Shivambu due in court over assault charge

Shivambu due in court over assault charge

2020-10-29 08:03:00 AM

Shivambu due in court over assault charge

Floyd Shivambu is accused of assaulting a Netwerk24 journalist at the Parliamentary Precinct in 2018.

READ:Parliament’s ethics committee took the matter up but never concluded it.Shivambu apologised for the incident but called it a mere scuffle.It is not yet clear if Shivambu will be in court as the lockdown prevented him from attending proceedings last month.

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Meanwhile, EFF leader Julius Malema and MP Mbuyiseni Ndlozi are back in court on Thursday. Read more: eNCA »

LIVESTREAM: Memorial service for Kimi Makwetu

Auditor-General, Kimi Makwetu died last week after battling lung cancer since 2018.

The inmates can't wait for that pair of breasts Abashwe He needs to diet ... maybe prison will sort him out ... the reason for him not being able to breath is not racism ... is all that VBS money that fed him so much Fat Boy a day closer to jail!!! EFF leaders should really start avoiding ths petty assault charges...

FloydShivambu Julius_S_Malema both these kids belong in jail! Let justice be served! People love being assalted tlheng EFFSouthAfrica thugs & bullies who act as if they are above the Law. Despicable uncouth behaviour is part of their manifest. FloydShivambu's day in Court is coming soon. EFF is organisation of thuģs

nibasabaniabelungu Party of angry gangsters. Criminals Imagine being the reporter that had to a lay a charge against a fat sidechick assaulting him. flappytittyfloyd EFFshitstains EFF leadership are just thugs and hooligans masquerading as politicians EFF a huna hune vhakho ri isa hone Leaders don't behave this way. They lack discipline and are uncultured. They also don't think before the speak or act. The EFF is not the future.

He should be arrested When is the court date for VBS looting, FloydShivambu? Its pouring vote for Eff they will assault the whole country just imagine the whole country opening an assault case Naye futhi unecala loku-asaltha? Kungeneni kanti kule lidashiphu Still interested in EFF I see It's a good thing they're not above of the law or these whites must beat them up they must be the ones who open assault cases next time

When uncouth, look lavatorial behaviour, arrogant and criminal behaviour has a cult following, we have to seriously examine self-examine values, conscience, ethics and the capacity to use what is called a brain. EFF already won the case why worrying when we could go there & wait for CIC Julius Sello Malema & Dr Ndlozi to join us as we are going to Companies that didn't pay UIF later today

If it was the white policeman that pushed and shoved them around, there would have been hell to pay!!! 2018 🤨🤨🤨. A 6 year old child was raped, stabbed in the neck with a knife, left to rot like she was garbage, all we do is sent RIP 'little angel' but we have the audacity to pack courts & bring a country to a standstill supporting criminal politicians & pastors. Are we OK?

Can we have other news enough about EFF ppl Thugs! These thugs go around assaulting people, it's sad that their naive supporters who are bussed to support them in courts are too blind to see their thuggery I hope he puts on his bra! May we finally see justice quickly meted for this well publicised attack. These arrogant men must know that as leaders and an example they must hold to a higher standard. Then we want to see comrade Floyd, champ of the poor, in the dock for VBS theft.

This EFF is always in court or protesting. When are they working.They getting a salary for doing what .What did the EFF do for all these years to improve the lives of the SA .Our country is in so a mess ,the tax payers our paying people like this .Millions unemployed looking work This Rent a Crowd are quit busy recently. First Senekal then Randburg and now this one. Those fatties are going to lose weight with all this jumping from one leg to the other

Mr Salad. I wonder is he going to have a support same as CIC Fat machangaan Another 50 busses of supporters. The busses should have 'Sponsored by VBS' on them Tick .... tock .... arrogance in the dock. Tickety.... tickety.... tock.... Apartheid era policeman Venter had a very rough day yesterday there by Randburg Magistrate Court. Are u guys going to broadcast live his torture by Malema Advocate today?

They must investigate looting of the VBS bank as well. Wonder is he will have a white legal team representing him The stealing charges are more important to follow up. You mean politically motivated charges? Hence We are getting more and more in voting for EFF. We are not Nelson Mandela and we are not going to do Mandela things here. Live with that.

The law must changed. People must be allowed to fight white monopoly capital The law must be strong on Unethical leader, they r buzy assulting everyone What does it tell you about the EFF when it’s “leaders” are constantly in court for despicable behaviour? Yessss!

Bongani Bongo granted bailANC MP Bongani Bongo and several others appeared in the Nelspruit Regional Court on various charges. Ahhhhhh wow... Somer this man is gone, Schabir Shaik situation pending Yho ha.aa mntakabawo Look who swore in Bongo😂😂😂,sisenjeni!🤣🤣🤣

Senzo Meyiwa murder: Five suspects due in courtPolice Minister, Bheki Cele believes they have a watertight case against the five suspects. Yoh 5 Who are they And what if the mastermind behind Meyiwa's death is someone with surname starting with K, like Khumalo or Khune🤔 🏃🏃 🏃

Paedophile sought in UK for sexually assaulting boys refuses to leave SAThe extradition stand-off between South Africa’s prosecuting authority and fugitive Lee Nigel Tucker, sought by the UK for imprisonment over a raft of paedophile charges, will be settled by the Constitutional Court. SA is a crime scene South Africa is heaven for criminals. This is the Mecca of crime So who must feed this animal in prison,our taxpayers money? We cannot be harbouring criminal of the world. Send him back to face justice. He is refusing to go because in SA, there is NO justice, he can bribe himself out of prison.

EFF's Malema and Ndlozi's 'token of ubuntu' rejected: Lawyer in Winnie funeral assault trialEFF leader Julius Malema and MP Mbuyiseni Ndlozi say the charge of common assault they are facing is part of a political agenda. What is not a political agenda in this Country...? funny that everybody must just accept an apology from Mal emma, but he refuses to do the same in return? O yes his agenda is political EACH AND every time, but he is the only one permitted to have a political agenda, be driven into a funeral yard, while family must walk in... So Venter who was on duty is not represented by the state but Afriforum, that make sense it is a racial and political

EFF's Malema and Ndlozi's 'token of ubuntu' rejected: Lawyer in Winnie funeral assault trialEFF leader Julius Malema and MP Mbuyiseni Ndlozi say the charge of common assault they are facing is part of a political agenda. Banya!! Nonsense political agenda ma left foot, Malema is a racist, who said they must assault a cop. So you say 'no white man will stop me' and try to force your way in

EFF's Malema, Ndlozi return to courtJulius Malema and Mbuyiseni Ndlozi are charged with allegedly assaulting a police officer at the funeral of Winnie Madikizela-Mandela in 2018. Icala lokushaya umlungu. For the EFF, court cases against its leadership, are merely opportunities to garner more publicity for the party, as they continue to aggressively push against the boundaries of acceptable action & speech, with impunity! Lock them up and through the keys in the ocean