouthAfricaFirst they deny him entry in zim

Scares everyone his fortunate enough to have a choice. Stayed there for five years or so. I'm scared of that place It had been turned into a criminal den !! Every dangerous criminal from the entire continent is there And Anc has o problems with that

That place is dangerous ever and I'm robbed twice,, even one day I will never ever think of doing shopping there, don't think Jhb is still fall under South Africa Bernecia Bathong tha whole Sarafina Rightly so Since when do we have tigers in Kruger? Last i check, we had Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Tierboskat, Hyaena etc.

You see what we poor S.Ans are subjected to everyday.When we say ANC must control our borders it's not that we are country can survive without rule of law. Tigers in the Kruger?! Where? Why is this fucken news.Disgusting 1Thepowerrace CityofJoburgZA David_S_Tembe MphoForMayor citizens safety should priority. We wanna walk from Alex via Bramley, via Yeoville, via hilbrow to park station exercising without fear of being pickpocketed PutSouthAfricaFirst ReleaseHomeAffairsAuditNow

Foreign city.. Very scary..

Tigers in our National Park? How do they fence Snakes in a Park?🤔🥲 Andimazi eligwala mna uSomizi Burn burn burn 100% true PasekaPask Jhb CBD is like the ANC. A total mess and full of vultures. Living in Jozi is being a rhino Jozi, only for the BRAVE. But we have been saying all along, JHB CBD is Sodom and Gomora, world's biggest refugees centre qualifying as slum as well. Blame MYANC , Luthuli house is just up the road from downtown. Even ANC hyenas just offramp from M2, via Rissik and they are home. Other routes not safe

I like how we all get what he's saying... but we all are thinking 'there are no tigers at Kruger' There are no tigers at Kruger Same, Somizi. Same

Moron thinks there are tigers in KNP Somizi cci_network In 2014 i arrived ko Jozi/Pakkie around 05h00, a police officer called me as i was about to exit & said 'My guy, uyababona labantu bahlezi phaya' (pointing inside Pakkie waiting area) 'Kungcono uhlale nabo until 07h00 then ungayogibela i taxi' cuz predators zihlezi phandle 😭🤪😂

I don't blame him, I also hardly feel safe there. It's a Jungle nje.. 😂 I've religiously been going to the Kruger for 15 plus years and I've never seen a tiger so this man is very lucky. KWEREKWERES and ISIS terrorists have invaded the CBD Thanks for restoring my happiness in my darkest days, during those period I invested $500 and to my greatest surprise I got a return of $9,200 in just 5 days her reliability can't be equated William_Usr

Who cares, it's expected from a rich black man somizi Ohhh he needs attention At least he knows to ise his first and where it hurts more than in the face Durban CBD as well 😪😪I avoid it as much as I can😢 Bhut_Lullo Tjo

He is right. All our cities are like that now, even the Durban CBD has been a lair for undesirables. I would more scared having anal 😩 sex Tigers in the Kruger Park? In Africa? 🤔 It scares him cos he now drives around ehamba nge million, when he was walking the streets was he ever scared 😏 That's make a two of us. Johannesburg CBD is a horror movie 🎬 'wrong turn' to be precisely. That city is full of criminals

I use to be very pc about crime involving foreign nationals till I almost died in their hands. Same thing happened to my former boss. He wants nothing to do with Mozambicans. The torture you suffer is unheard of. It's not ur typical voetsek phume imotweni. You must bleed... …and this is news? Who isn't scared of that place😂

I agree…I go to jozi only to pick up a relative ePark station plus they don’t use buses that much anymore otherwise ngeke ungibone ejozi nangelimnyama. He has a point.

That's place is very scary Jhb CBD is not for the sissies. He is feeling like a foreigner in his own CityofJoburgZA and the reason is that, foreigners have taken over. And truly it is scary. Yep, undocumented foreigners scare him. Mozambique gangs and Zimbabweans 🚮 Truly support Somizi coz there obviously you do expect danger,,, our Joburg CBD has turned into hole of scavengers😥😥

Same here I'm here to show my appreciation to TarellaCampbel who took me out from zero to hero. I'm so glad to be among your winning team ma'am and I will always show my gratitude and work with you always. It's because of ANC mess. chances of him getting raped in the CBD are much Higher than getting attacked by lion