SARS is on tech and data science hiring drive

SARS is on tech and data science hiring drive

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2022-01-17 02:26:00 PM

SARS is on tech and data science hiring drive

The South African Revenue Service ( SARS ) has launched a new recruitment drive, targeting highly skilled workers to help build a data-driven ‘smart tax authority’.

“We do this through fostering a culture of voluntary compliance and by making it easy for taxpayers and traders to comply with their legal obligations.”to apply.“Examples of such data sources include historical data on compliance behaviour as well as data regarding financial flows and assets held both locally and abroad,” it said.

The move to recapacitate SARS comes after the revenue collector was ‘systemically and deliberately weakened’ through years of state capture., published at the start of January, which shows that the body was effectively dismantled under former president Jacob Zuma and former commissioner Tom Moyane.

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