Scientists advised Cabinet to go to Level 1, govt chose middle ground - Ramaphosa | News24

Scientists advised Cabinet to go to Level 1, govt chose middle ground - Ramaphosa | @QaanitahHunter

2020-05-31 08:05:00 PM

Scientists advised Cabinet to go to Level 1, govt chose middle ground - Ramaphosa | QaanitahHunter

President Cyril Ramaphosa says that scientists advising government on the response to the coronavirus crisis recommended that South Africa could move to Level 1 of the lockdown, as it had become a 'blunt tool' in curbing the spread of the pandemic in the country.

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QaanitahHunter Tge should focus on finding the vaccine and leave lockdown. People are dying The entire government needs to undergo a course in administrative law and particularly the aspects around invalidity of administrative acts QaanitahHunter The corona propaganda didn't work 😂 QaanitahHunter Useless scientists

QaanitahHunter Only level 5 was critical all that matters now is that people are aware and can take measures to protect themselves QaanitahHunter Those scrientists just want to kill us as quickly as possible QaanitahHunter Listen to the scientists, they are here sitting with our FACTS, YOU the one that said u are. Adviced by them, where is the WHO? Make up ur mind, our life is being ruined, not urs

RECORDED | Mbalula briefs media on transport regulations for level 3 lockdownMinister of transport Fikile Mbalula is expected to brief the media on Saturday about lockdown level 3 regulations related to the transport sector. No

Level 3 lockdown: These are the regulations that apply from June 1As South Africa prepares for the relaxation of lockdown restrictions, government's Coronavirus Command Council has clarified the new regulations which will govern the lives of citizens from June 1. The enemy is no longer faceless ANC using covid 19 to scare SA irrational lockdown laws power plays not based in science or logic ancmustfall firendz returnourrights

‘Level three will require great discipline and responsibility’ — Dlamini-Zuma - The Mail & GuardianCo-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs Minister DlaminiZuma has reiterated that the whole of South Africa will be moving to Covid-19 alert level three from June 1. DlaminiZuma DlaminiZuma what did you expect if DlaminiZuma runs THE BIGGEST IDIOT TEST IN AFRICA called SA - please provide prove that this National Covid 19 Command Council of destruction and Poverty creation is a legal constitutional body, then we will listen ? DlaminiZuma Sorry I tried. I now realise that with certain decisions in place I can't be disciplined and flatten the curve. Where I buy my cigarettes safety issues take a back row. Would have loved to obey though!

Government to 'turn its attention' to hairdressers, salons under level 3A solution for hairdressers, nail salons and other personal care businesses may soon be in sight. Need to relax my hair That's a Nigerian market Just Form a church and hang up an imaginary hairdresser against the wall

Level 3: Restaurant takeaways, drive-thrus openPersonal collection of takeaway meals from restaurants and supermarkets will be allowed under lockdown Level 3. the drive-thru of my house kitchen was open since the start of the lock down, not affected Meaning I can actually go and buy, just not eat by the place? Finally😢 am tired of getting cold food delivered to me😭

Rugby and soccer only likely to return at level 1, says departmentThe sport, arts and culture department has said that R200m has been set aside so far to assist athletes and artists affected so far by the coronavirus pandemic. OfficialPSL Give KaizerChiefs the league