Scrap dealer jailed after Hawks pick up signal of stolen cellphone tower batteries

A KwaZulu-Natal scrap metal dealer has been jailed for six months after the Hawks recovered stolen cellphone tower batteries in his shop.

2021-10-16 05:44:00 PM

A KwaZulu-Natal scrap metal dealer has been jailed for six months after the Hawks recovered stolen cellphone tower batteries in his shop.

A KwaZulu-Natal scrap metal dealer has been jailed for six months after the Hawks recovered stolen cellphone tower batteries in his shop.

“On February 4 2020, Ngcameni — who was a scrap metal manager — was arrested by Hawks members from the Port Shepstone serious organised crime investigation unit for receiving stolen tower batteries,” said Mhlongo.“Members received information about a vehicle which was carrying stolen tower batteries and ... information led them to the local scrap metal yard in Hibberdene.

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“Upon their arrival, they found Ngcameni with tower batteries and he was arrested together with John Piri, 26, who was charged for being in the country illegally.”Ngcameni was handed a six-month sentence with an option of paying a R30,000 fine instead.  

“Piri was sentenced to six months' direct imprisonment and will be deported at the end of his sentence,” said Mhlongo. Read more: Times LIVE »

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Far to short jail period for the crime! 6 months!!! A Joke for a Judicial System. The justice system in SA is laughable just six months for possessing crucial public infrastructure. JackD157 ..and Copper Cable theft? I hope the warden of the prison threw the key to his cell away. kabelodick Siyabonga ma human rights 😏

What 6 months? not even 5 years Google and check what Taliban will do to him. Will come out and continue his shenanigans. .this just a slap in the wrist This is poor journalism You know the name of the Scrap Metals Manager But you cannot investigate who owns the scrap dealer? The manager is just an employee

errolbsk Six months for collision in economic sabotage, ridiculous sentence. 6 to 10 yrs, yes Sentence should be 10 years at least.

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JackD157 Sentence is too lenient. 6 months for economic sabotage and destroying essential infrastructure🤦🏿‍♂️ 1/6 of his sentence. So it’s one month or he’ll pay a fine. Bastards will continue stealing SA INFRASTRUCTURE 6 months for sabotage.. Madiba served 27.. Six months doesn't send a strong message to would be thieves.

fowardbow Six months for Treason? Only Six Months? 😳 Only 6 months?👹 But it should be more than 10 years for sabotage Good

Hawks probe aimed at ensuring I'm forced to step aside - MabuyaneIn his papers filed in the court, Mabuyane claimed that the investigation by the Hawks was a political witch hunt driven by suspended ANC Secretary General Ace Magashule in an attempt to force him to step aside from the party. Are the bank accounts evidence a political wish hunt.

LuckyMkhisto2 Scrap metals are the biggest cost of cable and other metals theft in South Africa 6 months only? Disgusting really, Isn’t that a crime against the state.🤷🏻 You only serve half of the sentence and get a parole ( 3 months) Economic sabotage and arrested for six months imagine lives that has been lost🤔🤔

RediTlhabi 6 months! That’s a joke He must be white or Indian! Growing up I use to think judges n magistrates d most sane n brilliant people in d planet but decisions such as this proved me wrong 6 months 😂😂🤣 Satafrika is a joke struu

Hawks to oppose interdict application by Premier Oscar MabuyaneThe Hawks will oppose the application by the Eastern Cape premier to interdict the elite police unit from investigating him, the head of the unit Godfrey Lebeya said. I’ll always testify the good good deeds of Mrs kayleighcole0 in my life and that of the people I’ve referred to her. She is an honest woman who wants the success of others... feel free to contact her if you’re in need of another stream of income kayleighcole0 Please advise Mr Premier to take the matter to the North Gauteng High Court, he won't go wrong

6 months? Really? Minimum should be 10 years. RediTlhabi So by Christmas we will be with him( 2 nd half months) sabotaging cellphones comunication mst be argued as attempted murder. Scrap dealers have literally bought the South African Rail system… but the ANC are too stupid to see it! RediTlhabi I never thought of meeting a legit bitcoin trader after been scammed many times at my age but the heavens sent shantelll_142 guided me and help me make a living through bitcoin with my LUNO app , I recommend you to meet her now and also be a beneficiary of good work

maggsnaidu Battery towers are worth 6 months only? No wonder crime is growing at this alarming rate RediTlhabi He will probably spend 3 months in jail but hawks have spend more than 10 million to arrest him plus the State will be take care of him so it's useless exercise.he will be in business in February again.

Only six months?What a joke. Six months , what a joke.....🤔 one will only wonder how much bribe the state prosecutor was paid . maggsnaidu Well done hawks 3 months is nothing..

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Arrest all of them. These thugs have allowed our state assets and private property to be stripped apart by lamaphara Six months is not enough for all the headache they cause. Some years ago I came across a recommendation about Mrs Brandonkaren11 wealth how he helped investors to earn lots of money with biticon mining.whit out them send there money out and I decided to give a trial with the little I have. Now my little has turned into something great

Only 6 months 🤔🤨🙄 Six months? Nothing to write home about here. There. The problem of cable theft, rail infrastructure theft solved. Register all existing scrap dealers. Dedicate a monitoring team to check on the dealers and utilize Intel

Joburg CBD cops arrest dealer over possession of nyaope worth R52 000The SAPS said the man changed direction when he saw police officers conducting stop-and-search operations in they Johannesburg CBD. They searched him and allegedly found nyaope in his possession How do you know how much it's worth? Cops taking their daily bribe from a well known Nyaope dealer in an unmarked police vehicle not even registration plates 🙄🙄 Thank you

Italy police arrest dealers of prized mafia dishThe 'Ndrangheta serve dormice, a protected species, during reconciliation banquets held to bring peace between warring families, according to wildlife protection organisation LIPU.