SCORPIO: Zweli Mkhize’s son collected bags of Digital Vibes cash, says SIU

SCORPIO Zweli Mkhize’s son collected bags of Digital Vibes cash, says SIU By Pieter-Louis Myburgh for Scorpio @PLMyburgh

2021-07-31 12:36:00 PM

SCORPIO Zweli Mkhize’s son collected bags of Digital Vibes cash, says SIU By Pieter-Louis Myburgh for Scorpio PLMyburgh

Submissions from the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) at the Special Tribunal has shed further light on alleged corruption and other transgressions relating to the Department of Health’s R150-million Digital Vibes communications contract. Then health minister Zweli Mkhize’s son, Dedani, allegedly collected boxes of cash from the company’s director.

Former health minister Zweli Mkhize’s son, Dedani, allegedly collected boxes and parcels stuffed with cash from one of the key figures in the R150-million Department of Health (DoH) corruption saga involving communications firm Digital Vibes.According to new documents the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) has filed at the Special Tribunal, Dedani Mkhize repeatedly met with Digital Vibes director Radha Hariram at a fuel station in Stanger in KwaZulu-Natal, where he allegedly collected cash directly linked to the DoH contract.

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The documents do not indicate when exactly the alleged cash pick-ups occurred.However, it is understood that Mkhize’s meetings with Hariram took place during 2020, when Digital Vibes was being paid millions of rands in staggered tranches for a National Health Insurance (NHI) and Covid-19 communications contract.

The SIU has argued that the contract had been unlawful and it is now seeking an order to have it set aside.The unit also wants to recover the full R150-million from an array of first, second and third-tier recipients of the alleged loot, including Dedani and Zweli Mkhize, and from the scheme’s alleged masterminds, Tahera Mather and Naadhira Mitha.

The amount the SIU aims to recover from Dedani Mkhize stands at about R3.8-million.This includes monies he allegedly collected in cash, along with other benefits linked to the deal that was first exposed by Daily Maverick Scorpio.In a series of tweets Dedani Mkhize posted on a newly created Twitter account on Saturday, he denied that he had received R3.8-million, but admitted that he did receive money from Mather.

“The largest amount she gave was the R300k via EFT after a car accident,” he tweeted.He hit out at the SIU’s “shoddy investigation”.“U can see SIU doesn’t know how to allocate this R3.4m cash withdrawals so they’ve dumped it all with me. Money I never got!!!”, he tweeted.

The cash mentioned in the SIU’s latest filings was flushed through the account of a company called JD Communications, which had received at least R1.75-million from Digital Vibes without any proof of work done to justify the payments, the documents show.

JD Communications’ director, in turn, withdrew large sums of money in cash and allegedly handed it to Hariram, according to the documents.Mather and Mitha allegedly also received some of the cash.But it was Hariram who allegedly took charge of ensuring that Dedani Mkhize got his cut.

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“Ms Hariram was then informed by Ms Mather that Mr Dedani Mkhize would collect the parcel from her,” reads one of the passages from the SIU’s bundle.“Ms Hariram was then contacted by Mr Dedani Mkhize on several occasions prior to him collecting the parcel.”

“These collections would take place at the Dawnside Petrol service station where Ms Hariram was employed as a manager. This occurred about six times,” the SIU has alleged. Read more: Daily Maverick »

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PLMyburgh Why are thugs and looters of state funds still walking free! PLMyburgh Thieves! Rumours were there that Mkhize was dirty, one didn’t want to believe it, but now it’s out in open, confirmed and it’s sickening. The anc of the stalwarts have become a National crime syndicate as another writer put it. The ANC is a National disgrace. There, I said it!

PLMyburgh These 'cash bags' stories are problematic because they are hard to prove. The NPA will lose these cases if they go to court with these 'cash bags'. CoruscaKhaya PLMyburgh Could you please investigate if indeed judges and journalists have received cash from other sources other than their salaries.This, if proven to be true remains the biggest threat to democracy, after racism of cause.

PLMyburgh Ohh my god attacking blacks only is the name of the game. PLMyburgh Seziyakhala ku Zweli PLMyburgh The Cash n Carry owner/s must be arrested Abramjee PLMyburgh I could have collected the cash on behalf of the Mkize’s at a small fee and raised zero suspicion. But naaah, okes wanted the whole pie unto theyselves.

Abramjee PLMyburgh The Hawks must arrest all the Digital Vibes role players as the evidence is more than enough to do so. This shows that there are different levels of looters. PLMyburgh And Cyril's son PLMyburgh Where is visual evidence?

Zweli Mkhize’s conduct related to Digital Vibes was ‘at best improper’ and ‘at worst unlawful’ | CitypressZweli Mkhize’s conduct related to Digital Vibes was ‘at best improper’ and ‘at worst unlawful’ Why is Not Arrested ? Any update regarding the Khusela Diko and the husband's case? His finished shem

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SIU refers Zweli Mkhize and his son to NPA for possible charges over Digital Vibes paymentsThe SIU wants to recover the R150m from Digital Vibes, its owners or controllers as well as any individual who participated “in the fraudulent and unlawful scheme”, including Mkhize and his son Dedani. When is the Arrest? Good about time people loose after delivering, realizing they have worked for nothing. Mbeki once made some remarks about Zweli Mkhize 😂🤣😂🤣😂

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PLMyburgh There's certainly no end to ANC corruption. Watch how they chow (steal and loot) the R36 Billion allocated by tito_mboweni i guess he now thinks his a hero. REGRETTABLY, Margaret Thatcher was right when she scoffed at the notion of an ANC government. She was horrified. PLMyburgh Substantial evidence please this time..we need videos and images etc.

PLMyburgh Digital Vibes was established to handle the proposed NHI communications. With a proposed NHI budget of R250 billion per year, the mind boggles at the potential for corruption, after this small example, from top leadership. PLMyburgh 3 months later..,,.and nothing!Nada,no action what so ever!!Pathetic!

PLMyburgh As he said, it had nothing to do with his father's position. You also believe him don't you? PLMyburgh Now PLMyburgh you are saying 'SIU' says, it no longer you who said it?

Allow me time and space to handle Zweli Mkhize, Digital Vibes saga – RamaphosaPresident Cyril Ramaphosa has yet to make a decision on the fate of embattled Health Minister Zweli Mkhize, who is on special leave, regarding the Department of Health’s controversial R150 million Covid-19 communications contract. His had too much time and space to deal with the matter……..if he is too busy let him publish the report and we will deal with it timely How much time and space CyrilRamaphosa ? Zweli going to be on special leave for another five years Full tax payer sponsored salary and all those benefits? Reminiscent of Mbeki's handling of the Selebi matter...

NatashaMarrian PLMyburgh Surely Mkhize should be dismissed forthwith. If the ANC had any integrity surely it should expel him from the party too. Abramjee PLMyburgh I'm disappointed of Dr Mkhize if this allegations are true PLMyburgh I am so disappointed I.e these allegations are true. I trusted Zweli

PLMyburgh When will these minister's learn not to do business with crooked Indian's. Now they will try and learn how to swim out from the deep end of the pool. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Zweli Mkhize's son responds to SIU's Digital Vibes probeDedanimabhunu Mkhize penned a statement criticising the SIU, calling the organisation unprofessional and biased. How can a young man detest from ever benefitting from his father’s political career while owning a hectare & hectares of farm & cattle. It may not have been financial but it definitely comes in other forms. Phez’kwabo! Corruption seems to grow out of the ANC. History will remember they never thought for freedom they were just well organised and funded by the guilt ridden West... In the end they were just a gang masquerading as a party full of incompetent free loaders.... Honestly, I'm not interested in anything he has to say. The ANC is a fucking circus and the media are enabling them 😂🤣😂 🤡🎪

SIU head Mothibi pleased with turnaround of probe against Mkhize and Digital VibesThe Special Investigating Unit (SIU) said it is pleased with the speed and turnaround time it took to conclude its investigation into the controversial Digital Vibes contract. Speaking at a Black Business Council webinar on ‘The Fight Against Corruption’ on Friday, SIU head Adv Andy Mothibi said they managed to find irregularities with how the contract was procured. In times like this where things will be very difficult I’ll advise people invest in $stocks or binary with Lisaberry1426 so the economic decisions will not affect your finances. She's a good woman and I have not had any problems investing with Lisaberry1426 early this year Just vibes nothing tangible These are sardines. Get the whales please.

DA wants Mkhize fired as SIU seeks to recover R150 million from Digital VibesAccording to reports, Mkhize and his son have been referred to the NPA to consider charging them for corruption. De ruyter? He must pay back the money