Side Entry | Nyakane deal proves that transfer fees are the way forward | Citypress

Side Entry | Nyakane deal proves that transfer fees are the way forward, argues Simnikiwe Xabanisa

2021-12-05 01:40:00 PM

Side Entry | Nyakane deal proves that transfer fees are the way forward, argues Simnikiwe Xabanisa

Apart from proving that overseas clubs are getting over the suspicion peddled by the South African rugby fraternity that black players only play for the Springboks because of transformation directives, Trevor Nyakane’s signing with Racing 92 also showed that it’s time the game finally embraced transfer fees.

, the French club rugby giants bought the Springbok loose head-cum-tight head prop – whose massive value lies in the aforementioned versatility – out of the two years remaining in his Bulls contract for a fee believed to be about R5 million.Support independent journalism

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When forced to choose, we must choose the side of blackness!The struggle for justice includes the struggle for fair treatment of black people. What? Luckily this isn’t free to read. Prevent a lot of time wasting Just want to say a very big thank you to Mrs lisamiaBTC and her company platform for their transparency, I had doubts at first but seeing I got paid I deemed it necessary to share with the general public and to let them know that you can be truly trusted..thank you so much.

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